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Falling In Love Again @RiAnsh #10 Weird Proposal

12 AM

Riddhima is trying to sleep. Soft breeze was brushing her cheeks as she lay on her bed. She is very excited about everything. She is looking forward to her new life. She is going to have her happy family. She loved kids. She wondered if she’ll have kids. She blushed thinking that.

Vansh: What makes my fiance blush other than me?

Riddhima: Vansh? You here?

Vansh: Can’t I visit my fiance sneakily? That’s supposed to be romantic!

Riddhima: Well! We did it when we were friends too! I am in the mood of dancing! Let’s dance! But no music! Maa and Papa will find it odd.

So, they start dancing… more like swaying slowly… 

Vansh: We are not friends now?

Riddhima: No! We are gonna get married… and marriage happens where…

Vansh: There is love. I know! But love starts with friendship, so we have already taken the first step.

Riddhima: Then comes care. We care for each other a lot! Done!

Vansh: Possessiveness? I have just seen it in the movies… 

Riddhima: And I saw it when you were glaring at Rohan! (chuckling)

Vansh: Shut up!

Riddhima: Haha! You were cute! Though I found it weird at that time…

Vansh: So, Friendship check! Care check! Possessiveness check! Trust obviously check!

Riddhima: So maybe… Love?

Vansh: Check?

Riddhima: Weird proposal, right?

Vansh: Doesn’t matter! I love you!

Riddhima: I love you too!

Just then they hear some noise.

Riddhima: Go! Before someone sees us! Quick!

Vansh: Not like that miss Raichand! You’ll have to give me my midnight gift!

Riddhima: Well! Mr. Raisinghania, you see, I’m going to get engaged so I can’t give you that gift so soon. I love my fiance.

Vansh: Then your fiance is ready to get what he wants by hook or by crook!

Riddhima: Vansh! Please! Dad, will you see you!

Vansh: Hey! What about the…

Riddhima: I told you Vansh!We won’t talk about this! No one knows and no one shall know! It’s between you, me, Mom and Dad! We can’t speak about it! The others don’t know!

Vansh: Okay! Bye!

9 AM

Deep, Tara, Uma, Pradeep, and Daadi have announced in the media about the Raichands’ daughter being found, Sejal being adopted by them and Riddhima and Vansh’s alliance.

Kabir is watching the news. Tears flow out of his eyes. He thinks…

Kabir: I wish I didn’t have to do this with you! I wish I could explain how much I love you! I wish mom hadn’t asked this from me! Riddhima! Please come back! Please help me! We’ll find some other way! (He is an idiot! Most idiotic idiot!) No! I can’t fall weak! I have to avenge my sister! Vansh! My sister gave her life because of you! I will not spare you! No matter how many Riddhima’s I have to sacrifice for it!

Anupriya observes his tears. She calls someone.

Anupriya: Ragini, your brother loved that damned orphan Riddhima, and now she turned out to be Raichands’ daughter! Can you believe it?

Ragini: I know mom! But now, Riddhima will not go against her newfound family and come back to Bhai… We need to go with the plan…

Anupriya: But what if it fails? And how can we be sure?

Ragini: Mom! We will not fail! I have gone so far for his property and your revenge! We cannot back off! And don’t forget what that woman did to you!

Anupriya: How can I forget! She was my best friend! She was my sister! And she betrayed me by marrying my love!

Ragini: Don’t worry mom! We will get what we deserve!

(I won’t reveal who is this sister cum bestie turned enemy of Anupriya for two reasons… Firstly, there should be some suspense… I revealed about Ragini, so I need something handy… and Secondly, if I reveal it, the situation will get real funny!)

Precap: Riddhima says, “Daddy! I told Vansh also yesterday! We can’t talk about this! No one should know of the plan!”

Guys… please don’t kill me for this… but now I’ll be giving shorter episodes… I will keep up the entertainment though…

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