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Game of pacifying- RiAnsh OS Part 1

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Backdrop- When Riddhima got to know Vansh will meet her and the tea estate. But she didn’t tell Vyom about it and reached there.

“Vansh! Jaan kahan ho? Please come out na… I am dieing to see you.” Riddhima shouted at the empty place as her voice echoed.

“Vansh? Are you here.. tch..I think he is late” Riddhima murmured to herself and looked here and there in the garden.

After a lot of waiting, Riddhima sat on a rock underneath a shady tree, sweat all over face and she wiped it from her shaky hands.

“Vansh..aa jao na..” Riddhima murmured before fainting.

Riddhima’s Pov

I got the letter that Vansh will meet me in the tea estate. Finally! I was so blank without him. I haven’t seen him in these days, these pictures can’t get me my Vansh.

I rushed to the garden to meet him, he wasn’t there. I looked everywhere but he was nowhere to be seen. I was feeling dizzy and weak. But I want to see Vansh. I sat beneath a tree waiting for him. Dizziness took me over and I wasn’t even able to return back to the hotel.

“Don’t worry baby, Papa will come soon”

Baby and Papa. Both are equally present to irritate and punish me together. Let Vansh come I will pacify him and then be gussa. No. I will not pacify him. He will pacify me. He was the one to leave me alone and didn’t come as said. Hmph. I will not talk to him.

I wasn’t able to open my eyes now, it was too tough be able to stay conscious. I closed my eyes and rested my head on the tree..
POV ends


Angre and Siya were continuously looking for Riddhima, not finding her in the hotel, Angre decided to move towards the estate where he has seen his Bhabhi walking alone many times with tears.

“Bhabhi” Angre’s voice echoed all over but got no response, he moved ahead and found a piece of paper on the floor, he picked it up to open and read it.

“Meet me today in the tea estate. Yours, Vansh”

Angre cursed himself under his breath for not checking on her in the morning. He went more ahead shouting for her bhabhi but there was no response. He sat beneath the ‘Same’ shady tree Riddhima fainted on.

After relaxing his mind, Angre stood up and his eyes fell on a broken phone, he picked it up to see Vansh’s picture at the lock screen.

“This is Bhabhi’s phone. This means she was here. Then…where did she go?” Angre said to himself and he was getting more frustrated and darkness was surrounded all over.

It was 8 at the night, there was no trace of Riddhima and all the Rai Singhanias were sitting in the hall waiting for Angre to come back so they can have dinner.

Who cared for her anyways?

“Oh god, where is Angre. He must be hungry looking for that girl” Ishani said being pissed off.

“That girl is our Bhabhi. Vansh Bhai’s wife, daughter in law of this house and is pregnant with the heir of our family. Ishani when will you get brain!?” Siya scoffed in anger.

“Siya! Behave. If she has decided to leave from here than its her problem. Not ours.” Dadi said in a stern tone.

“Dadi. I wouldn’t have cared a little bit, but she is the reason of me STANDING in front of you all and walking by myself. And I am also going to search for her.” Siya said leaving the hall ignoring the calls of her family.

“Bhai..woh..bhabhii…” Angre was on the phone.

“What happened to her? Is she fine? Did she have her dinner? Has she taken her vitamins? Did she go for a walk? Angre say something!” Vansh scoffed from the other side.

“Angre is she fine!?” He shouted and Angre flinched on the phone seeing his anger.

“I am looking for her since morning I can’t find her anywhere Boss..I found a note in which it was written you have called her in the tea estate to meet her.” Angre said trying to calm himself.

“Go to the room and look in the cupboard or beneath the bed.” Vansh said in a stern way.

Angre squeezed his eyes in disbelief but he had to find Riddhima, he went in the room and sat on the floor peaking beneath the bed to see Riddhima silently sobbing holding her stomach and head from her hands.

“Bhabhi please come out. It’s not good for your health” Angre said slowly, and Riddhima literally stared at him.

