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Surrogate for a Billionaire #RiAnsh #IMMJ2 (promo)

So hi guys, I hope you’ll are doing well.
OK so here we go with a new OS hope you’ll will like it.

Literally I’m not in mood of writing anything, I don’t know why but my mind is blank I’m not getting any motivation to write. I even don’t know when I will update this story. But I can’t make my lovely reader much who is reading my stories and waiting for it.

Plot: Vansh is a billionaire owning many companies throughout the country. Whereas Riddhima is a middle class girl with many dreams, working in a small flower shop.


A girl with natural beauty, glow on her face, beautiful yet black doe shaped eyes, beautiful smile and angelic beauty is seen wearing a single piece thigh length dress 👗.

She was none other than Riddhima.

She was selling flower in a small flower shop. Just then a flower slips from her hand and the owner of the shop came there and slapped her across her cheek making her stumble from her place.


A man in his mid twenties wearing a professional black tuxedo with hair well settled with gel was seen going through the same street where the small shop was situated.

He was none other than Vansh Raisinghania.

His eyes caught the sight of Owner slapping Riddhima which made his blood boil even he don’t know why he gritted his teeth and want from there.


Vansh: Riddhima, you have to became my child’s surrogate mother and you have to marry me and that’s final.

Riddhima: And what if I refuse your order.

Vansh: Then your cute and small brother will say bye to this world.

Riddhima: What?

She said in disbelief while he smirked.


So I guess this sneak peek will justify the story. Do let me know how was it in the comment section and please wait for sometime for this story.

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