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ATLNSE- SEASON 2 (RagSan, Shivika, Abhigya, Deepika) Part 5: The Meet up

Well guys hope yo’re enjoying the beginning so far…


Okay to make it easy for you to understand characters. Here is the list-

Ragini (Teju) as Rachel Johnson

Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) as Sergio Garcia (later turned Smith)

Annika (Surbhi Chandana) as Jennifer Williams (nee’ Johnson)

Pragya (Sriti Jha) as Ella Miller (nee’ Smith)

Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) as Amber Smith

Chris Pine as Daniel Johnson

And of course my Deepu is Veronica Johnson..

Shivaay (Nakul Mehta) as Edward Johnson

Abhishek (Shabbir Alhuwalia) as Leonard Smith



So, we have seen—

Edward got angry as he lost a chance to mess with Jennifer

Ella showed it to Leonard that ‘How one should tackle a guy!”

Veronica (the name is enough) 😂😂😂😂….

She shared a kiss with the hookup king of LA and got a hickie in return…😉😉😉

Bartender Alex and Jason 😉😉😉 (Read the chap to know more…)

Sergio and Rachel have shared an exotic kiss (our Tevar) is always on some different level…


Scene 1: “Avalon Hollywood” (Night Club), LA

After Ebeneezer left a hickie on Veronica—

Ebeneezer: “That’s a mark of Ebeneezer. Catch you later beautiful…”

Ebeneezer left.

Veronica came towards Jason and Alex…

Alex: “So sad, he left….”

Jason: “Oh, lucky you. Got a hickie from a king.”

Alex: “Gimme the details girl, he was hot check right?”

Veronica: “He was good but not for Veronica”

Jason: “Girl, are you nuts! That guy is anything but okay!!! I think this hickie has gotten you something.”

Veronica: “Ya, he is. I just didn’t like him much. Give me one hot chocolate 😉😉😉

Jason: “Why! To forget this Ebeneezer guy!!”

Veronica: “No, to enhance this hickie experience 😉😉😉. Chocolates are huge turn on you know…. 😉😉😉

Alex: “You b***h, yo’re unbelievable. 😂😂😂😂

Jason: “Veronica.. yo’re..😂😂😂

While they were talking—-

Alice: “Hey there, bartender. May I have one ‘Gin & Tonic’ please?”

Jason and Veronica turned to her—

Veronica: “Jason, want to clap with this ‘Tinker’ 😉😉😉

Jason: “Shut up Veronica, yo’re embarrassing me!!!”

Veronica: “Whatever, 🙄🙄🙄. What a disappointment.”

While they are all taking suddenly someone yelled from behind—

Guy1: “Hey ‘date mess er’, what sort of tease is this!”

Veronica turned to him and felt afraid..

Veronica: “Look.. I can.. can explain..”

Guy2: “What.. huh! This is how you ruin your brother’s.. brother’s… 😂😂😂

Veronica: “😂😂😂. Ooh Eddy”

(That guy2 is Edward)

She just throw herself in his arms and had a tight hug.

Edward: “What a talent dear, I’m impressed. 😂😂😂

Veronica: “Born talent, what can I say! Hey Micah.”

(That’s Micah (Ryan Gosling)

She gave hug to Micah too.

Micah: “But really, just how you planned it?”

Veronica: “A long story, first lets enjoy some drinks. Alex has so much to tell….”

Veronica turned to leave but Edward held her–

Edward: “Hey.. hey.. what’s this on your neck? Wait, it seems…”

Veronica: “It’s a modern age tattoo.”

Micah: “Woah, and since when tattoo are began having such purple shade!”

Veronica: “It’s a new technology, in which it is made from..”

Edward: “Mouth and crafted through teeth, right! 😉😉😉

Veronica: “You have got a great knowledge I say, 😉😉😉

Micah: “Who’s the lucky one?”

Jason: “A hook up king of LA, Ebeneezer!😉😉😉

Veronica: “F*ck this Jason, let’s go to the bar.”

Edward: “Woah… A hookup king. Well that’s interesting. Gimme more details..”

