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Riddhima was sitting on their bed with her back joining the headboard and her closed eyes which had enclosed darkness was only playing the recent events in front of her.. She opened her eyes hearing a sound and sighed,


This Man was not even the last person She wanted to see right now, She turned her face away clearly showing her irritation and discomfort with just his presence..

“So Riddhima Bhabhi!” he said sarcastically stressing on the word ‘Bhabhi’ and her frown only grew more. “How does it feel to be sitting on the bed all day like a Queen? But I am sure you must be missing your Jassosi job, right?” She closed her eyes in anger and helplessness..

“But seriously Bhabhi, you and Vansh bhai are psychos! First you will fight with each other then marry each other , sometimes doubt each other and sometimes lovey dovey, sometimes fighting again, uff!” he said expressing how much he is tired with them.. “then keep karwachauth vrath for each other and again behaving like this..”

“Why doesn’t your drama never end?” he tilted his head and emphasized sarcastically, “Bhabhi?”

Riddhima sighed and looked at him sharply, her eyes spitting fire.. She looked at him for a minute and then She smiled a little telling calmly,

“Yes Aryan! We first used to fight, then married and then doubted each other.. It went on and on! But then with time a lot of things changed..”

Her eyes softened remembering her moments with him, “He changed, our relation changed, decisions changed..” She whispered lovingly, “I changed!”

She blinked her eyes and looked at him with a different emotion in her eyes and Aryan was taken aback, there was no softness, no calm.. nothing, just emptiness! Something which ‘Vansh Raisinghaniya’ has!

“Everything was going very smooth, I gave my heart to him.. I started to trust him more than myself but then a storm hit our relation and now everything is upside down.. Vansh has no clue how and when this storm came but you know it..” She raised her eyebrows, “right?” Aryan looked away hearing it..

“Vansh still doesn’t know that who had the audacity to enter his and his Wife’s room and stick a letter to create misunderstanding between him and his wife!”

Aryan still didn’t look at her trying to maintain his calm posture, “Vansh knows that I was in his Car but he has no idea that I never had the intention to spy on him, he doesn’t how I reached his Car or Should I say who made me reach his Car!” She stressed on every word making Aryan’s stomach chern in fear with her sternness..

“He doesn’t know how I reached the raavan dehan too!” She said as a matter of fact..

“You know Aryan? Vansh is also really disappointed with the way our relation has drastically changed and let me tell you, if he knows that this change was well planned and plotted by few people.. then,”

She stopped and Aryan finally looked at her, She looked into his eyes straightly.. She took a glass of water and instantly dropped not moving her gaze from him and Aryan flinched as the glass broke into pieces with water spilled all over the ground..

“then, I don’t know what would happen to that person” She raised her eyebrows and said loudly, “I am so scared!”

“You!” Aryan marched towards her angrily and bent to her level.. “You don’t have the capacity to even move but your talks doesn’t come down even a little!”

Riddhima smiled and whispered mysteriously, “Thanks for coming close, I anyway wanted to call you..” Aryan looked at her confused and the very next second was thrown back and his eyes burned in anger feeling a stinging pain on his cheek. This girl just slapped him..

He looked at her angrily as She said, “This was for commenting about Vansh’s and my relation..”

“We love each other or We hate each other, We fast for each others’ long lives and then fight, what is it for you? Aur hum dono ka koi barosa nahi Aryan, We might even end up killing each other tomorrow but no one, I repeat NO ONE has the right to comment about out relation.. Khud Vansh ko bhi nahi!”

She was burning in rage when She said that, “and Please make your sister Ishani understand this too.. She is pregnant and that’s why I am not saying anything..”

Aryan looked at her in extreme anger and then turned on his heels feeling insulted.. He was about to move out when he heard her,

“This is our world, Mine and Vansh’s.. yaha par kya jayaas hai, kya nahi, we will decide it.. And no one is welcome here and don’t even try to enter our world again.. I wouldn’t resist myself to tell Vansh the truth..”

Aryan looked back at her, “You have no proof!” Riddhima laughed and replied, “Snap out Aryan! I am not telling the truth to Vansh only because I don’t want to bring fights in this family and make dadi upset.. I very well know how to make Vansh see the truth!”

He looked at her angrily and went away from there not realizing the shadow that lingered outside the room.. Vansh looked at Aryan going away and looked inside the room to see Riddhima closing her eyes with a sigh, he leaned on the bed and smiled..

He had heard their complete conversation, he had always been very sure that he didn’t want to anyone to point finger at their relation and today his that feeling only strengthened..

He could connect dots from their conversation and realize what could have happened and he would get to the deepest of this and find out what storm was his Riddhima talking about and would show the storm who Vansh Raisinghaniya is!

“We would soon find our ways to each other Sweetheart!” he whispered calmly..

“Our World!” he mused to himself and only smiled wider, oh how much he loved the sound of it!

Love, Hate, Right, Wrong, Trust, Betrayal, Happy, Sad.. With all the emotions connected and blended so well in their life, no matter how their path goes but it is too short to occupy anyone else.. It is a world that belonged only to Riddhima and Vansh..

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