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Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Ram breaks Dulari’s fast only

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 10th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
The event starts. Dulari comes to Ram. Koyal is also there. ram looks at both of them. A girl says the moon is out. Dulari and Koyal do the moon’s arti with all the women. They look at Ram through their artis. Ram looks at Dulari only. Dulari says break my fast. Ram picks the plate. He’s about to make her drink water. Ram recalls Koyal said if she broke Dulari’s fast before hers she will tell everyone that Mili is actually their child. She said this will ruin your married life. Ram leaves the pot. He goes to Koyal. She gives her a water pot. Ram says I know everything is at stake, my love, my life, my respect so I have decided that no matter what happens I won’t make you drink water. You can do what you want, I am not scared. Dulari smiles.

Ram says I can’t hide things from you anymore Dulari. He says we all have past and secrets. Me and Koyal got engaged two years ago. I realized we are not made for each other. I tried to make my parents believe the same. Then I met you and married you. It was love at first sight. So I fled from the engagement. I did what was right. It’s not okay to live with someone you don’t love. Would you give me chance to break your fast after knowing this truth? Dulari nods. Ram is about to pick the pot. Koyal says stop.

Koyal says if you told her everything, tell her we had a daughter our of wedlock. Mili is our daughter. Ram says you think you will lie and everyone would believe? She says tell them all that we used to meet her and now we couldn’t go so she came here. We loved each other a lot and that’s why our parents got us engaged. Everyone is shocked. And you tore that card. You made me Mili’s mom and then left me. Tell everyone she’s our daughter and we are Mili’s real parents. Dulari says wait a minute.

Dulari asks Mili is Koyal your real mom? And is Ram actually your dad? I trust your Ram papa. But people don’t. They accuse and point fingers at men so easily. Tell me, if Koyal actually your mom and Ram your dad? Mili says no. Dulari says your truth is out. Koyal says Mili say yes. I will give you gifts and chocolates. Dulari says she’s a kid. You don’t threaten or bribe kids. You can never be the mother of my Ram’s child. A mother doesn’t do that. Enough of your stories. Mili is a part of my life now. From today, Mili is my and Ram’s daughter. You can keep your stories to yourself. Everyone claps. Koyal is angry. Dulari says I know what Ram did was wrong. I know you were hurt. But he has apologized for alreayd. You should also move on. You are Ram’s past and I am his present and future. I am his wife. Please leave our lives. Think of this as a warning. If you try to take my Ram, I will be my worst.

Koyal says he made a mistake by making a joke of me and my family. Before you Ram was mine and I will make him mine. I will cross anything. She leaves.

Scene 2
Radha serves food. She faints. Patang says what happened? She says I fainted. He makes her drink water. Radha says in heart if you weren’t my husband you wouldn’t make me drink water today. Now even if you don’t have a mole on your back, I will have your sindur in my hairline. She comes close to him smiling. The song agar tum mil jao plays. Patang runs.

Dulari says I still have so many questions. Ram says I will answer all questions. But let’s break your fast first. You’re hungry. Dulari says I know you didn’t eat either. I saw the lunch box. They both make each other drink and eat. Dulari says a family selfie. Ram picks Mili and they take a selfie. Dulari says show me the selfie. There’s no Mili in his lap. Dulari says Ra, Mili is not in this picture. They look behind, it’s Mata Rani’s idol with the same tiger. Dulari and Ram are shocked. Dulari recalls praying from Mata Rani to save her marriage. Ram recalls praying from Mata Rani to save him from Koyal. Dulari says Ram, Mata Rani came between us as Mili, as our daughter. Ram is shocked. Dulari says I know Mata Rani, Koyal won’t leave us easily but I will stand by my husband and I know you are with me.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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