Jason narrated the whole scene while Edward laughed so much and Micah tried to control as he already knew what will the last result…

Veronica: “Fine, K is grounded for 10 days…”

Jason: “F*ck, Veronica.. No.. dear I’m begging. Have mercy…. 😭😭😭😭

Edward: “Veronica, will you really!! 😭😭😭

Veronica: “Shut up, you both. Don’t embarrass me. Fine, but dare to mess it again. 🤨🤨🤨🤨

Micah: “Pheww.. 😌😌😌😌. Jesus, yo’re savior.”

Veronica: ” 🤨🤨🤨. What!”

Micah: “Nothing— just.. just…”

Guy: “You, ‘date destroyer’ 😠😠😠😠

All turned to him and of course that’s Daniel with Amber.

Veronica: “Oh boy. Drama never leave Veronica. Hey man, what’s the deal with you? 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Daniel: “What! You ruined my date! 😡😡😡😡

Veronica: “😂😂😂. Thank me instead man. I made your date wet 😉😉😉

Amber: “Veronica… 😂😂😂. Yo’re just.. 😂😂😂

Daniel: “Am, let me talk to her. She needs to learn her lessons. 😡😡😡

Veronica looked at both Edward and Micah and they gave ‘Can’t help it’ look.

Veronica: “Dany… dear brother, I just wanted to do a prank but it hurt you instead. 😢😢😢. I’m sorry dear.”

Amber: “Awww, Daniel just forgive her already.”

Daniel: “Look Veronica, I didn’t mean to make you cry but…”

Veronica: “Oh.. my baby brother..” and she gave him a big hug.

Jason: “Aww…”

Veronica: “Yo’re so dumb 😂😂😂

Edward: “😂😂😂

Micah: “😂😂😂

Daniel: “Veronica, just go away I won’t talk to you now… 😐😐😐

Veronica: “Fine, K is grounded for 10…”

Daniel: “Dare you complete that, b***h 😠😠😠

Veronica: “Aww, sure…”

End of Scene 1:


Scene 2: “The Bachelor”, LA

After having passionate kissing session with Sergio, Rachel ran away—

Rachel: “What just happened! Why I didn’t pushed him away in the first place itself! That could have gone beyond kiss. Jeez, Rachel you need to focus on this show!”

While Rachel began walking in the passage-

Girl: “Oh where are you coming from sweetie!”

Rachel turned to see that-

Rachel: “Oh you! I thought there will be some pleasing face. 🙄🙄🙄

Girl: “What you just–”

Rachel: “Look Savannah, I’m not in the mood to talk shit with you. So please!”

Rachel again began walking but again that-

Savannah: “Why Sergio disqualified you before the beginning only! 😂😂😂 Oh, I pity on you! 😂😂😂

Rachel: “Dream on girl, I think yo’re high on something😂😂😂. Me and disqualify, never dear! I’m here for you always, honey 😉😉😉

And Rachel began approaching towards Savannah while having that seductive smirk—-

Savannah: “What a— 🤮🤮🤮

Savannah ran away…

Rachel: “What a stupid!😂😂😂

Again Rachel lead the way but pulled by someone into the corner..

Rachel: “What the—”

Sergio: “Shh. I know this is not good but it was nothing for me. That kiss means nothing to me.”

Rachel: “That’s fine, even it means nothing for me! Even if it was more than a kiss—”

Rachel: #Sh*t, I messed up.#

Sergio: “Uhhmm, well do you think there would be more than kiss! Just look at your face! 😂😂😂

Rachel: “Hey Mr., my your tongue. Yo’re producer this show not mine. Anyway, have you looked at yours!!! 😂😂😂

Sergio: “Hey you—”

Sergio pointed a finger at Rachel.

Rachel: “Hey put down this finger!”

Sergio: “Why are you uncomfortable? Then what about this—”

Sergio began moving his fingertip from her forehead to her cheek, from cheek to jaw line and then her neck….

Rachel: #Oh my dear lord, please save me.#

Sergio: “F*ck you woman” and he jumped very hard while Rachel smirked.

Sergio: “You just stomped my foot…..”

Rachel: “Never mess with Rachel Mr. or else.. Leave it.”

Rachel left Sergio over there while Sergio was just looking at her disappearing figure….

End of Scene 2:


Scene 3: Outside of “Avalon Hollywood” (Night Club), LA

Veronica: “Eddy, come on man. We really need to reach home as fast as possible.”

Edward: “Someone is waiting—”

Veronica: “Yeah! There is some hottie…”

Edward: “Whatever, just hop in my car.”

