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True Love Never Dies – Rianshbir (Episode 7)

Hi guys sorry I was very busy because my exams are going and sorry for small episode

Episode 7


Vansh gets ready for his meeting with Ridhimaa , siya come there and say Bhai why are you so excited to meet her , don’t forget she’s your finace only, he says I remember she is my fiance but she, (pausing for a while) & say whatever (in mind he says) after 3 years I’m going to meet her. He gets call and he leaves for work In hurry .

VR Company

Angre ask everyone that is all set they all nods and says yes sir (flashback back vansh say only trust people should be here in office I can’t take any risk of kabir getting know about this) he reminds all one to not to tell anyone about ragini reentry .

Ridhimaa enters the office (security tells her to near lawn & when she leaves he calls angre and tell about same)

Ridhimaa walk towards lawn but she notices there no one else and saw so many white and red roses, she goes near them just inhaled the Fragrance, angre comes  there and say you are here, she turn towards him and say yes sir can I ask you something , he nods who planted these flowers,  this are so beautiful, he say my boss Vansh Raisinghania. He loves roses. She say He loves that also (she says it in sarcasm tone) , Come in I will show you your cabin sir will meet you later I will give you brief of our office . She nods they enter the office.

Ishani call someone in and tell are you in air I’m sending you a car. She cuts the call.

Angre shows ridhimaa  cabin it’s next to vansh cabin, angre give brief of the her work. He leaves.

Ridhimaa look around the cabin and she set up her table she keep Ganesha idol, picture of her and sejal , kabir. she says I’m sorry kabir for not telling you about my job in vr industry hope you understand. Just then siya enters the cabin, hey ridzz , how are you , how is your cabin , she comes near and see kabir photo &  get irritated, ridhimaa seeing her smile turning to frown, ridhimaa ask what happened siya , siya look at ridhimaa, say nothing come will go to cafeteria and you know there you will get best coffee ever , come let’s go ridhimaa refused & say I have work dear . Siya ask did you meet my Bhai & you know, ridhimaa say I have met him also & I don’t want know about him, (siya sees ridhimaa changed behavior) OK easy you complete your work and will have lunch. Ridhimaa nods, siya leaves.

Siya meets angre she see him in smile . why are you smiling angre , he nods nothing , he see ridhimaa cabin & both smile together and  siya say about ridhimaa behavior to angre, he also tell her about  lawn incident & both wonder what should be happend.

Precap : Ridhimaa meets Vansh officially, Ishani get new girl to VR mansion.

Hi guys sorry I was very busy because my exams are going and sorry for small episode

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