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#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 1 – A Tragedy Struck Riddhima

Thank You Rianshfan, RiyaVaghani, Shivangi and Sandymsdian for your support and wishes. It means alot.

Episode Starts with…..

“A family of four is seen travelling in a Car on the hilly road of Leh Manali. The boy who’s around 7years is caressing a small girl’s face who’s sleeping in his lap and talking continuously of how she had great time in her grandparents’ house in Manali and how she promised them that she’d return during next holidays. She seems to be around 5 years. As both the brother and sister are seated in the back seat, their parents are in front seat of the vehicle where the dad is seen driving. The night started becoming dark and silence filled the air, the moon hid behind clouds, the stars were invisible. Slowly, the kids fell asleep, while both the parents were talking how mischievous the kids have become and the bond both the brother and sister duo share and how inseparable they are. As time passed, even mom slept in the passenger seat.

Suddenly, the dad started panicking and the fear in his eyes was clearly visible, he was desperately trying to do something but he couldn’t able to. His restlessness was clear and started shouting his wife and kids’ names out of panic. His wife and son woke up in startle and son started asking his dad what happened why is he shouting, as his little sister would get scared and wake up from her sleep. The dad tried explaining the situation that brakes are failed and their lives are in danger so was asking his wife and kids to jump from the car to save their lives. He tried opening the car lock but in vain. Though the boy had no idea what was happening and why their parents were in panic. He stared at them blankly holding his sister closer to him, making sure she isn’t hurt. Both the parents were trying desperately to save their kids from the upcoming danger. Wife sensed that her husband started losing his balance on the wheel and she wanted to make sure at least her kids were saved from the mishap and was trying to open the doors couldn’t succeed.

As expected, the father lost his control and before he could react, the car hit the road side and sprang with a startle because of the startle sound the girl woke up and started crying, the parents saw how their kids were crying out of fear and how helpless they were that they couldn’t even save their kids. The car was hitting the slope and was falling into the valley and they saw how their lives were falling apart in a split of second. Before they could sense anything further, the car sprang hard and hit the valley, the pressure was so hight that, the window panes broke, making their way and piercing into both the parent’s bodies. They tried moving to look into the back seat to check on their kids but their body was pinned to their seats and couldn’t even move an inch, before they could see their kids state, they passed out. The little girl who was laughing with her parents and brother was stuck onto the railings of the road when the car sprung off the road into the valley making her separated from her family. She winched in pain and was shouting for help. The little kid’s eyes fell on the valley where she suddenly witnessed a hearth wrenching incident the car which they were travelling few mins back and which fell into the family, which had her world has blasted creating a smog around the area and the effect was clearly visible in the eyes of the little kid who experienced such a dangerous explosion in front of her eyes.”

“Bhaiiii!!!!!” Riddhima woke up with a startle and observed her surroundings and realised she once again had the worst nightmare where she lost her family on that unfaithful night of her life. She quickly grabbed the water glass placed on her bedside table, she was not in her senses and her whole body was shivering, with great difficulty she drank some water and tried composing herself and came back to reality. That little cute girl in the car was Riddhima and it’s been 20 years since the accident happened.

She once again looked around the place and realized she was in her room and it was 7am. She rushed to the washroom to freshen up as Sejal would be coming home for breakfast by 9am. They both had planned to have breakfast that day at Riddhima’s place. After an hour Riddhima heard her bell ring and she understood its Sejal and went to open the door. They both sat on the dining table and were enjoying the French toast prepared by Riddhima when Sejal saw frown on Riddhima’s face and asked her why she was worried but Riddhima ignored her saying it’s just her imagination and she’s fine. But Sejal was adamant and pushed her to reveal the truth and after Riddhima confessed about the dream she had and tears flowed down her red cheeks, Sejal was concerned and tried to calm her. She knew the trauma Riddhima goes through whenever she recollects the memories of that night. She has seen Riddhima falling apart because of the memories of that night whereas the usual Riddhima is chirpy, funny, cute and most of the times naughty too, but this Riddhima was calm, broken and devastated. Sejal has known Riddhima for past 15 years when they first met in their school and instantly became best friends but she always felt that she couldn’t bring her Riddhima from the past of hers.

Finally after an hour so, they both were back to normal and were in their office discussing the next project they have…..

So that’s all for today. I know the episode is big and may be a bit boring too… I am sorry guys but I wanted to tell the pain Riddhima goes through daily and what all she lost in that tragic accident…. Forgive me for the huge description. I assure that next episodes won’t be this longer.

Please do comment and let me know suggestions.

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