Veronica: “Nope. Jason let’s go. In my car now!! Micah you need to join me today!!”

So Edward left for home while Veronica and Jason stay over there.

Micah: “Is all set!!”

Veronica: “Yeah, let’s see what happens!”

Veronica, Jason and Micah too left for home.

End of Scene 3:

Scene 4: “Little Lights” modelling agency, NYC

Ella: “What sort of weirdo! Just ruin my mood.”

Guy: “May I do favor of lightning up your mood, miss?”

Ella: “Oh not again. Why yo’re here!”

Leo: “What shall I do miss? Yo’re attracting me like a pole..”

Ella: “Oh my… Will you please leave me alone? I have to catch up to the lot of work.”

Leo: “What a pity! Such a hard work on poor shoulder.”

Ella: “Please man—”

Leo: “Will you go for a coffee with me?”

Ella: “Never in a million year! Moreover, I have this job to give suggestion for ramp design of the next fashion show to Bianica! She will kill me if she finds out that I’m wasting my time with you.”

Leo: “Wait this is such a easy task you dumbo. Well you know Bianica more and the models, so say what are their strengths. Like they are well trained on which ramp?”

Ella: “Well, she has got some amazing taste and experience in this department. Well, even the models are trained well in triangular ramp more. Oh, I can use it as it will pretty much compliment our this time collection as model’s will have that space to flaunt the outfits more…

Ella: “Well, thanks. I didn’t think even once that you can help me in such a way.”

Leo: “Well credit goes to my intelligence. So is there a coffee date now!!’

Ella: “A date!!!”

Leo: “I mean just a coffee and some random chitchat.”

Ella: “Sure, tomorrow evening 5:30 PM.”

Leo: “Oh wow, thank you.”

In sheer excitement Leo gave a tight hug to Ella which flinched Ella.

Ella: #What’s this spark?”

Ella: “Are you electrocuted?”

Leo: “What!!!!”

Ella: “Nothing. Now go…”

Leo left while Ella smiled little.

End of Scene 4:


Scene 5: Le Belvedere, “Beverly Hills” (Mansion of Johnson)

(Hope this is okay!!! 😅😅😅)

So Edward came out from his car and approached towards main door. He directly went towards his room and opened a knob…

While he entered and there was someone standing on the balcony, enjoying the beautiful views of Beverly hills.

Edward: #Whose that!!!#

Edward: “Who is there?”

The figure didn’t turn and Edward approached to the balcony. He stood behind the figure and put his hand over the figure’s shoulder and turned towards him—

Edward: “—–”

Edward: “Angie!!!”

Angie: “Eddy…”

Edward: “Shut up, why are you here! Miss. Jennifer?”

And he pushed her forcibly…

Jennifer: “Eddy…”

Edward: “Cut this! And who let you in? Get out now!!!”

Jennifer: “Give me a last chance to explain, please!!!😢😢😢

Edward: “Will you leave or shall I throw you out!!! 😠😠😠

Jennifer: “Eddy, just listen to me once and I will leave by myself… 😢😢😢

Edward lost his control and pulled Jennifer to himself—

Edward: “What will you say! Your white lies!!!!”

Jennifer: “It’s not f**kin white lies and you know that!!!”

Edward: “Then what are those!!! Tell me that you were framed….”

Jennifer: “I was… and you know that……”

Edward:” Oh if that is so then why did you kill ‘Angie!!!’”

End of the Scene 5:


End of the Chapter


Author Note:


So, Veronica is confronted by Daniel and Edward. 😂😂😂😂

Rachel and Sergio can’t seem to remain calm about the make out. 😉😉😉😉

Leo got a coffee date from Ella seems building a new relation.

Who is Angie? Who got killed or murdered! Is this a real reason behind Edward and Jennifer separation???




Jennifer and Edward’s more quarrel. Full stop of their relationship…….

Rachel and Sergio again got collide on rooftop. Crazy rooftop romance 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

Veronica…. 😂😂😂😂😂. Just her name is enough to bring curiosity… 😃😃😃😃😃



Guru Maa (Sairandhri/ Sairu/ Saira/ Deeps/ Deepu/ Deepi/ Deepa/ Sai/ Tharki Chokriya/ Sai/ Mona)

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