She came out and sat on the bed wiping her tears and Angre passed her a glass of water.

“You didn’t get a dream that I am here. Vansh told you na?” Riddhima said throwing the glass away. She stood up and stepped towards Angre who was not looking at her.

“Say Angre! He told you na? I want to talk to him. Call him right now.” Riddhima said in an demanding tone, even Angre was scared to see her like that.

Slowly he took his phone out, dialed Vansh’s number and called him and he picked it up.

“Did you find her?” Vansh asked instantly.

“Yes he did. But now you won’t” Riddhima said and left the room throwing the phone on him..

“Boss..woh… actually..sorry” Angre had nothing to say as he was shocked by Riddhima’s weird behaviour.

“She’s too smart Angre. Don’t let her go out I am coming back” Vansh said and declined the call.

“Why am I always stuck between?” Angre thought to himself and went out to stop his bhabhi.

Riddhima was standing at the exit of the hotel, she was so angry, sad, and broken. She stepped out to leave but a voice stopped her.

“Bhabhi! Finally…” Siya ran and hugged her tightly. Riddhima repriocated the hug with a slight smile.

“Are you going anywhere Bhabhi?” Siya asked noticing some stuff in her hands.

“I am leaving Siya. Vansh doesn’t need me now.” Riddhima said with a sad chuckle.

“And what about me?” Siya asked.“you are the reason I am standing on my legs. Even if my give my life it’s less. So I want you to stay with me. Forever. Please Bhabhi?”

Siya’s words worked like a magic on Riddhima. She isn’t selfish like Vansh. Riddhima nodded and returned back to her room along with Siya.

“I don’t know what happened. And I don’t have any right to ask. But… don’t forgive Bhai this time.” Siya said to Riddhima.

As usual since past weeks, Riddhima kept two pillows by her side and rested her head on it, they were too soft to feel like Vansh’s chest, and the heartbeat? Where will she get that? Tears welled up in her eyes again, how much she was tempting to meet him, and he was moving far away. Sleep engulfed her after taking some of her medicines which gave a proper sleep…

“Good morning Sweetheart”

Riddhima opened her eyes to see Vansh sitting on the edge of the bed, smiling at her. She sat up silently and hugged him. How badly she was missing Vansh. Riddhima broke the hug and stepped down the bed.
Vansh was confused, till yesterday he knew she wanted to meet him. And now she didn’t even say a single word? His call went unanswered as Riddhima went to the washroom.

Riddhima came out after vomiting a little to see Vansh standing with a water bottle and towel for her. He opened the cap of the bottle and passed it to Riddhima and she drank it and wiped her face.
Heading back towards the bed, Riddhima stumbled falling towards her back when Vansh held her tightly, making her sit on the bed.

“Are you fine what happened?” Vansh asked Riddhima, but she didn’t reply.

“Riddhima say something.” Vansh nearly pleaded her, but the answers were coughs and sneezes…

“How did you catch cold? It’s not good for your and our baby’s health.” Vansh said scolding her a little (again:-) but a knock disturbed them.

Siya slowly entered the room, and was happy seeing Vansh. She hugged him.

“ are back.” Siya said and looked at Riddhima who was holding no emotions.

“Siya please say her to say something..I am dieing to hear her.” Vansh said to Siya while she chuckled.

“I have all answers. First of all she is Angre from you, second she caught cold due to too much crying, and third she was too alone to talk to anyone.” Siya said and Vansh looked Riddhima astonishingly as a tear escaped her eyes.

Vansh sat on the floor on his knees infront of her, taking her hands in his Vansh kissed her knuckles and looked Riddhima who was properly ignoring her.

“Don’t worry jaan, I will pacify you soon” Vansh said and kissed her forehead and Riddhima closed her eyes feeling his presence.

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I am back a little bittle for writing OS, I am sk bad that I write the plot and be confused how to end it *idiot me* but here was the first part!! And next will be posted soon 😊

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