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Love after arrange marriage Ep-26- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-26- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Hi guys , I hope  you all are fine ..

Episode starts with..,

Vansh’s laughing while Riddhima is sad . Vansh says,”Ok Ok , I am really sorry !! ” Riddhima says,”No , I won’t”. Vansh tries to convince her but she doesn’t. Then he sings the song.

Gulabi Aankhen jo teri dekhi

Sharabi yeh dil ho gya…

Sambhaalo mujhko O meri Riddhima

Ke jeena mushkil ho gya

Riddhima’s still upset.. Vansh then says,” Roothe hue Rab ko manaana aasan hai but roothi hui wife especially Riddhima ko manana is so tough..O God! Save me..” Riddhima smiles and says,”Vansh, I am convinced now.” Vansh too smiles and takes handkerchief , he wets it and cleans Riddhima’s moustache. They share an eye-lock. Riddhima says,”Vansh, lets get ready ..” They both go to get ready …Riddhima wears a suit and Vansh in his as usual clothes . While Riddhima is putting sindoor , Vansh comes there  and takes the sindoor and puts on Riddhima’s partition . They both smile . The driver says,”Sir , Madam ! Lets go otherwise the fort will be closed . They both go and sit in the car .. Soon they reach the Red Fort ..They pay fee and go inside . While they are roaming around , Riddhima gets hurt. Vansh panics and takes her back to the villa. There Riddhima says,”Vansh , you are so caring..” Vansh says,”Me ? Caring?? Everyone says that I am rude..” Riddhima says,”No , not a bit even ..You are the best!!” Tears drops from Vansh’s eyes ..Riddhima cleans them . Vansh says,”Riddhima , you are caring not me..” They both smile ..

After 4-5 days 

Vansh: Riddhima sit in the car ..

Riddhima: First you ..

Vansh: No , first you .

Riddhima : No

Vansh holds her and makes her sit in the car . They leave for airport and then flies  to Mumbai .  Soon they reach VR Mansion . Riddhima says,”Indeed it was a good trip !!” Vansh goes inside and asks Aryan,”Have you told ??”  Aryan nods yes … Vansh says,”Ok” (Aryan told about Chanchal ‘s pregnancy) Daadi welcomes them inside. They both take rest … Vansh receives a call…and says,”Ok, Sure!” Riddhima asks,”What happened??” Vansh says,”I have to go to a business trip ..I will be back in 2-3 days . Riddhima says,”Ok..” She packs Vansh’s bag. Vansh leaves..Chanchal says to Aryan,”Vansh has gone, so why not take revenge from Riddhima..after all , I am suffering because of her..” Aryan nods yes . Anupriya listens them and says,”I will also be in your plan..” They plan. Aryan says,”First , we have to send Mrunal Papa , Daadi and Siya away..” Suddenly Siya comes to Anupriya and says,”Mom ..I am going on a trip with my friends will be back in 2 days..” Anupriya says,”Ok..” Siya leaves . The trio smirks … Chanchal says,”I have an idea..” She goes to Daadi and says,”Daadi , I think you should go to a teerth yaatra with Mrunal ji ..” Daadi likes the idea and says,”ok.” They too leave from the mansion ..

Anupriya screams ,”Riddhiimaaa..” She comes. Riddhima says,”Yes mummy jii ..” Anupriya says,”Pack your bag and go from here, you are not supposed to live here , go and leave quickly.” Riddhima says,”But..” Anupriya says,”Aryan beta..” Aryan comes and holds Riddhima tightly. He takes her to her room . He says,”Pack your bag or…” Riddhima interrupts,”Or…” Aryan says,”  Or I would push you from the house..Better go with respect.” Riddhima cries . She packs her bag and leaves the mansion . She reaches her home and goes to her room ..She closes the room from inside..She starts crying. Aarohi says,” Open the door …Riddz” Riddhima doesn’t. Her dad and brother also tells her but she doesn’t.. She says,”If someone called me or tried to talk , I will kill myself..” Riddhima cries for 1-2 days …Other side, Anupriya , Chanchal and Aryan are happy ..3 days pass… Daadi and Mrunal comes ..They ask for Riddhima ..Anupriya says,”She has gone to her mother..” Siya too comes …She also asks the same…Anupriya replies..After 3 hours, Vansh enters and says,”Riddhu , Riddhu , see I have come …” Chanchal says,”She has gone to her mother…” Vansh thinks,”But she didn’t tell me , I should call there..” He calls . Riddhima doesn’t picks up ..Vansh then calls to Jai. Jai picks up.

Vansh: Hello

Jai: Hii..

Vansh: Riddhima has came there ??

Jai : Ypp

Vansh : Can you give her phone?

Jai: She came here 3 days back and since she came , she’s crying..What happened??

Vansh: Nothing..I mean I don’t know I was on a business trip ..

Jai: Ok..Actually she came inside the house and ran to her room..When we asked her , she said she will kill herself if we tried to talk to her…Even she hasn’t eaten something.. Just she’s drinking water..

Vansh: Damn It !! I am coming there…

Vansh cuts the call. Anupriya gets worried and says,”Vansh , you shall go afterwards..” Vansh ignores and goes to her home (Riddhima’s home). Vansh enters inside . He asks about Riddhima’s room .He knocks. Riddhima says,” I told you naa, I would kill myself (she cries).” Vansh says,”I am there, Open the door..” Riddhima says,”Go please !!” Vansh gets worried and says,”No..” And he pushes the door and the door brakes . He sees Riddhima’s crying badly . He goes to console her…He asks her what happened in the few days…Riddhima narrates the incident . Vansh gets angry .. He take Riddhima along.. He feeds Riddhima at a restaurant.. They go to the mansion ..He says,”Mom , Aryan , Chanchal , Daadi , Papa and Siya..” He narrates the incident and says,”I didn’t expected this from you …You broke my heart ..” Anupriya says,”But…” Mrunal says,”Shut up..You..Riddhima’s such a nice girl and you…” Vansh says,”You broke my trust , I hate these three people..Mom , just stay away from me , I know that Chanchal’s jealous from Riddhima so Aryan also supported  but mom you..”

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