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Jealousy Leads to Love Confession~RiAnsh #IMMJ2

In the morning, some unknown birds stood on the swaying stalks, swaying their heads, shaking their wings, vying to show off the moving voices, and the sweet songs seemed to flow in the clouds, rolling on the green waves and running. In the fresh, moist air, the sound is lingering, the small sound is like a light breeze blowing. The powder is swaying, the yellow lotus leaves just off the petals. The fragrance is overflowing. The sun was surrounding by the many undefined clouds in the sky.

The sun rays peeping through the clouds fell upon a window of a small yet beautiful cottage disturbing the sleep of a petite and small figure who was sleeping peacefully on her bed hugging her pillow and small smile on her face

The girl was none other than Riddhima! Riddhima Raichand.

That’s when a white coloured small puppy came running to her room and jumped on her bed licking her face making Riddhima smile widely in her sleep.

Sitting on the bed properly she took the puppy in her hand touching her nose with its she smiled.

‘Good morning baby’, she said joyfully and kissed its face.

Riddhima looked at the alarm clock which was kept near her on the table beside her bed and panicked. Keeping the puppy on the floor while he ran out of the room and she smiles. She got up from her bed wore her slippers and ran towards the washroom for getting ready to meet someone.

After 15 minutes Riddhima came out of the washroom wearing a beautiful baby pink coloured frock with minimal makeup and hair flowing in air playing on her shoulder, lips adorned with pinkish lip balm with smile on them.

She ran towards the table kept in her room grabbing the car keys she walked towards her car through a beautiful garden outside the cottage where flowers kept beautifully and greenery was all over there.

Keeping her bag on the password seat she settled herself on the driving seat and started driving towards the airport with slight smile on her face.


Hi, I’m Riddhima Raichand, I’m a business woman owning RiAnsh group of Industries. You’ll must be thinking why I’m going to the airport so the reason is my childhood besties are coming back from London after freaking 8 years. You’ll must be thinking whom I’m talking about so I’m talking about my besties Vansh and Vihaan Raisinghania they both are twin brothers. And one of them is my love whom I loved the most from my childhood and for one I’m his sole sister and I’m also love him the same way he does.


Reaching there she parked her car in the parking lot. Keeping her bag on her shoulder she walked towards the airport and waited for them to come.

Two young men one with beard and other shaved one with muscular and well built body came towards her while her blue doe shaped eyes shined seeing them right in front of her.

The men was none other than Vansh and Vihaan Rai Singhania.

She ran as fast as much she can and pulled both of them in a bone crashing hug while they smiled and twirled her in the air still being in the hug.


So I hope you’ll liked the part one, will post the next part soon till then keep showering you love and support…❤❤

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