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Yaariyan, friendship and love, part 1

Hi all.

I am back with another story, of course on Raglak, you will have Swasan side wise. With a grwat bond between Ragsan,

Hope you will like it,




Janki enters Ragini’s room and found it really messy.

Jan: Oh God, when will this girl learn to keep things neatly….!!

She arranges everything.

Later Ragini enters her room and found her table empty.
She sighs.

Rag: Ma, not again.

She calls out for Janki.

Rag: Ma, why did you arrange my room? Now I can’t find a thing in this!!

Jan: What, I arranged everything so that it will be easy for you to find thing, and you are fighting
with me?

Rag: Ma, maybe for you my room was messy, but I keep these things like that so that I can
find them easily. And now, you messed them.

Jan: I messed things? You alone will say that!!

Rag: Ma you know I do things in my own way and please don’t interfere.

Jan: Ok fine, I won’t interfere, but what will happen after your marriage? Then that guy will have to
interfere in each and every second of your life. What will you do then?

Rag: (Irritated) Ma!! Anyway let me get ready.(thinking) Why do they always speak about

Rag: Papa, Ma, bhai, bhabhi…. I am leaving.. See you.

At Ragini’s office:

Ragini was working, but was annoyed with something. Sanskar comes to her.

San:(thinking) What’s up with her today? Hey, what happened to you ?

Rag: Nothing, leave it.

San: Oh madam, just tell na.

Rag: Usual, marriage.

San: Marriage? Whose?

Ragini glares him.

San: What did I do?

Rag: Please stop irritating me.

San: You know, I really can’t think of you getting married!!! That’s hilarious!!(starts laughing)

Rag: It is na, but nowadays whatever we talk, Ma and bhabhi always take it, love and marriage!!!

San: You know, you are never a marriage material. I mean, when I am with you I never feels that
I am with a girl. You are just a buddy. I wonder how can someone love you? And you loving
someone is just impossible.

Rag: I too know that.

San: That’s why you have only boys as your friends, you get along with boys.

Rag: Thanks!!

San: Anyway leave it, What’s your plan for the evening?

Suh: Well, I will be with bhabhi. She has some shopping.

San: Ok, call me when you are free. I will drop you later.

Rag: Yeah fine. Get along with work now.

San: Yeah, see you.


By 5.00 Ragini gets free and calls Sanskar.  He tells her that he is coming.

One hour passed. Still there was no sign of him. Ragini sighs and goes to fb.


It was their final year in college and both were hostellers.

They were in different class due to their elective subjects and couldn’t meet regularly.

It was his birthday. From 12.00am she was trying his phone and it was switched off.  She tried whenever she was free.

Rag: why does he keeps his phone with him, when he want to put it aeroplane mode. Idiot!

She couldn’t meet him due to continues classes


Ragini was in her hostel.

Rag: this is the last time I am calling you, if you pick up well and good, otherwise forget your gift.

She calls him again, and he picks up.

Rag: where are you?

San: hostel.

Rag: ok, come down, I am coming there.

She reached his hostel in ten minutes and waited outside.

One hour passed. No sign of him. She smiles and calls him again.

Rag: are you coming?

San: yes, yes, just ten minutes.

Rag: ok.

Fifteen minutes passed.

One of her classmate came out of the hostel and saw here.

Boy: Hey Ragu, you here,

Rag: I am waitng for Sanskar.

Boy: Sanskar, but I just saw him, he was chatting in his phone.

Rag: PHONE???

Boy: Yeah, why are you waiting for long.

Rag: one hour.

Boy: What, wait I will call him.

Rag: No need, you leave, he will come.

Boy: are you sure?

Rag: yeah go.

He leaves.

Sanskar came in another five minutes. He saw her and smiles sheepishly. She shook her head understandingily.

San: Sorry yar, I was sleeping when you called me the first time and then,

Rag: you woke up only by my second call.

He nodes.

San: Then when I was coming down,

Rag: You got birthday wishes from someone and you were replying to them right?

San: Not just someone, it was my school teacher.

She nodes.

Rag: Here you go.

She gave him his gift.
San: (opening) Wow, thank you so much.

It was a portrait of him, drawn by her.

San: Come on,  now my  treat. You know I am going to take you to a new café. Man, you will love it there, so calm and peaceful. Come.

He took her to the café, but for his horror, it was crowded. He looked at her embarrassed, she chuckles.

Rag: so peaceful.

They sat down. There was huge noise and she was smiling throughout.

San: Yar seriously it was calm when I came here yesterday.
He complained.

Rag: I didn’t say it wasn’t.

He pouts.

Rag: when did you come yesterday.

San: night by 10.00pm

She started to laugh.

Rag: Do you what is the time now.? It is just 5.00pm and half of our college is here only.

He smiles sheepishly.

Fb ends.

She chuckles remembering it.

Rag: This idiot. He always takes me for granted!

She smiles seeing him coming.

San: How long did it take for me?

Rag: Your usual time. Let’s walk.

So that was Ragini and Sanksar for you.

Sorry for this boring part.

Are you angry on sanskar??

Awaiting your views.


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