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Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 18

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Recap: Mishbir’s Engagement. Samaina’s dance!!!!

Here we go – Episode 18

Scene 1

Bela: Preeti, did you see Arjun. I couldn’t find him since morning. It’s time for me to go to temple. You do one thing. Give him this health drink.

Preeti: Ok mumma.

Beena: Arey, Shefali has come.

Shefali: Hi aunty.

Bela: Hello ma, come in.

Shefali: Aunty, I felt bored. So, I thought to spend time with Preeti.

Beena: Shefali, you don’t need to seek permission for these things and all. You can stay here. Even Preeti is alone now. We are going to temple.

Bela: Bhabhiji, its time. Let’s go.

They both leave.

Preeti closes the door.

Shefali starts to cry.

Preeti: Didi, what happened?

Shefali: Where is Arjun?

Preeti: He is nowhere seen from morning.

Shefali: Oh god!!!

Preeti: Why are you so shocked?

Shefali: Preeti, only you can help me. I’m not going to hide from you. Arjun proposed me on Karva Chauth. But I refused.

Preeti: Didi, me and Naina witnessed that.

Shefali (shockingly): Really?

Preeti: Didi, you don’t worry about our family. We can handle them. Just think about your life with Arjun bhai. He is very sweet and he will take care of you well.

Shefali: I’m worried about our both families. Yesterday, again Arjun came to me and forced me to accept. But I denied again. He broke things in anger and went away.

Preeti: What?

Shefali: Yes. So only I came to check on him.

Arjun: What is the need to check on me if you don’t love me?

They both see Arjun at the door.

Preeti: Bhai, where were you?

Arjun: I went to practice Preeti. I just practiced for a long time today. Cricket makes me to forget the reality. So, I focused on my game.

Shefali: Arjun, I have care and feelings for you as a friend. Nothing beyond that.

Arjun: Fine. I don’t need your friendship. You can leave now. Please don’t come before me. I’m not interested to see you anymore.

Preeti and Shefali are shocked to see this behaviour.

Shefali leaves in anger. Arjun smirks!!! Preeti notices this…

Scene 2

Zoya: Neil, are you ready?

Neil (tensed and nervous): I’m nervous.

Adi: Neil, don’t worry. We have Ishan’s support too.

Babita gives him curd and wishes him luck.

Hanuman: Neil, don’t worry. You will definitely win this.

He hugs Neil. Babita smiles looking at them.

Mini comes there where Abir, Mishti, Kuhu, Kunal and Neha are connected in video call.

Mini: Neil, look who are there to wish you.

Neil is surprised seeing them.

Neil: How are you all?

Neha: We are fine Neil. Mini told us about Ishan’s change. That’s a good sign for us.

Abir: Neil, be relax. We will party after winning. You have good news too.

Neil: What??

Kuhu: Neil bro, love birds Mishti and Abir got engaged.

Neil: What??? You didn’t tell us?

Adi: Wait a minute. My little sister got engaged and no one informed me.

Mishti: Bhai, we are sorry. Our engagement happened in a chaos.

Abir: Yes, we will tell that story later. Now you get ready for the court.

Zoya: Anyway, congratulations my sis-in-law Mishti.

Mishti is surprised.

Adi: Finally, we are united Mishti.

Mishti: I’m so happy for you.

Neha: So many good news on a single day. Neil, you win the case and come. We will have a grand party.

Meenakshi sees Abir, Kuhu and Kunal sitting together and talking in phone. She come there and sees Neil. She too wishes him.

Neil: Ma, thank you. You be our strength from childhood.

Meenakshi smiles.

They disconnect the call and leave for the court.

Babita: Mini, be kind to Kia. If things go well, she might be your daughter.

Mini: Babes, don’t worry. I will take care of it.

She leaves.

Hanuman sees Mini and Neil’s closeness and thinks!!!

They come to court. Neil sees Ishan, Isha with the children. Kia sees him and smiles.

Isha sees Mini. Noticing this, Mini holds Neil’s hands. Isha gets angry.

They go in. Proceedings begin. Mini holds Neil’s hand and assures him everything will go well.

Zoya begins her argument.

Zoya: Honour, my client Mr. Neil Oberoi is a well-known chef who worked in many 5-star hotels. Isha married him and after their child birth, she ditched him and also made Neil away from their child. Later, Isha had a child with Ishan too. So, I request you to give the divorce to Isha and Neil. Neil’s wealth is huge. He could take care of child very well. Even he is going to marry Mini. So, Kia won’t feel and long for a mother. So, I request you to grant the custody to Neil. Thank you.

Isha’s lawyer: My Honour, it is evident that, Neil left his home and living a nomad life. He loves Mini and he wants to ditch his wife and child. My client Mrs. Isha Oberoi takes care of their family business. Ishan is just her friend. She just takes care of Ishan’s baby. That is not her baby.

This shocks Zoya, Adi, Mini, Neil and Ishan too.

Ishan: What is this Isha? I never expected that you will stoop very low. How can you say that our child is not yours?

Isha: I can go to any extent to retain my status as Mrs.Oberoi.

Isha’s lawyer: So, I request to not to grant divorce and also tell Neil to unite with Isha.

Judge: Both clients come to the stand.

Neil and Isha come to their respective stands.

