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KKB (You are so special) Part 5

Morning in Mehra Mansion

Abhi- Pragya please don’t leave me
Pragya- sorry abhi I can’t stay with you leave me
Abhi- please please Pragya don’t leave me alone please don’t go
Suddenly alarm started to ring
(me: guys it’s just a dream 😉)
Abhi’s pov- oh god it’s a dream thank god i should talk to. Pragya I should explain her I have to do something think abhi think
Abhi- where is my phone where
He saw near a table upon that he saw his phone
He took his phone dialed a number
Abhi- hello Vikram
Vikram- yes bolo abhi
Abhi- do you have Pragya’s number
Vikram- yaa i have but why
Abhi’s pov- you idiot I have to talk to my wife
Vikram- abhi are you here can you able to listen hello
Abhi- hello i can listen you……vo actually i wanted to ask about the designs to her will give our not (says angrily)
Vikram- ok cool cool calm down ok I will text you on
Abhi- ok
Ended the phone call……….. Abhi was waiting for Vikram’s message after sometime Vikram’s message popped
Abhi opened the message and see the number (smile’s like mad)
Abhi- finally fuggi i now you will be angry on me but please understand I know I blamed you fuggi and i am so sorry for that I all ways blamed you i am so sorry for that but please understand fuggi reha needs you and I need you and my daughter needs me……………. Ok abhi calm down calm down
Abhi called Pragya in first ring was not answed
Abhi- why this fuggi is not answering my call is she know that I am calling………. Ok i will try once again
He called her after a long time she attended the call

Pragya- hello (in sleepy voice)

Abhi- good morning wifey……. sorry mrs. Mehra to disturb you

Pragya- who are you
Abhi- sorry to disturb you fuggi what to do I was missing you so i thought to call you…………….. You know how much i missed You and my daughter
Pragya- how you got my number and just stop your fake concern and I don’t need your concern just stop it
Before he could say anything she ended the call
Abhi- fuggi you are so angry on me it’s ok you are in sleep na that’s why after some time I will call you
Saying this he inside the wardrobe

Arora house
Pragya- ohh good how he got my number what to do now…..
Prachi- maa why you are tensed
Pragya- vo.. Vo. Nothing just like that thinking about the designs
Prachi -ok maa breakfast is ready it’s getting late I am going to college…… Byee
Pragya- byee
Pragya was eating breakfast
Pragya- don’t know how prachi will react if she comes to know about her father and she will not forgive him and my other daughter she will also not forgive me for leaving her ohh god please help me
She ate the breakfast and started to do the work

On the other side
Abhi’s pov- I think I should call fuggi oh god morning only I irritated her……………. What abhi you irritated her now she will be angry on me….. You idiot abhi first call Her

Abhi- hello
Pragya- hello who is this
Abhi- fuggi
Pragya- why did you called me
Abhi- why means i was missing you that’s why I thought to call you
Pragya- just cut the call
Abhi- why should I cut the call
Pragya- ok you don’t need to cut the call I will only cut the call and byee
Abhi- fuggi listen
Before he says something she ended the call
Abhi- Ahhhhhh fuggi

Vikram- Abhi Abhi Abhi (shouted)
Abhi whlie coming form stares
Abhi- kya yar vikram why are shouting like this
Vikram- if I tell you will also shout like me
Abhi- ok ok tell me What is it
Vikram- you know abhi our company is in top 3 man and I so happy

Abhi- wow that’s so amazing news mam

Vikram- it’s all because Pragya ji only if she didn’t gave the designs in time means will not reach in top 3
Abhi- yes it’s all because of Prayga
Vikram- why don’t we keep a success party
Abhi- yes!!
Vikram- and I will invite Pragya ji also what say
Abhi- that’s great man
Vikram- ok tomorrow evening we will held party ok
Abhi- ok
Vikram went to make a call and abhi went to his room
Alia’s pov- don’t know when this Pragya’s fever will go before it was bhai and dasi now this vikram also oh god i will get mad first I should a plan for that Pragya
In Abhi’s room
Abhi’s pov- it is a best idea if Pragya came to party means i will talk to her, I will ask her to forgive me and my daughter also don’t where she will be

At college
Prachi was walking form corridor someone pulled her (guess who is it)…………

It was……

Prachi- Ranbir you scared me oh god
Ranbir- ohh you will get scare also (says whlie smiling)
Prachi- I thought someone else!!!!!
Ranbir- who dare to touch my chichki
Prachi- achaa…..
Ranbir- hmmm
Prachi- what hmm leave me i need to go
Ranbir- not that easily
Prachi- ok what you need
Ranbir- a kiss
Prachi- Ranbir are you mad this is college if any one see us that’s all
Ranbir- areey noting will happen if anyone see also we will tell we love each other……… You love me right!!!!
Prachi- is this is a question you ask you know I love you a lot baklu…… My first priority is my mom and you, I trust you so much
Ranbir- Ahh I love too………. Prachi can I ask you one thing
Prachi- ask why are you taking permission and all ask na
Ranbir- after asking that question you don’t get angry ok
Prachi- ok done
Ranbir- prachi vo….. Vo….. Do you hate your father (said in one line)
Prachi- Ranbir i don’t want to Talk about this matter
Ranbir- prachi I am not forcing you to tell but you can share your pain with me know please prachi
Prachi- no Ranbir please…….. I don’t want to talk about this……… I just hate him Ranbir i just hate him (says while crying)
Ranbir- shhh… Prachi Clam down……. okk stop crying please i can’t see you please
Prachi hugs Ranbir

Aryan/Sahana- Ranbir/prachi (said while clearing the trougt)
Prachi and ranbir breaks the hug
Parchi- Kya…… Kya hua sahana
Ranbir- Haa kya hua
Aryan- if your romance is over can we go it’s getting late
Ranbir- I totally forgot
Sahana- you forget Haa
Prachi- guys stop testing us
Aryan/sahana- ohhhhhh
Prachi- guys come it’s getting late for class
Four moves to class

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