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Hamariwali Good News 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Renuka gets blessed

Hamariwali Good News 10th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Renuka lying to Sumitra and covering up Navya’s words. Sumitra creates a scene when Mukund comes. She says your wife and bahu are lying to me, what is it, ask them. Mukund asks Renuka what’s happening. Adi and Renuka try to cover up. Sumitra asks why is Navya so silent today. Navya greets Sumitra. Mukund asks Sumitra to sit. The ladies come and greet Sumitra. The ladies ask Navya to do some work, it will be easy for her delivery. Navya cries when all the ladies offer her tips. Sumitra says you leave your job also. The lady asks what’s the date of delivery, who is the doctor. Kusum says Madhu’s doctor is good, Navya knows everything. Renuka asks Navya to take some rest now.

Sumitra asks Indu to keep an eye on Renuka and Navya. Renuka asks Navya to stay alert of Sumitra. Navya sees Anchal crying. She asks what, you told the truth to Sanjay. Anchal says yes, I love Naveen, I will give my life, but not leave him. Navya says you won’t do any mistake. Preeti comes and hugs Sumitra.

Sumitra compliments Preeti. Preeti says Alok has bought this saree for me yesterday. She says we have to meet Sanjay’s mum at the jewellery shop, where is Anchal. Navya asks Anchal to calm down. Indu comes and sees Navya with Anchal. Indu scolds Navya for brainwashing Anchal. She asks Anchal to leave. She asks Navya did you ask Anchal to leave the house. Navya says no, I asked her not to take any wrong step. Indu says I m leaving you now just for the sake of baby. Navya gets sad.

The Mata comes and blesses the ladies. Renuka asks the lady to bless Navya. Navya helps Indu. Indu takes the dress from Navya’s cupboard. She sees something. Renuka is worried. She does the rituals. She asks Navya to get chunri. Navya says I will get it from your room. Preeti says Anchal has gone to Navya’s room to change her dress. Indu gets the IVF clinic file. Renuka goes to Navya and asks where did you keep IVF file. Navya says in the cupboard. Renuka says Indu has gone there, how can you be so careless. Renuka asks Navya to go fast. Preeti comes and calls Navya. The lady asks everyone to get chunris. Indu gets the IVF file downstairs. Navya worries. Sumitra asks the lady to bless Navya and her baby. Renuka and Navya get blessings.

The lady blesses Renuka to have a son. Sumitra gets shocked. The lady opens eyes and sees Renuka. Sumitra asks what did you do, she is Navya’s Saas, she is dreaming to become Dadi, not a mother, bless Navya. Kusum teases Renuka and laughs. Navya runs to puke. Everyone looks on. Sumitra says its initial months, so she isn’t feeling good. The lady blesses the Tiwari family. Everyone does the aarti. Navya sees Indu with the file. She praises Renuka. She asks Renuka to take the file from Indu. Everyone asks Renuka to sing the bhajan. Renuka says Indu will support me. Sumitra takes the file from Indu. She asks Indu to go. Renuka sings Bansi wale…. and dances. Navya gets the file and hides under the bed. The lady asks Sumitra to call Adi and Mukund. Navya also dance with Renuka. Indu sees them. Preeti calls Mukund and Adi. Renuka thanks the lady Prathna before leaving. Prathna says I just do kirtan and katha, I don’t do miracles, but I felt strange today, you just think of it, there is a meaning in it, take it as Bansi’s sign. Renuka says I want to find a way. Prathna says he will show you the way, take care of your bahu, something is troubling her. Renuka says what’s the sign. She thinks.

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