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Love Directed Me Chapter 7

The sun has started raising up and its rays has entered swasan’s room. Swara was in his embrace hugging him while sanskar was also hugging her. Those sun rays has started hitting it’s rays to our heavenly couple to disturb their peaceful sleep. Swara didn’t get even a bit of sun ray as sanskar was there like a protective shield while sanskar started feeling the warmth of the sun rays making him to wake up from his sleep.

He opened his eyes and saw swara who was there in his arms. He smiled and was staring at his loving wife with lots of love.
He kissed her forehead while her lips turned into a smile on his touch. She opened her eyes and looked at him.

SWA: Good morning hubby.

SAN: Good morning jaan.

He again kissed her forehead.

SWA: Leave sanskar I’ll fresh up and come.

Swara said struggling to get free from his arms.

SAN: Not that easily jaan.

He smirked at her

SWA: I don’t want to get late. I need to cook my first rasoi please darling leave me na, please.

Swara said with a over sweet voice.

SAN: I will but only at one cost. U should give me what i need.

SWA: Sanskar…… It’s… I…i mean

Swara stammered while blushing as she understood what he wants! Obviously a kiss.

SAN: I gave you time to adjust yourself but it doesn’t mean that i won’t romance with u wifey😉.

SWA: K I’ll give. But let me get up then I’ll give.

SAN: Fine!

Swasan got up and sat on the bed.

SWA: Areey close ur eyes.

SAN: Why?

SWA: I’m feeling shy (blushing)

SAN: Jaan ur acting as if it’s our first kiss.

SWA: K so u don’t want na I’m leaving then.

Swara was about to get up but sanskar stopped her.

SAN: K k don’t angry. I’ll close my eyes.

He told her and closed her eyes.

Swara went near him, their hot breathe were mixing with each other. She went more closer to him and kissed his cheek tightly and ran towards her cupboard to take her dress.

Sensing her kiss sanskar opened his eyes.

SAN: Jaan that’s cheating u really know what i meant don’t you?

Sanskar pouted.

SWA: But u didn’t mention it right. So i kissed where i wanted.

Swara said with a wink and a victoriously smile.

SAN: Oh.. u thought I will not get my thing?

He smirked and he got up.

SWA: Bye sanskar I’m going to fresh up.

She said and ran into the washroom. Sanskar smiled.

Both got ready and went downstairs. Swara did her first rasoi inspite of sujata insisting her that she will do.

Ram: See my daughter has made the best kheer.

Suj: Ofcourse she is our daughter na.

Ram: k swara I’ve brought a gift for you come and get it.

SWA: Y gift and all dad.

Ram: So u don’t want?

Ram gave a glare.

SWA: K papa don’t get angry.

Ram gave her a box and swara opened it. It was a beautiful earing.

SWA: Wow it’s so beautiful.

Ram: It will look more great on you.

Swara smiled.

Suj: Swara here its my gift from my side.

Sujata gave a box and she opened it which had a beautiful traditional necklace set.

Suj: This our ancestoral set.

SWA: It’s awesome.

Ram: Sanskar u didn’t open ur mouth at all.

SAN: It’s nice.

Swara gave a ‘ill take care of u later’ look to him.

Suj: Then what about the gift?

SAN: Hmmm…. It’s in the room.

Suj: Give it her.


With this all got from their places and went to their rooms as today they wanted a holiday.

Swasan room:

SAN: U don’t want ur gift?

SWA: No i don’t want.

He hugged from back.

SAN: Angry?

SWA: Nothing.😤

He kissed her cheek and hide his face on her neck.

SWA: U just said nice for kheer, was it not nice?

SAN: It was great.

SWA: Then y didn’t u tell?

SAN: Was teasing u jaan.

Swara broke the hug and looked at him.

SWA: Oh tease me? 😤😤😤😤

Swara turned to leave but sanskar took her in his arms.

SWA: Sanskar leave me down.


He laid her on the bed and started tickling her while swara was laughing like hell and sanskar was enjoying seeing her state.

SWA: Sa….. sanskar….hahaha…. leave…. leave me…pl…. please.

After 10 minutes sanskar left her.

SWA: Uff…. Haaaa my stomach is hurting.

Sanskar smiled, swara is still lieing on the bed.

After few minutes she sat beside him.


Swasan went to orphanage (budding rose orphanage). Seeing swasan all the kids came near them.

Small girl: Hi didi, hi bhaiya u foget me na? (U forgot me na?)

The little girl pouted.

Swara took that girl in his arms.

SWA: Now how can i forget u aishu?

SAN: We can never forget u sweetie. K i brought ur fav choco but u don’t want na I’ll eat.

