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Qayamat Ki Raat 10th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Raj turns into Kaal

Qayamat Ki Raat 10th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Gauri sees Prithvi. She says are you okay papa ji? He says yes I am fine. They go towards that woman. They see the woman. Uma is in her old age. Gauri says who is she? Dharam says why have we never seen her in the village? Police comes. Prithvi says I shot her because she was attacking me. Dharma says my whole family left me. I am so alone. Prithvi hugs him and says we are here for you.
Gauri looks at Raj and says we will start a new. That woman is dead too. Uma says in heart I am not dead gauri. I will always be in that house. Your raj has kalasur’s blood now. He will be the evil. He will be kaal.

Gauri Dharam and Prithvi bury the hand. They keep a plant there. Prithvi says no one other than three of us should know that this hand is here.
Raj falls from

his bed. He shakes, there is a current in his body. He screams and breaks his shirt. He becomes kaal. He faints and falls down. Doctors come and pick him. Doctor says you met an accident. Raj says why don’t I remember anything.
Dharam says I am going to prepare for my mom and sister’s funeral. Gauri says I will come with me. DHarma says no go home. Your family needs you. Gauri says ma must be worried. Prithvi says she wasn’t home. She came to hospital. Gauri says she never came. they look around for Uma. Prithvi gets a call that police van that had that woman fell in ditch and burned. They look for Uma.

Uma laughs in jungle. She says Raj will become kaal on amawas after a month. She turns into Uma. Gauri and Prithvi see Uma on the road. They pick her. Uma says that black woman took me with her. I don’t remember anything after that. Winds start blowing. Arohi says what is all this? A woman enters the house. Uma says this is weather. Who knows what happens. Gauri comes out to check that there was someone. Uma says there was no one relax.

Scene 2
The house is decorated. Prithvi says happy diwali. We will all celebrate together. Raj is home too. Prithvi says this is all because of Gauri. He hugs Raj and Gauri. Raj dances with Gauri. Dharam comes too he sees Raj and Gauri together. Raj is about to fall. Menakshi says go to your room and rest. Gauri takes Raj to his room. She says you were doing drama. He brings her close. Gauri says rest. He grasps her. He picks her up. Uma says on amawas this love will end. Raj kisses Gauri’s hand. Uma wonders why is Raj not converting into kaal. She says I can’t miss this night. This night Raj has to wake up black powers in him.
Uma knocks. She says you did this drama. Your papa planned this party for you. Raj says it wasn’t her mistake. Uma laughs. Raj says you were joking?

A woman in black saree roams around the house. Dharam sees her. But she disappears. The woman goes to Raj’s picture and caresses it.
Uma says to Raj and Gauri and says this night is very important. I hope you two love each other. I want you two to spend time together. She says this is our farm house keys. Go there and spend time together. Gauri says we dont’ need.. Raj says we do. He says ma how will we go in the party? She says I will handle everything. Raj and Gauri leave.
Raj hugs Gauri in the car. She says what will your ma say. He says I am going with my wife. Raj holds her hand.

Raj and Gauri come to the farm house. He comes close to her. Gauri sees something and screams…
Precap-Raj turns into kaal. He shoves Gauri. She is scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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