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Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Janakinath Sees Sarath In The Protest

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 10th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Subhi sees Sarath at protest rally and insists to accompany him. Sarath asks him to return home. Subhi asks if he is also becoming swadesi like Ananth, what is wrong in it, he will speak about it to baba. Sarath asks not to do that and asking him to stand there joins protestors. Rono with Suresh walks in to Subhi. Suresh sees Sarath and asks what is he doing here. Sarath asks him to show college to Rono and take him home as Subhi will not come.

Akshay visits Janaki. Janaki greets him and asks maid to bring sweets. Akshay informs that this wedding cannot happen as Sarath came home and told he doesn’t want to marry right now. Janaki is shocked and asks what is he saying. Akshay says wedding is fixed already and they accepted girl, then Sarath suddenly denied to marry. Janaki says there must be some misunderstanding and calls Sarath. Akshay says he doesn’t want to speak to Sarath and walks away saying he didn’t except this insult from Janaki’s family. Niece asks him what happened, why had Vibha’s father come. He asks her to call Prabha. Prabha is busy scolding servant for carelessness and aunt praising her when niece walks in and informs her that Janaki is calling her. She walks to Janaki who informs her that Sarath went to Akshay’s house and broke alliance spoiling Akshay’s dignity. She asks ham to calm down and speak to Sarath as he himself agreed for marriage, but was telling he has 2 responsibilities to fulfill and is very confused. Janak asks what reponsibilities, he wants to speak to him right now. He calls Satish and asks what is he doing at home if Sarath has gone to college. Satish says college is off, but he must have gone to library. Prabha says Anu told he has gone to college, calls Anu and informs what Sarath did. She asks Satish if he knew Sarath would do this. Janaki calls Satish and he leaves.

Janaki with Satish heads towards college in a cab. He asks Satish why is he sweating, if its because he is hiding Sarath’s mistake; if college is off today. Satish nervously says college is off, but Sarath must have gone to library. Janaki asks if he knows why Sarath broke alliance. Satish says no and reminisces Sarath feeling sad about Susheel Sen being beaten by British and his plan to protest against British. They hear Sarath’s name being called to address the protest. Sarath addresses people and says Susheel Sen was British for opposing injustice, which is their right; he opposes injustice made to Susheel. He continues his protest. Janaki with Satish walks down and stands fuming seeing him. Satish notices him and says they should protest against injustice and hope British police will not do injustice. Subhi, Rono, and Suresh also notice Janaki. Janaki asks Satish to bring everyone come and leaves.

Janaki returns home. Uncle asks him if he saw Sarath in college. Janaki says he found him protesting against British for punishing Susheel Sen. He saw Rono and Suresh also watching standing with mob, but Subhi was standing in front row; he has asked Satish to bring them all home. Saish brings them home. Sarath says Subhi stood in front as he witnessed Susheel Sen’s being tortured. Janaki sends Suresh and Rono in. Prabha asks Subhi why is he doing this instead of studying. Subhi asks how can he silently watch injustice. Pramila scolds Sarath that because of him, Subhi is going on wrong path. Sarath says Subhi also thinks like him and he cannot stop Subhi. Prabha warns them both that they should concentrate on studies and have their father with their act. Uncle says there is not use of getting angry as issue has gone out of control. Janaki says he has to tighten the grip.

Precap: Swadesis decide to throw bomb in court. Subhi he will visit protest rally.
Suresh says he is speaking like Sarath. Subhi says even Sarath wants justice. Janaki scolds Sarath. Sarath says Susheel Sen’s punishment has forced him to protest. Prabha warns him to shut up as he hurt his father feelings and is forcing him to do what he didn’t till now.

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