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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Good news for Goenkas

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with kids getting scared. Naira asks didn’t you explain them, if we are not wrong, why should we get scared. Kartik and Naira look on. Kirti feels guilty. Naksh asks her not to blame herself but be careful next time. Samarth consoles Gayu. Inspector asks the kids to say what happened. Kairav says we called that uncle to meet. Krish tells everything. He says we were scared, we thought that uncle died. Vansh says I was scared and told them to run. Krish says Kairav said we should tell family. Inspector says Kairav, I heard you have pushed Aditya.

Vansh says he was taking Krish, so we defended. Krish says there was no one around to take help. Inspector says you asked him to get icecream. Krish says no, he is lying. Inspector says your parents don’t lie right, did you ask Aditya to take you home, tell me about it. Krish sees Kirti. He says mum and dad are confused, we didn’t tell him anything. Inspector asks whom shall I believe. Kairav says just we know the truth. Inspector says thanks, you may go, I will talk to your parents. The kids run and hug their mothers. Kairav says nothing will happen to us right. Krish asks will police send us to jail. Kirti says no. Inspector comes. Kartik says our kids didn’t do anything wrong. Naira says yes, tell them its not their fault. Inspector says I can’t reach to any conclusion, kids maybe saying truth, but accident happened, Aditya is in hospital, someone is responsible, Kairav has pushed him, we have to lodge a complaint against him. Everyone gets shocked.

Kartik says he is a kid. Inspector says I know, we have to follow the procedure. Naira says I would have questioned Aditya first, he threatened our kids. Inspector says you can also file complaint against us. Naksh says kids told you the truth, still you want to write Aditya’s complaint. Everyone asks Inspector to find about Aditya first, he troubled the family. Inspector says maybe its true, but you both come with me to the police station, no need to get kids. Kairav says no, I told you the truth. He says sorry. Naira says its not your mistake, we will sign some papers and come back, truth always wins. Manish says no need to go, I will call the minister, he will talk to commissioner. Kartik says no need, we will go, our kids are innocent, trust us, nothing will happen. Kairav says please don’t go. Naira says we will come soon. Kartik and Naira go with the police. Dadi gets dizzy. Everyone gets sad. The kids hug Kairav. Kairav takes Akshara and consoles. Everyone looks on and smiles. Yeh rishta….plays….

Kirti says we have to bring Aditya’s life in front of the police, he ruined our lives, we can’t let him ruin the kids’ lives. Inspector meets Aditya. Aditya sees Kartik and Naira. He asks why did you get them, they will kill me. Naira says we know you well, do this drama. Kartik says you didn’t spare the kids, you falsely accused the kid. Naira says I won’t leave you. Aditya says inspector, make them away, they and their kids tried to kill me, write the complaint, they called me at the temple and tried to kill me. Inspector says I can’t refuse. Aditya smiles. Naira asks what proof he has against our kids. Inspector says victim’s statement is a big proof. Naksh and Kirti come. Naksh says we have some proof.

Kirti shows divorce papers, domestic violence complaint and newspaper cuttings. Naksh says he was kept in mental clinic as well. Aditya says it happened 10 years ago, I have changed, your kids did wrong. Kirti says when police knows that you tried to kidnap the kids, then… Aditya asks them to get proof. Naksh asks Kirti to show proof. Kirti shows Cctv footage. Naira asks Aditya to say now. Naksh says you were forcing Krish to come. Kartik says Kairav tried to save himself. Aditya says its their planning, they are trying to frame me. Inspector says don’t teach me truth and lies. He asks constable to get Aditya to the police station after he gets discharged from hospital. Naira thanks Kirti and Naksh. Kirti says Kairav is like our son also. Kartik and Naira scold Aditya. Naksh says this time you would be ashamed. Naira warns Aditya.

Kairav says baby is cute, she is smiling in tension. Kartik and Naira come home. Kartik asks why tension. Kairav asks what did police say. Naira says police knows its not your mistake. Kartik says truth has won, thanks to Naksh and Kirti, they came at the right time with proof against Aditya. Krish says you helped Bua together, thanks. Naksh says this is what family does. Kirti says how can we leave our kids in problem. The kids hug Naksh and Kirti. Krishna says Aditya is rude. Naksh says Aditya troubled Kirti a lot, you won’t meet him again. Kirti says you don’t believe him, he has no place in your life, we love you a lot. Naksh says your happiness matters a lot to us, we will always stay with you. Everyone looks on. Dadi signs Kartik and Naira.

The kids joke. Everyone smiles. Gayu asks the kids to gave cookies in the kitchen. Naksh and Kirti see each other. Naksh gets a message. He says lawyer has messaged, we have to reach court in half an hour. Everyone worries. Kartik and Naira ask Kirti to listen once. Kirti says don’t try now. Naira says we will try, everyone can see you both love each other, I can say this with surety. Kartik says I thought you are sensible, don’t prove me wrong, your family looks lovely together, don’t ruin it. Kirti says Naksh wants this, its not about me. Naira says if he refuses, will you not break this relation. Kirti says I was afraid to hide things, I didn’t wish to lose his faith, I apologized for my mistake, but…. Naira says yes, I know, something changed in him, I have seen him. Kartik says yes, he realized his mistake. Naira says yes, talk to him once.

Kartik thinks please refuse Naksh, don’t make this mistake. He recalls Naira and his time. Kartik hugs Naira. Naksh and Kirti come back from the court.

Update Credit to: Amena

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