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Mere Sai 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update

Mere Sai 10th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Radha ji and Chandorkar ji reach Jamnagar. Their SIL tells them that Naina needs you two. It is good that you are here. Naina is writhing in pain. Radha ji tries to comfort her. Her SIL says Naina has been asking for her Aayi since few days. Chandorkar ji takes him outside to find out more about Naina’s health. He shares that the umbilical cord is caught around the baby’s neck. Naina and her baby’s life are in equal danger now. Chandorkar ji goes inside to be with Naina. Naina tells him that he has fulfilled her every wish till date. I have another wish today. He agrees to help her. She shares that she does not want to die. I want to be a mother. Everyone’s eyes well up. He assures her that she and her baby will be fine. You will become a mother and we will become grandparents. This is my promise to you. He asks his SIL to take him to the best doc. Naina winces in pain.

Sai looks at the fire in which he can see Naina screaming in pain. Abdul watches him as he sits next to the fire.

Doc checks Naina. He tells the family that nothing is in hands now. Chandorkar ji asks him how he can give up but doc says I am a human being. My knowledge and I are limited. Chandorkar ji offers him money. Doc advises him to pray. Prayers are very powerful and miraculous. Now only a miracle can save Naina. He leaves. Chandorkar ji wonders what good is this money. He suddenly finds Sai’s udi in the purse. He and his wife smile with relief. They decide to give udi to Naina but the leaf is empty. Radha ji asks him what they will do now. Chandorkar ji prays to Sai for help. I haven’t seen God but I know you. Your blessings begin where hope ends. They chant Om Sai Ram.

Sai picks a leaf kept nearby, keeps some udi in it and packs it. Rehem Nazar plays. Abdul is watching him intently.

It is nighttime. Kulkarni Sarkar checks the cows but they are not able to get any milk from any of them. Tejasvi asks them if they fell ill. He denies. I think Santa and Banta fed them something wrong by mistake. I believe we should give them fresh fodder. They need to be brought from jungle daily. Tejasvi complains of less staff. Sarkar suggests sending Rama and Raghav but Tejasvi denies. We will have to do everything on our own if we send them. I have a better idea.

Sai smiles.

Sumati questions her Baba on Ashok’s hard work. He insists that they have no option. She says I will find a way to speak to Srikanth ji. Rama tells her to stop being stubborn as it can mess things up. These are bad times. Sumati says we will bring good days for Ashok atleast. Ashok promises to work hard and study entire night if need be. Sumati tells him that they will find a solution if they will keep trying. I am positive that God will guide us. There is a knock on the door just then. It is Tejasvi. She tells Sumati to go to jungle from tomorrow and bring fresh fodder for the cows. Raghav offers to go but Tejasvi rebuffs his idea. Consider this an order. Sumati agrees. She smiles as soon as Tejasvi leaves. Rama is surprised to see her smiling. Do you know how dangerous it is to go to jungle alone? Sumati reminds them that she got an option to meet Srikanth ji finally. Raghav calls it dangerous but Sumati says Sai says that nothing happens for no reason. The cows are healthy but they stop giving milk the day I needed to step outside. I got an order to step out of the house without even asking for it. Who can hurt someone whom Sai is helping? Good days will come!

Sai says the one who wont give up, will succeed. Abdul asks Sai who is this udi for. Should I deliver it to someone? Sai denies. This udi has to travel far but Ram ji has made arrangements for that already. Abdul says you worry for everyone except yourself. You haven’t eaten anything till now? Sai says not now. Abdul notices him looking at the road. Are you worried about something? Please tell me. Sai says you feel troubled when you can feel someone’s pain. He looks at the moon. He hears someone chanting Jai Shree Ram and smiles. The guy greets Sai. I had nothing on my mind till evening but I don’t know what happened when I was praying in the morning. I felt like I must go to my village asap. What must have happened? Sai says it must be Ram ji’s sign. Ramveer ji nods. I have understood it from you that there is a hidden meaning behind everything. I came here to seek your blessing before leaving. Abdul asks him how he will go at this hour. Ramveer ji shares that he will go via rail. Sai asks him to go to Jamnagar first. You will meet Chandorkar Saheb there. Abdul reminds him that Nanasaheb lives in Ahmednagar. Sai shares that he is with Naina at Jamnagar right now. She is not keeping well. You must give him udi first. Ramveer ji gets thinking. Sai asks him what the matter is. Ramveer ji wonders how to tell Sai that he does not have enough money. Sai smiles. He tells him that Ram ji will make arrangement for anything that he might need. Ramveer ji smiles. I trust your word. I am glad that I can help you after all these years. Sai blesses him as he hands the udi to him. Ramveer ji leaves. Abdul asks Sai he knew why Ramveer ji was worried. Sai tells him to serve food. I am hungry suddenly. Abdul smiles.

Sumati keeps a duvet around Raghav’s shoulder. Aren’t you sleepy? He is worried as Sai had told him to go to Sakori to offer oil to Hanuman ji. These people don’t let me even breathe. How will I go out? She tells him to have faith and patience. He wonders from where she gets so much positivity. We wouldn’t have been in this condition if I was like you? I don’t have the strength to save us! She wipes his tears. Faith and patience gives you ample strength to fight anything! He hugs her.

Sai notices Naina in pain again and gets tensed. He picks up a stone.

Chandorkar ji starts chanting Om Sai Ram.

Sai starts drawing something on the floor.

Next morning, Ramveer ji reaches Jalgaon. I reached here upon your askance but how I will go from here. I don’t even have money now. He closes his eyes and thinks of Sai. Please show me the way. Sai says I am right here. Ramveer ji looks around in surprise. He notices a cart approaching. The driver asks for Bapu Veer who has arrived from Shirdi. Ramveer ji asks him how he knew about him. He tells him that Nanasaheb has sent him here to take him to Naina’s place asap. Ramveer ji boards the cart.

Epi ends on Sai’s happy face.

Precap: Sumati tells Srikanth ji about Ashok. Sarkar has taken his books already. Srikanth ji says he wont be able to sit in the exam if he wont be able to study or if I wont be able to teach him. Sai remarks that it isn’t a good thing to accept defeat before even trying

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