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Nima Denzongpa 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Nima tries to ignore Suresh

Nima Denzongpa 10th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sunita and Tulika spy on Nima. They think she would be crying after seeing the condition of her house but Nima goes in her house and cleans it. She brings water and washes the door. Nima starts laughing with her kids. Sunita and Tulika are stunned. Sunita says I think she is going crazy. They come to her so Nima sends her kids inside. Nima is laughing, Sunita asks why are you laughing? Nima says I am laughing at your act, I have nothing to lose. She tells Tulika that you have already taken everything from me so you don’t need to do all that.

Nima is taking her kids to Sarla’s house. Some guys taunt her that she might be alone these days. Suresh comes there and scolds them. He turns around to see Nima leaving with the kids. He beats the guys and says you were eve-teasing my wife? Nima smiles seeing him but then stops herself. Suresh makes the guys say sorry to Nima. She says it’s not needed. Suresh smiles seeing her and says I was looking for you everywhere, I want to thank God that my Nima is back. Nima looks on. Suresh says I did a mistake, please forgive me. Nima says I can take care of myself and my daughters, I don’t need anyone’s help. She takes her daughters from there. Sia tries to talk to Suresh, Suresh says please listen to me Nima. Nima says you did what you thought was right, stop saying sorry. I have left your life, you should worry about your wife Tulika now. She leaves from there.

Sunita asks Tulika what are you doing outside? Tulika says I am waiting for Suresh. She sees Nima going from there and says I have to protect my Suresh from cheap women.

Sarla meets Suresh and asks him to leave Nima alone, you have done enough to hurt her. Suresh says I know I was wrong but.. Sarla shakes her head and leaves.

Suresh comes home. Tulika sees wound on his hand and asks how did this happen? Suresh recalls how he beat the guys tho were taunting Nima. He says I slipped.

Scene 2
At the night time, Sarla comes to Nima’s house. Sarla says I am so happy for you. You are smiling these days. Nima says do you want tea? She makes tea for her. Sarla gives her money and says it will help you pay the fees, you can give it back when your salary comes. Nima says I will do everything on my own now. Sarla says I am scared that you might go back to them, I can support you when it comes to money and the kids but I am not sure about your heart’s weakness. I know it’s difficult for you but you have to stay away from Suresh. Nima says I am angry at him but I become weak when he is near. I know we can’t be together anymore. He has helplessness but I can’t get my daughters get hurt by going back there. I can’t change what happened but I will make sure to give my daughters a good future. I will leave anyone for that. It does pain me. Sarla consoles her.

Tulika is cleaning Suresh’s wound. She says your pain is my pain. Suresh says it’s fine. Tulika says how did you slip? Did someone push you? To hell with them. Suresh recalls Nima telling him that she is gone from his life. Tulika asks if he saw something new the society? He says no, why? Tulika says nothing, I will bring milk for you.

In the morning, Tulika wakes up and says I have to bring water now. She calls out to Suresh but he is not there.

Suresh comes out of his house and says I should ask Sarla where Nima is staying. He takes the water buckets and leaves.

Tulika wakes Sunita up and says Suresh is gone to get water from the tank. Sunita says so what? Tulika says it was my duty but he went to get it. What if Suresh finds her? They will get back together. I can’t let them reunite. She takes Sunita from there.

Suresh comes to the water line, all women are fighting to get water. Nima comes there and calmly tries to get water. Suresh smiles seeing her. He thinks I knew she would be here. He follows her and thinks to find out where she is living. Tulika and Sunita come there but Suresh is gone from there. Nima goes to her house. Suresh sees it and says she is living as our neighbors?

PRECAP – The electricity is gone from the society. Suresh thinks it’s Nima and holds her hand. He says Nima I am so happy to see you back, can you please forgive me? The light comes back and it’s Tulika. She glares at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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