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Indiawaali Maa 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kaku fails in the interview

Indiawaali Maa 10th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Balli helping Kaku with the job application and interview process. She says I don’t have experience of work, but I can learn. He asks her to answer well in interview, try to tell them what she can do for the company’s good. Kaku goes for the interview. Cheenu gives the presentation. The clients doesn’t look happy. Cheenu tries hard. Akshay looks on. Kirti says Akshay has made anyone the project head. She goes to interview the candidates. Kaku gets worried seeing the man complaining about Kirti. Kirti talks to her son on the call. She takes Kaushalya’s CV and checks. Kaku comes. Kirti asks is this a joke. She says job interviews are going on, please leave. Kaku says I have really come for interview. Kirti says I don’t have time for it, please leave, don’t irritate me. She shouts on Kaku. Akshay and Cheenu come. Akshay asks what happened. Kirti says look at this funny lady, she has come for the job interview. Akshay and Cheenu get shocked seeing Kaku. Rohan is going for a job interview. He checks his wallet. He doesn’t see money. He gets down the auto.

He sees the time. He goes. Cheenu asks what are you doing here. Akshay says she is our common friend’s mom. Kirti says first friends and now their mother is also here. Akshay says we don’t have work for you, you can go home. Kaku says no, I won’t go without giving the interview. She recalls Hasmukh’s words. She says you have to take my interview, else I will tell everyone about the injustice. Akshay asks Kirti to take her interview. He says we know Kaku won’t get the job, its okay. Cheenu says fair enough. Kaku thanks Akshay for the chance. Kirti asks Kaku to come. Cheenu says let me join. Akshay says intern is for Cheenu, let her join. Akshay goes to the clients. Kaku says wait a min. She prays. She says I have made the CV myself. Cheenu looks on. Kirti asks what will be your role in making this company successful. Kaku says this company’s success will be our success, I will work with dedication. Cheenu asks do you have experience to work in a corporate company, there is much work, sometimes we don’t get time to have lunch, did you make any client ready to talk, company does the work, even if you are ill, you don’t have any experience, you may go.

Kaku says 365 days of a year, there is double work in festivals, I have worked in the same company for 26 years. Kirti asks what is that company. Kaku says I have worked as a mum for 26 years, I have convinced the people to do right, I didn’t get any salary, just some respect and love, I never had any complains, I have more experience than you all here, will I get a chance. Cheenu says we do business here, there is no place for emotions, your experience doesn’t match our requirements, we are sorry. Kaku gets sad.

Rohan recalls the interviewer’s words. He gets upset. He looks for alcohol in the cupboard. He checks for money. He goes and drinks water. He gets Hasmukh’s call. He asks will you not shout on me. Hasmukh says I can understand what you have gone through. Rohan argues. Hasmukh says you don’t respect yourself. Rohan says you got a chance to scold me. Hasmukh recalls Kaku’s words. He says I had sent money to Kaku’s new bank account. Rohan says I will tell her. Hasmukh tells the atm pin. Rohan leaves the gas knob on. He goes to get the atm card. He leaves.

The couple says we are paying a lot for this boring white wedding. Kaku says without colours, there is no fun, I mean its all white, there should be colourful hangings. She says I had brought this toran to give to my friend Chandraprabha. The couple likes the toran. Kaku says colours and style decide the fun. The couple smiles.

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