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Riansh os (Destiny last part) by Jaya

The next morning Vihangre brought the truth of Anupriya & Kabir. then send them to jail.

Ishani, chachi, Aaryan  realised their mistake and apologized to riddhima

Ishani: now it’s time for bhabhi’s birthday celebration.

All celebrated riddhima’s birthday happily but expect two people that are angre and Vihaan bcz of vansh death.


After leaving riddhima vihaan called Angre on the phone.  The two then went to where vansh was.

Both were shocked to see vansh as Vansh’s  condition was critical. They found that when Vansh fell down from the Cliff and hit him on the head and damaged his nerves but he didn’t want them to know so he told doctor not to tell this fact to them…..becuse just want to take revenge from ridhima and die .

Vihaan: y u didn’t tell me about this.  Vansh: I thought riddhima betrayed me but when u told me the truth I want to live with riddhima but it’s too late vihaan today is my Last day. So can u full fill my last wish Vihaan

Vihaan: please don’t say like this twin bro. I always be with u and I promise u.

Vansh: really promise me

Vihaan: yes

Vansh: okay. My wish is that u marry my

riddhima. Please don’t refuse it vihaan. I am giving my heart ,my jaan ,my sweetheart so please take care of her. She is really pure soul…i am unlucky that’s y I didn’t able live with riddhima but I am very happy that she will live with you and You deserve her.

Vihaan standing silently hearing this

“So tell me Vihaan u will take care of my sweetheart ”

Vihaan: don’t say like this….you will also going to live with us and with your sweetheart.

Vansh smiled turn to Angre…”Angre please don’t cry. U know u r my brother and my support and also my strength.Angre, you are the one who going to arrange vihaan and riddhima’s marriage, okay.

so please both don’t cry and hug me.”

Trio hugged and cried

Vansh take riddhima’s photo and kissed after some time vansh breath stopped. He went heaven.

Seen this Vihangre crying. After some time they finished vansh’s last rituals.

Flashback end

Vihangre looked eachother.

Angre to dadi “today is good day and also riddhima bhabhi birthday. So we should arrange  again bhabhi and boss marriage today.”

Dadi and other: good Idea Angre.

They arranged everything. Finally rihaan’s  marriaged took place.

10 days are passed but still vihaan avoiding riddhima.

In office

Angre: y vihaan. U avoid from bhabhi. U love her so much nah ,Then what happened. Bhabhi is really sad for your behaviour.

Vihaan: but she loves only vansh not me. When I go close to her, she call me vansh. And I feel like unwanted and proxy of vansh .I am also human being Angre, I have a feeling too.

Angre: this is your problem. Okay,

Vihaan: okay means

Angre: sabar Vihaan sabar. Just wait and watch saying he left.

Night Riansh room,

Vihaan enter thier room. He ignored riddhima & went to take a bath.

Riddhima Moved to vihaan’s ear and said “vihaan I Love you.

Hearing Vihaan name, he was shocked and turned to riddhima and asked “What did you say.How do you know this name”

Riddhima: Angre bhai told me. This is your special name only your mother can call it. Am I AM I right Vihaan.

Vihaan: u can call me vihaan l in our room only this .Okay

Riddhima: ok Vihaan. Now u happy na.

Vihaan: happy. ‘I love you dollar Biwi’

Riddhima eye became tears bcz this is the first time after thier he saying ‘I Love you”

Vihaan understood y riddhima’s eyes are teary so he hugged her. Riddhima also reciprocate and saying” I Love you too vihaan”

Next morning rihaan’s went to honeymoon

Ice hotel, Sweden

Ridhima’s pov

He kissed my eyes, my cheeks and bite my jawline and I moaned. atmosphere turned so hot and intoxicating. Then he captured my lips letting out tongues fought for dominance, He pinched my waist and I melted, Then he bit on my sensitive spot in my neck leaving his marks. he traveled to my br*ast kissing above the fabric. Furthermore, He pulled my dress down, Feeling the contact of his lips with my br*ast I moaned loudly and he started sucking while playing with the other one. I was a totally moaning mess I held his neck pulling him toward my lips and we started kissing, chewing each other’s lips.

His hands held mine guiding it to his shirt buttons and I understand started opening his shirt and he threw it away. I started touching his chest. After Getting rid of my dress completely I felt conscious about my state in front of him. I tried to cover myself but he stopped my hand.

Vihaan(huskily): Now we’ll be one, You’ll be mine dollar biwi and I’ll be yours. The moment you feel uneasy, stop me, sweetheart.

Riddhima: I am already yours, and I blindly trust you.

Vihaan: ‘I love you.’

Riddhima(whispered): I love you too, now enough talking. get back to work.

Vihaan: as u wish Mrs vrs

He bites my br*asts again, then my waist, then my belly button,


He touched my clit over my panties.

Vihaan: You are so wet , you want me this muc.

Riddhima(closing my eyes): H..a I want you so much. Mark me.

Vihaan: Open your eyes

Hearing his demanding voice, I looked at him while he used his finger to built an immense pleasure inside of me, I was moaning continuosly.

Vihaan: I can’t wait anymore dollar biwi, it will hurt at the beginning but later you’ll be fine love and enjoy.

I blinked my eyes at him giving my signal, He entered in me and I hissed in pain.Tears started appearing in my eyes and he kissed them both.

Vihaan: I am so sorry jaan, I hurt you.

I  kissed him signalling him to move, after some thrusts  the pain  trun into pleasure and I was moaning while he was groaning. we reached our climax.

He took me closer in his chest covering our naked bodies.

Vihaan: I love you, sweetheart, it was the best night of my life ….i am so happy & very lucky  man bcz u lost virginity to me.

Riddhima(shyly): It’s the best one for me too.

They enjoyed honeymoon and spent to good time with each other.

Rihaan’s return India

They entere VR manison…and mansion was Full of dark.

Suddenly light appear. They become shock and

The reason is that sia come out from coma.

Riddhima hugged Sia and happily cried… Vihaan also did the same.

One year later,

Rihaan’s  gave birth to two beautiful girls.

Ishangre also gave birth to one boy, her name is ‘Ishaan’

Time for rihaan’s baby’s name ceremony

Her named is ‘Riha’ and ‘Vanshika’.

Rihaan huged each other

In Guest room

Angre: vanshika name y u choose this name Vihaan.

Vihaan: bcz it is part of vansh name Angre. U get it.

Angre: yeah!!Vihaan u really great.

Rihaan’s room

Riddhima feeding her vanshika and Vihaan came, seen this… Vihaan smiled naughty.

Vihaan: dollar Biwi these is bad na nowa ldays u only focusing on your baby’s not me. So I am angry on u( he acting like angry). Riddhima put the vanshika in the cradle and then went to Vihaan..she sit in his lap.

Riddhima: so now tell me. How to I pacifying u.

Vihaan: just simple feed me too like vanshika.

Riddhima: shameless, pervert.

Vihaan: only for u  dollar biwi. I need u… I want u saying capturesued her br***t…

The end

This dedicated to my dear ‘maanvi’.She crazy fan of vihu character that’s why iam writing this OS, she not asking me to write but I want a suprise to her, she helping me very lot and very spl to me. Lot’s of love u I hope u like this 💞. Thanks for supporting my OS frds u r also very very spl to me thanks not enough for u guys. Lot’s of love u 😘❤️

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