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Lockdown Ki Love Story 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sonam contacts Raghav

Lockdown Ki Love Story 10th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Raghav staring at Sonam and fighting with Dhruv. He makes Dhruv fall down. Dhruv also kicks him down. Sonam gives hand to Dhruv. Raghav holds her hand and gets up. She says Dhruv…. She gets a chit in her hand. Raghav says I m not less than you in anything, but just this bride swapping publicity, I didn’t get such fame, but you keep this insult, I thought we will have a relation, we will see, till then bye. He sees Sonam. He asks Dhruv to take care of both his lovers. He goes.

Sonam reads the letter and thinks what solution will he have for me. Sheetal and Nutan get angry that Raghav came to insult them. Nutan says maybe Dhruv trusts Sonam, he is just pretending in front of me. Dhruv says you think I m acting, bear it for a week, she will get proof, right. Raghav says I will get a call. He gets Sonam’s call.

She asks what did you write in the letter. He says I have a solution for you, I have a proof that bride was changed. Sonam asks proof, what proof. He says don’t ask me questions, I didn’t attend school and go for job interview, because there are questions. She says sorry. He says I will tell you everything, I will show you, you will get a shock, you will be proved right, it will be clear, meet me at 7pm, I will message you the address, say yes if you agree. Sonam recalls Dhruv’s words and says okay. He says done. She says I will come, everything will get fine now. He smiles. He says Dhruv’s girlfriend is coming to meet me, I m very happy, I didn’t come to have any relation, but to play a game, game is on.

Sonam thinks what had happened between Raghav and Dhruv, that they had a fight. Raghav sings Dilwali…. and drives the jeep. Dhruv says I will go and explain uncle, I will ask him to control his son. Dheeraj says yes, I will answer Raghav. Shashi says calm down, don’t spoil your mood. Sonam looks on. Dhruv goes. Nutan says you would be missing your parents, right, are you thinking of the 7 days, good, everything will be final now. Sonam says time can change anytime, I have 7 days, who knows what can change.

Sonam says a man came here and insulted you, you are thinking to oust me. Nutan says he is my relative, I will first oust you. Sonam asks Sneha about Raghav. Sneha says he is our uncle’s son, he is dangerous, I feel scared of him, they always want to see us in trouble, Raghav tried to hurt Dhruv many years ago, they had a big fight. Nutan asks Sneha not to talk to Sonam.

Sonam calls Subhadra and says I m fine, I got a proof for the blunder, will it be fine to meet Dhruv’s enemy, what shall I do. Subhadra says you have to go, there are enemies in the house also. Sonam says they are not same as Raghav, I don’t want anyone to call me wrong. Subhadra says you have to prove yourself right, Raghav will have his own motive also, be careful.

Milky’s mum comes home to meet her. She gives her a bottle. Milky says its poison. Everyone looks on. Dhruv says one drama doesn’t end, you start another, will you give poison to me. Milky says I will do what I find right, I will die and get you. Milky’s mum and Shashi argue. Dhruv says I won’t take my word back by your blackmail. Milky says fine, I will not change my word, I will die. She thinks I will force Dhruv to accept me, Sonam should prepare to leave. Sonam thinks to go and get the proof.

Sonam sees the video. She gets shocked. Raghav says I found the proof for you, you should pay me a price now.

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