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#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 2 – New Event for Dream Events

Thank You Rianshfan, yeah you’ll get dialogues from today’s episode. It was an introduction so, I couldn’t add dialogues.

Thank You Shivangi, #Riansh would meet soon…

Thank You Riansh_fan, Akshaya & Riansh Lover, I’ll try my level best not to give short episodes.

Thank You Darshika, I tried my best to describe Riddhima’s state of loss. I am grateful, that you liked.

Thank You Chhavi, Sandymsdian & Diha….

I am glad you all liked it…. Your support means alot.

Episode Starts with….

Its 10am, Dream Events Office,

Riddhima is checking mails while Sejal is busy on a call with someone. Sejal enters the cabin hurriedly and informs Riddhima about new event they are supposed to plan.

Sejal: Riddhu…

Riddhima: Sejal yaar how many times should I tell you not to call me Riddhu. Only my Bhai had that right!!

Sejal: Acha ok sorry, in excitement I called you so. Now listen to me I have good news

Riddhima: Shoot out

Sejal: You remember I used to tell about our family friends the Rai Singhania’s…

Riddhima: Yea your friend Ishani’s family right

Sejal: Yea yeah, the same. Actually, dad called me to inform that Uma Aunty and dadi finally convinced Vansh Bhai for organizing a Diwali Party this year and they want Dream Events to organize that party. (Guys Dream Events is the name of Riddhima and Sejal’s Company).

Riddhima: What do you mean by convinced?

Sejal: I exactly don’t know but Vansh bhai doesn’t like to meet people and has been such from past 3 years. He was not like this 3 years back don’t know what happened before, that he stopped socializing and started being over protective of his family. Don’t know how they convinced him this year. But he did keep a condition that only our 2 families would be there and no one else.

Riddhima: (Thinking how could someone be so such and why? She was curious to meet him)

Sejal broke her illusion and Riddhima was out of her thoughts are gave a look to Sejal who was raising her eyebrows in a questioning manner.

Riddhima: Nothing I was just thinking that we have just few days left and we have much work to do. Do they have any specifications or any preferences as how they want the party to be?

Sejal: Dad didn’t tell me anything in detail but said Siya would meet us and explain their preferences.

Riddhima: Who’s Siya?

Sejal: She’s Ishani and Vansh Bhai’s Sister. I just messaged her asking when she’d come or if we are supposed to come. She informed that she started and would reach within an hour or so.

Riddhima nodded and called her staff to finalize few themes to show them to Siya and she sat back checking some themes herself.

Its 1pm, Dream Events office,

Interrupting their work was a shout “Sejal Di” they heard. Riddhima and Sejal tuned towards the door and as Sejal recognised her, she went to give her a hug. They both once again returned to cabin where Riddhima was curious to know the person who was so enthusiastic. That’s when Sejal spoke,

Sejal: Riddhima she is our naughty Siya. And Siya she is Riddhima, my best friend and my partner in crime and also partner in company.

Riddhima: Hello Siya. Sejal was speaking about you few minutes bac. It was nice meeting you (Saying so she shook hands with Siya)

Siya: Hey Hi Riddhima, it was nice meeting you too. I am sorry, for not showing up on time as stated.

Riddhima: Its ok. Even we got some time for designing some designs for the party.

After formal introduction, they all sat in Riddhima’s cabin and were discussing the plans and Siya finally finalized the themes she wanted for the party.

Siya: I want the best because after 3 long years bhai is attending a festival. It’s going to be the best moment for all of us.

Sejal: Don’t worry Siya we’ll try our best to make it memorable and Vansh bhai would love it. But I wanted to ask how did u all convince him this year? I mean how come he gave approval which didn’t happen from 3 years.

Siya: Dadi, Maa and Chachi were on a mission of convincing bhai from past 1 month and me and Ishani di too were trying our best but he was adamant and was refusing to us. Yesterday dadi and Ma spoke to bhai about moving on in life and inviting happiness into his life once again and this emotional blackmail went on for whole night and finally bhai approved. And rest you know; uncle might have told you.

Riddhima was keenly listening to them. She wanted to ask many questions about their so-called Bhai but didn’t as it was their personal matter and she was an outsider. So, she didn’t interfere and stared at them as Sejal and Siya were engrossed in their talks and totally forgot about Riddhima’s presence. Siya’s phone ring broke their conversation making them realise that there was someone else too present in the room. Siya quickly pulled her phone from her bag and answered the call…

Siya: Hello, Maa don’t worry, I am fine and am with Sejal di in her office. Was actually discussing about the party. Yeah, I had lunch with my friends and then reached Sejal Di’s office. From here I am going to Ishani di’s boutique where Bhai is going to come to pick us for from there so we’ll reach together. Oka Bye, Mom, take care. Love you

Riddhima who was seeing the bond Siya was sharing with her family made her sad as she couldn’t share such feeling with her family.

Sejal who observed how Riddhima’s expressions changed, understood what Riddhima was thinking and went and patted on her back making her realise that she is with her. Riddhima wiped her tears and gave a slight smile assuring that she is fine.

Siya who now was ready to leave, stood from her place and reached out to Riddhima and Sejal

Siya: I hope I gave all the details of how the party is supposed to be

Riddhima: Siya don’t worry, we have noted all the necessary details and if at all we need any during preparations we’d ask you.

Siya: That’d be better. I am getting late. I’d take your leave. Will meet you again.

Saying so she started leaving and suddenly stopped in her path, realizing something and returned back into the cabin

Siya: Hey I thought you might need to visit our house for a clear idea of how you’ll do everything. Actually, I have heard Sejal di saying they visit their client’s place for measurements and other necessary things so wanted to ask when would you come.

Riddhima (With a smile on her face): That’s true, I forgot to ask you this question as to when can we come. If you have no issue can we come tomorrow in the first hour?

Siya: That’s be perfect. No Issues. We’ll be waiting.

She once again bid bye and left the office to go and meet Ishani in her boutique.

So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

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