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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani hits Jai with a slipper

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 10th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Rani sees a fly. She says if Rani sa sees it she will kill me. Rani looks for the fly. She looks at Kumud. She thinks Kumud asked her to sit. She sits next to Ram. Everyone is shocked. Rani says why is everyone standing? Veer says have you lost it? Get up. Kumud says why did you sit? Rani says you asked me to sit. She says I asked you to step back. Rajeshwari comes. She says why is everyone standing. Rani says I will find the fly. Rani sees it. Jai says where is Nandani? Nandani comes downstairs. Veer asked her to come and talk to him once. He said I will talk to Rani sa if you don’t like him. Jai holds and kisses her hand. Nandani sits with them. Jai gives her a gold necklace. He makes her wear it. Champa is angry. He reads a poem. Kiara says to Veer to learn some lessons. Rajeshwari says don’t worry. Veer will be equally romantic after the wedding. He will get you same necklace. Veer says right. Vikram says you will have to treat many hearts. Veer says anything for Kiara.

Jail says shoes are classier than necklaces. Rani sees the fly. She throws her slipper. It hits Jai Singh. Everyone is shocked. Everyone stands up. Champa says what did she do. Kumud says in heart what did she do. Rani says Rani sa I am so sorry. She sits on her feet. rani says there was a fly. I wanted to kill it before you saw it. I am so sorry. Rani says in heart what will I do now. Rani says sorry Rani sa. Rajeshwari is silent. Rajeshwari says how dare you.. She’s about to slap her. Jai says let her go. She realized her mistake. Rajeshwari says she did such a huge mistake. Even if her generations serve here, they won’t be forgiven. Get out of this house. Jai says it’s okay. We are Rajputs and we respect all women. Rajeshwari says see how well the manner our prince is. But these people do not deserve your forgiveness. They are cheap and ill-mannered. I thought she will work like Ramo. Jai says it’s okay. Go do your work. It’s okay Rani sa let it go. He says I will rest. He leaves.

Sanjay says what happened wasn’t right. Rajmata says what Rani did was unacceptable but what the way Jai handled it was so well. Rajeshwari is right. There can not be a better guy than him for Nandnai. Nandani says even I am surprised. Vikram says he forgave so easily. Veer says too good to be true.

Scene 2
Rani comes to Jai’s room. She says I got turmeric paste. Sorry, I forgot to knock. He says you are repeating mistakes. Now you brought it to apply it on my face. Rani says me? He says don’t be shy. Sit there. Are you nervous? Rani says why would I be nervous? Come here. You stand in my feet and I will apply it at the right angle. Jai sits on it. Rani says your cheek is so red. Rani applies the past. He says it hurts. Something else is the medicine of this pain. He puts a hand on her thigh. Rani gets awkward. She says do you want that medicine? He says yes. Rani says close your eyes. She puts a burning medicine on his face. Jai says how dare you.. You stupid girl. Do you even know who I am? And what can I do with girls like you. Veer comes in. Veer says go out. Rani leaves.

Veer says to Jai I am sorry about what happened by my staff. But we don’t shout at them like this. Let me send an ointment. He comes out. Rani says why do you keep changing? You have many colors. Thanks for what you did. Veer holds her hand and drags. He takes her downstairs and shoves her in front of Rajeshwari. Sanjay says what is this? Veer says she doesn’t deserve to stay in this house. I know it isn’t easy to replace Ramo. I know Rani sa it was your decision to hire her but this girl is wrong for this house and our rules. What she did today, she doesn’t deserve to work here. Before she does another mistake, let’s fire her. Rest is on you to decide.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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