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Qurbaan Hua 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Baleq wants to marry Chahat

It was a thunderous night. Neel wakes up. A mirror nearby him breaks. He looks at his face, and screams a big No.

Someone peeks through the window of Chahat’s room. Chahat spots someone running away from the window, and recognizes it is Neel. She says she knows it is him, she was right about him. She comes downstairs and tells Viyas jee she just saw Neel, he is here. She goes out. Viyas Jee follows Chahat and says it is just a doubt and her illusion. Chahat insists it is not illusion. She spots someone behind the bushes. Soon, she hears Krippa crying. Baleq brings her out in his arms and says Krippa also understands her uncle will not return. Chahat takes Krippa and takes her inside.

In the hall, Viyas Jee cried in a corner. Baleq says Chahat is going insane. He fears what if she harms herself. Viyas Jee was also worried for Chahat. Viyas Jee says he also felt if she was true. Baleq says police inspected the factory and claims if a molten lava fell on someone’s head the person dies. Viyas Jee wonders how Chahat will spend the rest of her life.

It was dawn. Chahat prays outside in the lawn and says she will keep praying until she gets a signal of Neel’s life.

In the hall, Baleq speaks to Viyas Jee he has a remedy. Krippa recognizes Chahat as a mother, what if Chahat really becomes her mother. Viyas Jee was furious and holds his hand over Baleq. Baleq kneels down. He says Viyas Jee considers Chahat his daughter. If he likes him for one daughter, then why can’t for Chahat. Viyas Jee says Baleq was meant to marry Naveli. Baleq says Naveli can not be a good mother to Krippa. He wishes Chahat’s good habits be inculcated in Krippa. The molten lava killed their Neel.

Neel was in the garden and corrects the curtains of clothes she had created. He walks away. After finishing her prayers Chahat considers it a signal that Neel is around.

Baleq convinces Viyas Jee that this is a way of saving Chahat. Viyas Jee says he has to know Chahat’s wish. Baleq thinks he knows how to get a yes from Chahat.

In the morning, Chahat plays with Krippa. Baleq comes to her room and brought milk for her, she had not eaten anything since last night. Chahat says she does not wish to. Baleq insists that Viyas Jee sent it for her, she has to take care of herself. What if after uncle, Krippa’s aunt also fell sick. Chahat drinks the milk. Baleq sits with Chahat. Chahat was uncomfortable. Baleq says Neel is gone, she would need someone to take care of herself. He has spoken to Viyas Jee, what if Chahat becomes a real mother of Krippa. Chahat looks away. Baleq offers to marry Chahat.

Downstairs, Godambari speaks to Jamna to agree to the fact that Chahat is a widow. Chahat seems to go insane. What if they have to send her to mental asylum. Baleq comes there and says neither Chahat will be a widow, nor she will go to mental asylum. He announces that Chahat will be Krippa’s mother. He will marry Chahat. Viyas Jee interrupts Baleq. Baleq says Chahat has said a yes for this marriage herself.

In Chahat’s room, she sat on the bed almost lost and dizzy. Viyas Jee asks Chahat if she is ready to be Krippa’s mother and marry Baleq. Chahat nods. Jamna asks her to think well, this is a decision for lifetime. Viyas Jee says if this is what Chahat wish, they can get a date for marriage. Baleq says tomorrow is a good date.

Godambari tells Naveli she can see Baleq wants fortune keys from Chahat, and then he will end her just as she did to Saraswati. She wonders how Chahat agrees.

In the room, Baleq gives medicine to Chahat. Chahat fells on the bed unconscious. He says she is a puppet in his hands. He gets a flashback. He proposed Chahat. Chahat shouts at Baleq for even thinking to marry her. She will always keep Krippa as a Mami. She tells him to leave the room. Suddenly, she felt dizzy and told Baleq to leave. Baleq held Chahat in his arms and sat with her. He confirmed if she will marry him. She nodded. Baleq recalls pushing Chahat from behind which forced a nod from her head each time Viyas Jee and Jamuna confirmed from her about the proposal.

Neel bought rail tickets to go far away from the city.

PRECAP: Chahat was under heavy sedation when the wedding rituals take place.

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