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SwaRagini – A New beginning (Ragsan/Raglak) by Suma -2

“Im sorry swara… im sorry” ragini said while crying 

” why Ragini? What happend?” Swara asked being tensed 

Without any late Ragini was about to hold her shoulder to push but Ragini phone rang and its “Laksh” 

Soon she picked up 

“Laksh is kidnapped, Silently listen this and come to this place at 8am, you will meet laksh otherwise you will meet his deadbody” 

On call she heard this and ran like mad 

“Nahi… Nahi… laksh ji aap ko kuch nai hoga” she is murmuring this and running 

” Raginiii….” swara shouted 

But already she left 


“Sir, plan executed! Ragini mam is coming here” one man called sanskar 

” Done! Call him and say to make sure swara reach home” 

” Done sir!” 

” Ragini, Everything is fair in love and war, Sorry jhoot bolna pada! Its only for our goodness” he smiled 

And left to the place ragini is going 


Here Ragini reached the place and shouting laksh name … but the place is so empty no human is seen near

Slowly she lost her consciousness and she fainted before she kiss the floor two strong pair of arms holded her. 

Its sanskar 

” sorry Ragini.. this was needed” 

He picked her in his arms and went to one place 

He was staring at her sleeping figure

“You dont know how much 😍 i love you, why Ragini you love laksh to that extent… he dont deserve you… he hurted you.. but i should say thanks to him.. if he didnt rejected you ! OMG i cant able to think that in my wildest dreams … you became my reason to live Ragini” he is caressing her hair

He kissed her forehead 

“This is my first kiss Ragini” 

Saying this he took her both hands and holded his cheeks 

“You know i have a dream that you holding my face withyour hands and kissing my forehead and cheeks and finally 🙈” 

“Feel my love Ragini” he whispered and kissed her hands. 

Soon his phone rang 

“Ha maa, Marriage completed??” 

“No sanskar, it has started now, how is she?” 

“Still sleeping mom.. have to feed her after waking up” 

” i think you have to bring her here sanskar , her parents are searching here” 

” i will handle maa, you dont worry” 

“Take care beta” 

“Bye ma” 

“Tumne call kiya mujhe” A loud voice heard 

Sanskar turned to see his love already shooting daggers at him 

“Oh! You woke up!” Saying this he moved to table and took the plate with food 

“Have this ! You are weak” he tried to feed her but she turned her face and tried to get up 

” listen Ragu, you are weak” he tried to hold her but she started to walk 

“You cheated me… (she turned to him) Y sanskar ? You also think I Dont Deserve to be happy…” Tears are flowing from her eyes 

Its piercing his heart to see her tears

“Laksh Married Swara”  he shouted

She stopped walking and turned to him 

She came to him and slapped him hard 

“Why!!! Why are you doing this to me?” 

She holded his collar and asking him while crying 😭 

“Why???? Why??? Why sanskar?” 

” because I LOVE YOU DAMN IT”

 she released her hands being shocked 


Here all are happy blessing SwaLak 

They are married and they are doing some pooja. 

Suddenly everyone there got shock looking at the entrance of the door 

Where RagSan are married and came with garlands 

Everyone are shocked to see them 

Soon sujatha ran to kitchen and bring the aarthi taal and did aarthi to new couple and welcomed them. 

Ragsan went to their room without answering for anyones questions 

“Ragini, you go change the dress and come , i will bring something to eat” 

“Ha sanskar” she nodded 


Phewwwwww done with second part 

Its only 5shots 

Do vote and comment guys 

I wish to listen your view about this story 😍 

Love suma 💖

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