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Santoshi Maa 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Indresh meets swati very emotionally.

Santoshi Maa 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with dev rishi taking leave from ushma devi while polomi trying to go towards indresh but ushma holds her telling until indresh reaches under santoshi mata’s cover you won’t leave from here & dev rishi will look into indresh reaching safely.
Indresh while driving is remembering how much swati was tortured by him in various ways to deliberately make her sign the papers of divorce.
Indresh reaches seeing swati while mata santoshi seeing him opens the secured cover & swati is performing pooja of moon arrives & holding net utensil seeing the moon & next indresh as she gets emotional watching him immensely & gets up seeing each other deeply asking him you came? While he holds her but indresh was dreaming all this.
All singhasan family members are searching indresh & nidhi’s father is shouting singhasan saying on this sensitive time indresh is not found & he is also wondering where he can be while somebody signalling moon has arrived & all ladies are running towards ending their fast except nidhi.
Swati too holds the net utensil to end fast seeing moon while mata paravati also praying mahadev for ending her fast too.
Mata karwa is blessing everybody saying which ever married woman wishing for her husband’s well-being will be blessed on this day by me & the woman waiting for her husband or expecting for groom will also be blessed on this day.
Swati sees indresh from the utensil & gets shocked to see him asking who are you & don’t you know that a woman ending this fast sees her husband first so why you came in front of me as you are not my husband & he gets very sad & emotional seeing & also hearing her as she is shouting him to get aside from front of her & as he is trying to leave then swati stops him telling sorry to talk arrogantly with you because still my husband hasn’t come so I am worried.
Dev rishi asks mata what is this while mata is also wondering.
All ladies in singhasan’s family are ending their fast completing rituals while nidhi getting depressed & weeping watching all this. Nidhi tries to call indresh from abhay’s phone but his phone is left in car which he can’t hear & nidhi is getting bugged why indresh not picking the phone. Bubli feels happy about nidhi’s state.
Indresh sees dev rishi & mata santoshi in disguise asking them so you use to take care of her & yes says mata but she also calms him saying might be she has lost her memory that’s why she isn’t remembering you.
Swati asks mata for how much time I should wait now as still my husband has not come might be something wrong must have happened by me in this fast but mata tells her to see moon & end your fast & she eats seeing the moon but gets little cough so indresh holds the glass of water & feeds her while her eyes are closed drinking water & mata comes ahead to hold the glass from indresh’s hands & as swati opens eyes she finds mata helping her but it was indresh who also broke her fast which happened due to blessings of karwa mata.
Mata santoshi tells swati to force little in your memory & try remembering this person if you know & swati is trying to think but tells her as far as I feel this person can’t be my husband & indresh getting very depressed hearing this.
Devi polomi snatches her hands telling ushma now leave me as fast has ended & indresh also has broken swati’s fast but also warns her saying that you & santoshi devi has to pay for this & I’ll see to it that indresh marries nidhi anyhow.

Precap : Swati asks indresh are you not married & he says yes so she tells him to go & help her end this fast quickly who must be waiting for you. Nidhi calls indresh asking him where are you & indresh tells her I am coming soon & will complete marriage formalities with you. Nidhi & indresh are moving around fire god to complete the marriage while santoshi mata wonders & devi polom is watching happily. Brahman says now your marriage completes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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