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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

They let Bhimbai rest. Kaka assures Ram ji that she will be fine soon. Bhima is curious to know how he did it. I face so many obstacles all the time. I want to shift my focus and concentrate on my studies. I feel you have a solution. What did you do to Aayi? Kaka says i only helped her meditate. You lose focus one everything else when you focus on one thing. Your mother could forget her pain when she let herself loose. She fell asleep then. Bhima asks him how he knows this. Kaka says I was a soldier in a war once. My army left me when I was lying wounded. A guy came to my rescue and helped me concentrate on things apart from my pain. Guru ji tells Bhima that concentration can help one overcome any problem. I am glad that you are still thinking about your studies in this situation. These are the signs of a great student. Bhima asks him if he should leave his home too. Ram ji denies. This was when Rishi’s used to live in jungles. Kids had to leave their homes in order to gain education. Things have advanced now.

Bhima says I want to study in abroad where Englishmen study too. I wont rule like them after studying law like them but I will make the necessary changes. I want to study Sanskrit before though. Will you help me, Guru ji? Guru ji asks him how it will help him. Bhima reasons that they must know about the weapons of their enemies in order to win the war. Ram ji asks him what all he wants to do at once. Bhima says we go through everything as once. I want to know and learn about everything together. What is dharma? Ram ji tells him about 2 types of dharma’s – one that is genuine and the other that is man made, selfish and used to instigate fear amongst people. People become what they choose to believe in. Bhima days it means these villagers fall in second category. Ram ji nods.

Kaka says we must stop these walls. Guru ji says I have an idea but I don’t know how to pit the administration against these people. Ram ji decides to use his old job as a reference. Guru ji suggests taking Bhima but Ram ji advises him to let him brainstorm.

Bhima asks the villagers what they will get by capturing them within these walls. They tell him to ask Maharaj himself. Bhima comes to meet Maharaj and is curious about the book Maharaj is reading. He asks the female assistant to ask Maharaj about the writer, the book and what it is about. He asks the Maharaj directly. Maharaj says the content is more important here. One must live within their bounds. You wont understand it. Bhima says I only want to know who has written it. Maharaj says it isnt important for you to know. These books are older than you. You exist within your community. Accept it. Bhima says I have many questions and only you can answer them. Please allow me to ask you these questions in private. The ladies leave.

Maharaj ji asks Bhima what he wants to know. Bhima says I am politely telling you that I may be anything but neither you nor your people nor this society will decide it. Maharaj asks him who will decide it then. bhima says we will decide it. We are still learning and trying to figure it out. We may live or not but change is constant. Books will also change and some books will become extinct. One big book will survive and will be considered most important one day. I believe you should know it as people believe you. Maharaj reminds him that he is a kid. Bhima says I would not have asked those ladies to leave if I was a kid. You would have taken this as your insult and I don’t have any such intention. Maharaj says you wont understand that I am beyond feeling such trifle emotions. One must concentrate and get above such things. You wont understand it as you are from lower community! Bhima relates the recent incident to him. Maharaj tells him to remember his limits. I am a Sanyasi and I don’t feel anger. Bhima says I do remember my limits. You can force me to lie down on the ground like my brother and father if you want but one who thinks is capable of changing the world. Maharaj insists it wont happen. Things will continue as they are. Bhima says people will stop reading such books then. A new book that will teach people about humanity will be written and it will be read and loved the most! He walks out of there.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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