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Pandya Store 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Raavi learns Dhara is pregnant

Pandya Store 10th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gautam getting lemon water for Dhara. She asks what will people think if I drink lemon water alone. He says everyone will think that Gautam cares for Dhara a lot, couple should be like Gautam and Dhara. Govinda aala…plays… Shiva and Raavi see each other. Gautam says Raavi came in the puja and did it with us, don’t worry. Dhara says you are great, you mean its my mistake, I m upset. He says I read that women have much mood swings in pregnancy. She says stop reading all that. He asks her to have lemon water. Suman says don’t take Raavi and Shiva’s tension, else I will take tension. Dhara says I will not take tension, I know you want to cheer for them. Gautam says they both are our children, what’s there to take tension. Suman asks did I give birth to both of them. Dhara says I m just worried for my child, don’t worry, I m not taking tension. Suman says Shiva will win. Prafulla says Raavi will come. Shiva reaches the dahi handi and holds it. Raavi is still behind. Krish cheers for Raavi. Suman beats him. He jokes. Dev also cheers for Raavi. Rishita cheers for Shiva. Dev throws water at Shiva. Suman says put water on Raavi. Suman says she everyone is supporting Raavi, I m with Shiva. Gautam also cheers for Raavi. Suman asks on whose side are you. Gautam says I want Raavi to win, then Shiva’s eyes will open. Raavi also reaches the dahi handi. Shiva sees Gautam cheering for Raavi. He stops. Raavi hits the handi. She wins.

Everyone gets happy. Prafulla says Raavi broke the handi and Shiva’s pride also. Shiva and Raavi fall down. Dhara gets a push. Raavi asks Shiva to hold Dhara. Dhara is about to fall down. Gautam shouts Dhara. Dev and Krish hold Dhara in time. Suman worries. She asks Dhara is she fine. She says nothing should happen to Dhara and her baby. Everyone gets to know. Rishita asks are you okay. Gautam asks are you fine, did you get hurt. Dhara says I m okay. She hugs Suman. Suman asks her to calm down. Prafulla says baby, when did this happen. Suman says Gautam, take Dhara to the doctor fast. The lady says Suman didn’t give this good news to us. Raavi thinks it means they all were celebrating this good news that day, I did a drama that day and also yesterday. She goes to Dhara and hugs. Dhara pushes her away. Raavi says you didn’t tell me this big good news, am I so bad.

Rishita says you made us bad, how would we tell you, you don’t listen to anyone. Dhara says I came to told you, you didn’t listen to you, Gautam gave you lahenga with love, what did you do of that, you burnt it and gave the ashes to us, we are bad people right, why will you hear good news of bad people, do anything you want, I don’t have a big heart to tolerate your misbehavior. Shiva says she doesn’t care for your happiness and sorrow. Prafulla says you can’t talk to Raavi like this. Suman says explain Raavi, its our family’s joy, we don’t need Raavi and you.

She scolds Raavi. She says we will think you have burnt our relations, we have no relation now. Shiva says when everyone got to know, we can play dhol. They all dance on dhol. Gautam asks Dhara why is she sweating. Dhara says I feel restless. Gautam asks Krish to call the doctor. She says I m okay, I feel suffocated by the crowd. He takes her home. Raavi recalls Dhara. Everyone comes home. Rishita says its normal hormones effect. Suman says I know what to do, I gave birth to four children, go and get lemon water. Gautam gets it. Dhara drinks. She says I don’t feel well. Suman worries.

Doctor says you all have to be careful, Dhara’s case is difficult. Raavi packs her bags and says I m going back to Pandya house, I can’t forgive myself if I don’t go, sorry. Prafulla cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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