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Love Directed Me Chapter 10

“Sanskar look at the backside page, maybe something is there” laksh guessed.

Sanskar nodded and turned the next page.

The page was blank but something else was there too. Sanlak looked at each other with shock.

Laksh took the book in his hands and looked at it keenly.

“These blood strains….. How can this be in here?” Laksh said while sanskar was lost in thoughts.

“Will it be swa…… swara’s blood prints” sanskar stammered.

“No sanskar maybe it can be someone’s blood prints too” laksh held his shoulder tightly.

Sanskar just hummed.

“I’ll send this for forensic department to analysis who’s is this. Don’t worry” laksh tried him to convince.

Laksh immediately called his colleague and informed him and went out of the library.

Sanskar looked at the book.

“Hope nothing has happened to you swara”. He closed his eyes painfully.

Sometime later sanlak came out. Laksh sent those blood fingerprints to the forensic department for analysis.

After 2 hours.

Laksh got a call from the forensic department to look up for the reports.

“Sanskar, let’s go”. Laksh and sanskar immediately rushed to the place.

“Laksh” a young man called him.

“Hey, abhi” laksh and sanskar went near him.

“Abhishek who’s blood print was it?” Laksh immediately shooted up his question.

Sanskar was praying silently.

“Laksh, you told me to check whether it a girl’s prints right?” Abhishek asked making sanlak confused.

“What do you mean?” Laksh asked.

“It’s not a girl’s blood print but it’s a man’s print” This statement made sanlak shocked and confused.

“K Abhishek, thanks” laksh just gave him a smile.

Abhishek left.

“How can this be possible?” Laksh asked rubbing his nape.

“How can a boy’s blood print be there in swara’s book?” sanskar said in confusion.

“Hmm this is not done, I have to find who that boy is” laksh said.

Sanskar just hummed and both started going back to their place in car.

Laksh was speaking on his mobile, talking to his officers to find who that boy is.

Sanskar closed his eyes relaxing himself.

“Relax sanskar, it is not swara’s blood print. Nothing has and will not happen to swara”. Sanskar thought.

Laksh disconnected the call and looked at  sanskar who is lost in thoughts.

“Don’t worry sanskar, nothing has happened to swara and we’ll find out who’s that boy”. Laksh tried to convince his friend.

“Hopefully” sanskar said.

It’s evening by now.

Laksh got the call from his officers that they found who was the boy and sent the address to him.

“Sanskar I’ve got to know who’s that boy” laksh said entering into his room but stopped seeing sanskar.

Laksh looked at his best friend who was looking at swara’s frame which he had in his suitcase.

Laksh smiled sadly and went near him.

“Sanskar” laksh called him softly.

Sanskar looked at him wiping his tears.

“What happened?” Sanskar sniffed.

“I’ve got the information about the boy” laksh placed his hand on his shoulder.

“Hmm let’s go” Sanskar stood up from the bed and kept the frame back on the table.

Both started their journey towards the house.


Who is that boy?

Will that boy will know anything about swara?

Will sanskar and laksh able to get another clue?

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