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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman outshines Shravan

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 10th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with everyone clapping for Shravan and Sophie. They dance on Janam janam…… Suman looks at him. Vikram says very impressive. He hugs Shravan. Shravan sees Suman. Suman says there is one more performance left, thanks Rupali, you have made us part of your happiness, a small gift for you from our side, Vikram and I will perform. Sophie says wow, someone said right, we should try something new to keep life interesting. Suman and Vikram dance on Woh rang bhi….. they hug. Everyone claps for them.

Avni says it was really nice, congrats. Sophie says you both danced like professionals. Shravan says yes, it was mind blowing. Vikram says this dance and credit go to Suman. Rupali says you both had put the stage on fire. Vikram says I have learnt dance, I will teach your would be husband now. Rupali says Suman and Vikram’s performance is the best one today. Shravan says yes, their chemistry was different, it looked like no one can come around them. He says congrats and hugs Vikram. Suman thanks him and looks at him. Ek duje….plays…

Vikram says I didn’t try because I didn’t know dance, that Vikram on stage was different, I enjoyed a lot, I stay happy when I m with you, I want to make this feeling mine. Suman asks what do you mean. He says you said yes to take the alliance ahead, I felt you didn’t mean it, you had said yes to keep my heart, maybe you weren’t fully convinced, you can take time, you were different today, the way you danced with me, there was a passion in you, I was able to feel it, I feel we are ready to take the relation ahead, I will talk to my parents, I will get them to your home to meet your uncle and aunt, I m very happy today. He hugs her. He asks her to take care. He leaves.

Suman recalls Vikram’s words. Shravan thinks of Vikram and Suman. They have dinner. He smiles reading a report. Beena says I think its good news. Shravan says yes, I have improvement in my health, Suman worked hard to make me fine, I can join command back, just few days with you all. Veer says no, you have to stay here. Shravan says we will play until you are here. Kanchan asks Veer to sleep on time. She takes Veer. Beena says Suman treats with love, but gets strict also. Shravan says yes, I have to get back to work, I have many favors of Suman. Ramesh says not favor, its her duty to treat you, its time for your duty. Shravan says yes, she can also fulfill her other duties, like me. Beena says don’t forget us, will you come to meet us. Shravan says I can’t promise, even if I want, we don’t know if I may come back or not, which mission becomes last one. They get upset. Suman goes. Shravan goes after her. He says Vikram had called me, you both look happy, he is selecting a ring for you, I thought to tell him that everything will suit you, you will feel good if he gives anything by his choice, I had to say sorry, I told wrong that day, you know me, you aren’t boring, your presence makes everything exciting, you are getting engaged to Vikram, I regret I won’t be there to attend the event, just sign on the medical papers, I can’t go without your sign, its time for me to leave, I can’t stay here. She gets sad.

Beena says we are going to fix Suman’s engagement. Shravan says you guys enjoy, I have some work. Suman enters Shravan’s room. She doesn’t see him and says where did he go. She calls him up.

Update Credit to: Amena

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