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Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Ganesh leaves with mata laxmi on her tour.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with ganesh playfully talking with devi laxmi so nicely that you are awaiting for me or is it someone going to come but i too would love to stay here which is my place also right & he goes into palace while laxmi asks narayan to see what ganesh is doing & narayan smiling.
Ganesh is roaming around the palace seeing lot of arrangements being done appreciating it while laxmi devi is wondering & ganesh is appreciating items prepared for him of food, clothings, jewellery etc. While laxmi devi telling him that you had told me in your mayureshwar form that my son will come to me then where is he so ganesh takes her out to show her son & he tells her to see he is in front of you but she keeps searching him & ganesh tells her to see that i am your son who has come to you as i was always calling you as mami it means the word has “ma” which describes mother & she runs towards him hugging very deeply in love for him.
All gods & goddesses are praying devi laxmi & ganesh’s togetherness while mata paravati also comes to express her happiness to devi laxmi for achieving ganesh as her son & all will pray for both of you on diwali occasion also. Narayan also gets happy seeing ganesh coming into their life as a son.
Devi laxmi feels confused while mata paravati tells her to not to worry so much now as vignaharta ganesh is your son & he can stay with you how much you wish to but laxmi devi expresses saying i am not worried about ganesh but i have to go for some pending work to complete leaving ganesh here but paravati asks her what work & she tells her I had taken oath that when my son arrives I’ll do darshan of three sadhvi mata’s for doing haldi kumkum & away from son but ganesh tells her I’ll also be with you so that i can help in listening story of this from you & also accompany on your path so she accepts his advice taking him along.
Ganesh asks laxmi mata how to start & she tells him we have to start tour of devi savitri but before that first to visit guru mata devi arundhati’s ashram & details him about who arundhati was who was blessed as brahmadev’s manas daughter & he gives her name as sandhya. Brahmadev also indicates her about she wished that she will find rishi vashisht to give her extreme knowledge & she finds him which leads her to go towards him in whichever circumstances she faced but unknowing by her due to her devotion pulling her towards that rishi. Rishi accepted her as his student for acquiring knowledge but she started feeling more expectations from him of making him her swami so she started doing extreme meditation of narayan & at one time she fell unconscious doing meditation so narayan emerged blessing her saying you will get what you wish but not in this birth so she asks him i wish to sacrifice this life then.
Devi laxmi keeps dictating story to ganesh while moving towards their tour.

Precap : Narayan tells sandhya that mega rishi will blow you & give you next birth in which your wish will be completed of marriage with rishi vashisht but laxmi tells ganesh it was not known to her whom she married.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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