Sanskar opened the chocolate.

Aisha grabbed the chocolate.

Aisha: k i forgave u bloth (both)

She started eating chocolate and swara gave aisha to sanskar and went to meet the mother.

SWA: Hello mother.

Mother: How are you my child?

SWA: I’m fine mother.

Mother: So the new bride is here then where is the groom?

SWA: He’s with aisha and other kids.

Both went out and saw sanskar playing shuttle with other kids while aisha and some small kids were cheering sanskar.

Mother: He takes care of u well na?

Swara smiled and looked at sanskar who was playing happily.

SWA: He’s my life mother. He cares for me more than anything, he loves me more even if the world comes down. I can’t think a life without him.

Mother smiled hearing her words.

Mother: May u both live long happily.

Sanskar came to them.

SAN: Mother, how r u?

Mother: I’m fine my son.

All had a usual talks and soon swasan left after having lovely time with all.

Days passed by and their lives are filled with only joy and happiness. They were leading a beautiful life. It has been 3 months since they are married. Swasan were happy.

One day:

Dida: Seriously ram, Sanskar and swara stop doing ur works.

Suj: Yes we thought of going for a trip, so get ready.

SAN: Mom all of a sudden….

Dida: No more talks go get ready.

All went to their rooms.


SWA: Sanskar which saree shall i wear?

Sanskar looked at swara who was having 2 sarees at her hand.

SAN: U look gorgeous in whatever u wear jaan.

SWA: I know that.

Swara took her pink saree and went to change after 10 minutes swara came out. Both went down.

Ram: U both come in car.

SWA: Y dad we’ll come with u all.

Dida: It’s a good chance sanskar u can spread more time with your wife 😉.

SAN: Correct dadi.

Swara smacked his stomach lightly.

Suj: k come let’s go.

Ram, sujata and dida started going in one car and swasan started their bike.

SAN: Shall we go jaan?

Swara hugged him and placed her head on his shoulder.

SWA: yes!

Both started going by bike. Swasan were leading before followed by the car. After few minutes swasan stopped their bike and looked behind as they heard sound. Their world turned upside down seeing the scene infront of them. The car which their family had been coming has turned upside down. The car glass pieces has been spread all over the road with 2 other cars behind theirs in the same condition.

Swasan’s eyes turned glassy seeing the scene in shock. Both ran towards them but all were unconscious with blood oozing out from them.

Swasan admitted everyone including others who were also injured.

Soon they came to know that their family whom was their world as left them all alone leaving them behind in this world. Their world shattered on hearing this news.

After finishing all the rituals of their family, they stayed in their farm house as they didn’t want to go to their mansion where once they lived with their family happily.

It has been 1 week since this dismiss, both were indulged in their work to distract their minds from their great loss. It wasn’t working yet they tried. Swara had always showed her emotions but sanskar has not except the day their family was burnt. His was hiding his emotions making swara to worry for his health.

SWA: Sanskar

SAN: Hmm?

SWA: Y r u hidding ur emotions sanskar? (glassy eyes)

SAN: It’s nothing like that swara.

His voice were dry and he was about to leave.

SWA: Oh I’m that bad na that u have started hiding things from me?

She said with broken voice.

SAN: Swara….

He turned towards her and her eyes softened seeing his eyes glassy. In no seconds he hugged her tightly and started sobbing like a kid showing out all his emotions.

He cried for hours and hours in swara’s shoulder while swara was crying silently.

SWA: Shu…. Sanskar stop crying.

She broke the hug and cupped his face with her glassy eyes.

SWA: Mom, dad and dida will not like us seeing their kids (them) crying.

She wiped his tears through her thumb and nodding in no.

Sanskar hugged her once more.

SAN: Yes swara u r right, but still i miss them.

SWA: I miss them too. That’s k let’s sleep u had a busy schedule right? (Wiping her tears)

Sanskar nodded and so both went to their bed and slept. After few minutes sanskar slept soon and swara was looking at him.

His face were red with eyes swelled up due to continuously crying.

She caressed his face.

SWA: After i got u i thought that i got my family but now it has turned upside down. Now u r only my world sanskar. I can’t and won’t leave you, sanskar.

She kissed his forehead and soon slept.

After few days they decided to leave Kolkata as their sweet family memories were haunting them so much, so they shifted their living and business to Mussouri without informing anyone. Soon both got adapted to their living and started accepting the fact that their parents and dida left them but their memories is the one which they would always cherish for.

Their love were increasing day by day after that. He was her world and she was his.

That is when he left for his business meet after 2 months of coming to mussori.


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