Judge: Isha, do you want your husband back?

Isha (with fake tears): Yes, your honour. I want to lead a happy life with my husband and child.

Judge: Neil, what’s your opinion?

Neil: My honour, my lawyer didn’t say a point in her argument because that will stain Isha’s character. But I will say now. I saw Isha with Ishan in my bed and Kia was 1-week old baby, and she was left alone. I returned from a business trip and saw this. When I confronted them both, Isha chased me away from my home and didn’t let me see my child too.

Mini cries.

Isha: He is lying my honour.

Judge: I need to ask Kia.

Kia comes.

Judge: Kia, do you need your parents to be together.

Kia looks at Isha and Neil.

Kia: No.

Isha is shocked.

Judge: With whom you wish to live?

Kia looks at Neil and Mini.

Kia: I want to live with my dad and Mini.

Neil and Mini smiles.

Judge: What made you to tell this?

Kia tells about isha’s torture to the judge. Hearing this, everyone becomes emotional.

Zoya: My Honour, we have attached a video tape for your reference. You could watch it before giving any judgment.

Judge sees Ishan’s and Neil’s talk. Isha is taken aback seeing this.

Isha: You backstabbed me Ishan.

Ishan: It is less than what you and your lawyer told.

Isha gets angry.

Seeing this, judge gives judgement in favour of Neil.

Judge: The divorce of Neil and Isha is granted. Isha is subjected to return all the personal and business-related belongings of Neil to him. The custody case is also given to Neil. But on one condition. Kia is a girl child and she needs a mom definitely. So, Neil has to get marry within 3 months and Kia should like her new mom. Only then, I can grant lifelong custody to Neil.

All gets happy hearing this except Isha.

The proceedings are done!!!

Outside the court, Kia runs happily to Neil and hugs him. They both share a beautiful father – daughter bond.

Ishan congratulate Neil.

Neil: Thank you Ishan.

Ishan: Actually, today is a freedom to both of us.

Neil: Means???

Ishan: I’m not going to live with Ishan either. Me and my son are going back to my family.

Neil: Ishan are you sure?

Ishan: Yes. Our marriage is not even registered. I helped you because, atleast from now, I could start my family. But after Isha’s statement, I’m heartbroken. I cannot live with her.

Neil consoles him.

Ishan leaves with his son.

Isha calls him.

Ishan: Don’t ever come to me. This is an end to both of us. Let he remain as my son and he don’t need a mom who told that he is not her son.

Isha: I didn’t mean that way.

Ishan: Get out of my way.

Isha pleads but Ishan doesn’t give a dare and goes.

Isha sees Neil and Mini with Kia. She eyes Mini.

Isha (to herself): Mini, you are in my place. I will come to that place soon. I will not let your marriage with Neil to happen.

She goes angrily.

Scene 3

Ashok: Are you sure? Do we need to go to Patiala?

Mita: Yes. I need to live in my sasural.

Ashok: But no one accepts you there.

Mita: It’s ok. We will try our best to pacify them. I gave them a male heir. I’m sure they will accept us.

Mita’s parents also leave with them.

They all come to Patiala. Ashok fears about the consequences.

Scene 4

Naina’s results are out. She looks at her result and gets happy as she cleared the exams. Sameer, Munna and Pandit are happy. Sameer gets flashes of his school days and also some girl in school uniform happily informing that she topped the exams. Then that girl hug Sameer. He tries to see that girl clearly but his head ache. Naina sees this.

Naina: Sameer what happened?

Sameer: Nothing Naina, I was just thinking about some past.

Poonam: Sameer, please don’t strain yourself by trying to recollect the past.

Preeti calls Naina. She goes to attend her call. Rakesh too goes.

Munna: Relax Sameer.

Sameer: Munna, I got flashes of some girl in uniform hugging me and informing about her result.

Munna and Pandit realize it is Naina.

Sameer: I’m confused. I hugged that girl as if we were in love with each other. And also, whenever I see Naina, something strikes in my head. But I couldn’t remember much.

Vishaka: Here is that girl Sameer.

All are shocked to see Vishaka with Sunaina.

Naina too come there and shocked to see both. Vishaka angrily glares at Munna, Pandit, Poonam and Naina.

She goes to Sameer. Sunaina looks at Naina and smirks.

Sameer: Ma, what are you doing here?

Vishaka: I came here to see you. How is your health?

Sameer: I’m fine. Who is this girl?

Vishaka: She is the one about whom you were speaking. She is your girlfriend. She was so worried about your health. So, I brought her along with me. She is also our family friend’s daughter. Even your marriage talks were happening. And also, your engagement happened with her. Look at this ring. It has ss – Sameer Sunaina.

Hearing this all get shocked.

Sunaina hugs Sameer.

Sunaina: Sameer, I missed you to the core. I came here to take care of you. No one will separate us.

Vishaka smiles seeing them. Sunaina make faces seeing Naina. Naina cries and runs into her home.

Rakesh consoles her. Sameer is confused!!!!

!!!To be Continued!!!

Precap: Sameer put ring on Naina’s hand shocking Sunaina. Kukunal’s honeymoon. Mishbir’s romance. Neha meets Asish. Zoya-Adi’s date. Mineil’s marriage talks.






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