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Kkb episode 52 (Love of Life)

The same day .
Everything was positive today, the evil one was just out of their lives and Purab’s family was completed with Aryan accepting Disha but still he was little tensed as he didn’t know how would Sunny react to all this, Disha tried to assure him but still he was tensed the same was with Aryan he was happy on knowing that Sunny was his brother but he didn’t know how would Sunny react on knowing about him. He wasn’t that nervous ever before, Shahana was just having a hard time to control her laughter as this serious Aryan was someone whom she never saw before moreover he was looking funny in his seriousness.

“Hey Shahana was Aryan that nervous on his first night? ” asks Vansh on noticing the serious Aryan.

Everyone looks at him while Kiara bursts out laughing.

“I don’t think so Vansh. ” says Kiara

“He is worrying as if he is meeting his ex with his wife. ” says Ranbir while chuckling and Prachi glares at him.

“Ohh please stop making fun of me, I am serious. ” says Aryan.

“Haan, we can see how serious are you. ” says the young generation in a unison while chuckling.

“Aryan don’t worry, Sunny will accept you and he is not like that what you are thinking, he just acts to be serious. ” says Disha while dressing Aryan’s hair.

“But mom.. ” says Aryan

“Nothing will happen. ” says Disha while interrupting Aryan.

“When is Sunny coming by the way? ” asks Purab

“After two days. ” says Disha while smiling

They have a fun chit-chat. Rhea and Ishaan wanted to talk so they went, Prachi and Ranbir go upstairs while Vansh had a surprise for Kiara so he takes her with him to terrace where he had already made preparation. Arhana after this leave for their room while Abhigya and Dishrub have a conversation, Abhigya were very happy as after many years Purab was smiling and was happy genuinely.

In Rhea’s room.
Rhea and Ishaan we’re sitting quietly sitting though both of them had a lot to talk about, they look at each other and the silence was finally broken by Rhea who starts the conversation.

“How are uncle-aunty? ” asks Rhea the only thing which came in her mind in order to start the conversation.

“Amma – appa are fine. ” says Ishaan with a smile.

“Shashank and Mishti? ” asks Rhea

“They are also fine. ” says Ishaan while smiling again.

“Hmm.. ” says Rhea as she was left with nothing to say now.

“What about you, are you okay? ” asks Ishaan

“I am perfectly fine.” says Rhea with a fake smile suddenly something comes in her mind which makes her feel little sad.

She looks at Ishaan and hugs him tightly, Ishaan takes a little time to comprehend the situation but reciprocates doing the same, Rhea eyes we’re moist but she wipes her tears and then breaks the hug.

“I think you should leave now. ” says Rhea while looking at Ishaan.

“I also think the same, I didn’t inform anyone in the house that I am here and it’s pretty late. ” says Ishaan while trying to understand Rhea’s point.

“Come I will accompany you till gate. ” says Rhea to which Ishaan agrees.

They both leave from the room. And on finally reaching the main gate both of them look at each other and smile and say “Bye”. Unknown to Ishaan it was their final good bye which Rhea was aware of. Ishaan sits in his car and drives off for his mansion while a lone tear flows from Rhea’s eye. She turns around wipes her tears and goes to her room.

While in Prachi’s room.
Prachi was sitting silently in her room recalling the incident which took place today.

“ , …. , ’ , . ” these lines of Rhea and Aliya’s confession were coming again and again in Prachi’s mind which made her think about it calmly.

“Was it buji because of whom Rhea hated me and maa? Whatever I have heard till now makes me feel like that and moreover Buji herself accepted that she started to manipulate Rhea against me and maa.. It means Rhea wasn’t like that, buji made her, indirectly she made her like that for her own use. And it wasn’t Rhea’s fault, I should talk to her. ” says Prachi to herself while getting up and opening the door of her room but to her surprise she finds Ranbir standing over there who was just about to knock the door.

“Ranbir? ” asks Prachi in a surprised tone.

“Actually Prachi woh.. I have to talk to you. ” says Ranbir while stammering a little.

“Speak.” says Prachi

“First can I come in? ” asks Ranbir as he didn’t want to have a conversation like this moreover he was tired.

“Okay, come. ” says Prachi

Ranbir enters the room and comfortably lies on the bed. Prachi looks at him and gives a surprised look.

“Are you here to talk to me or sleep on my bed? ” asks Prachi while pulling Ranbir through his hand to bring him upright.

Ranbir just gives a small jerk to his hand as he wanted to lie on the bed but his small jerk made Prachi loose her balance and she lands on his chest. They both have an intense eye-lock which lasts for a few minutes and it was broken by Prachi who realises her position, she gets back to her normal position and asks Ranbir to get up to which Ranbir agrees without arguing.

“So you wanted to talk to me, tell what happened? ” says Prachi

“Prachi slowly you are getting to know every truth and I think this is the one you should know. (He takes a deep breath and looks at Prachi) I.. I love you Prachi, I never wanted to break your heart and about the bet, yes it was true but I started to fall for you and I backed off from it. I never loved Rhea nor do I think I will be ever able to love anyone except you. You changed me completely from a flirt I became one woman man. And I know you must be thinking that why did I agree to marry Rhea if I love you? ” asks Ranbir to which Prachi nods in affirmation.

Ranbir makes her sit beside him and places his hand in her hand, he then looks at her.

“I have the answer for that as well, a few days before the engagement, mom got a heart attack, doctor said that her heart is weak and she can’t bear anymore shock, she asked me to get engaged to Rhea to which I agreed with a heavy heart, I wanted to tell you about this so I called you many times indeed we used to meet in the restaurant for this only but everytime something would stop me from telling the truth to you. And you got to know the truth on engagement, which left you heartbroken and on the same day I also got to know a truth that mom was just faking her heart attack she was alright, I left from my house to clear all the misunderstanding but it was too late as you left. ” says Ranbir with tears brimming from his eyes.

Prachi was sitting there silently, she didn’t react at all, she looks at Ranbir and takes out her hand from his grip.

“Prachi I don’t want to be hasty, you think about it once and if you feel that you love me and can forgive me then only we will move further. ” says Ranbir while looking at Prachi and making his way out from her room.

Prachi looks at him with teary eyes. He had already left so she closes the door and sits leaning against it. She was thinking about Ranbir’s word,she closes her eyes slowly and thinks once again calmly.

While on the terrace.
Vansh and Kiara reach there, it was beautifully decorated. Just a perfect candle light dinner setup.

“When did this happen? ” asks Kiara

“It’s all by me baby. ” says Vansh while taking Kiara inside

“In my house this is happened and I wasn’t even knowing, who helped you?” asks Kiara while glaring at Vansh.

“Whom do you think? ” asks Vansh

“Well there was no one I think because everyone was busy. ” says Kiara while trying to come up with a name.

“Just leave this, come have a seat. ” says Vansh with a smile.

They both settle themselves, Vansh serves the drink to Kiara. They both have a conversation, talking about a few incidents in their life, they were drinking side by side and Kiara was fully drunk while Vansh was still little less.

“Kiara I have to say something. ” says Vansh while getting up.

“Say Vansh. ” says a drunk Kiara

Vansh looks at her and asks her to get up, he takes a deep breath and then with a smile bends on his knees, he forwards his hand.

“Kiara will you marry me? ” asks Vansh with a little smile

Kiara heard the words, a smile crept on her face, maybe this was the moment she was waiting for.

“Yes.” says Kiara while placing her hand in his hand.

Vansh’s happiness know knew bound, he just got up and hugged Kiara tightly while Kiara also reciprocates doing the same.

“I love you Kiara. ” says Vansh while still hugging her tightly and he was having a broad smile on his face.

“I love you too Sunny.”says Kiara while passing out in Vansh’s arm.

But the broad smile on his face vanishes as soon Kaira finishes speaking, he was shocked and a lone tear flows from his eyes. He understood the yes was not for him but for Sunny, whom Kiara was imagining in her drunk state and for someone who was already in her heart, it was totally unexpected for Vansh, he was left speechless, he slowly breaks the hug and looks at Kiara who had passed out in his arms. He picks her up and takes her to her room and comfortably places her on the bed. While he himself goes to guest room as he had planned to stay in the mansion tonight.

In the guest room.
Vansh was sitting on the bed, his eyes we’re little moist he was little sad, he calls someone and then after finishing the two minutes long conversation, closes his eyes, he wipes his moist eyes and a little smile creeps on his face.

“You should be happy, Kiara loves someone who is better than you, there must be something in Sunny which I don’t have. And moreover the good thing is that Kiara got her prince Charming and why did you expect that she will accept you,have you seen your face, Sunny is hundred times handsome then you. ” says Vansh to himself while trying to hide his emotions but still he was happy for Kiara. He tries to sleep but wasn’t able as somewhere in his heart he was feeling bad but he didn’t show that and pasted a fake smile and closed his eyes.

While in Abhigya’s room.
After listening to Aliya’s confession, Abhi finally realised his mistakes, he ruined his daughter life by allowing his evil sister to take care of her, Pragya was happy for Dishrab but one thing which hurted her the most was that Aliya was behind Bulbul’s suicide. And even after listening the whole thing she realised that whatever Rhea did was because of Aliya and her manipulations. Both of them were silently thinking about the same thing. They remember Rhea’s confession and realise that Aliya’s name in that went unnoticed and they just lashed out at her without listening anything properly, they both look at each other for a while, then it was Abhi who stands up and approaches Pragya. He gives a little smile and places his hand in her hand.

“I think I failed as a dad, I ruined our daughter’s life. ” says Abhi while controlling his emotions.
(Me -Yahi sach hai😂)

Pragya looks at Abhi, she caresses his face and then hugs him tightly.

“We should make everything right now, our family is completely shattered at this moment and now it’s our job to make it right, whatever Rhea did was because of Aliya, I think we should talk to her about it in the morning. And you should talk to Prachi also, somewhere because of our fights and differences our children suffered. ” says Pragya while looking at Abhi with teary eyes.

“Hmm… But will Prachi forgive me? ” asks Abhi

“You should try to talk to her at least once and then see how Prachi reacts because she has suffered a lot and I don’t think it will be possible for her to come out of all this suddenly, she will take time but trust me she will surely forgive you. ” says Pragya

“I promise Pragya, now I won’t let anyone ruin our relationship, we will never let ego to come between us and there will always be love and trust. ” says Abhi while placing his hand in her hand.

“Promise.” says Pragya emotionally

After which both of them hug eachother and sleep .

Precap – Shocker…

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