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Crush On You- Riansh OS

Hey guys,

this OS plot was suggested by @fairytaleindreams on wattpad, I hope you all like it. 

I’m quite sad of the number of comments I’ve received for HHIL, only 18, if you’re not liking the story or the track or my writing do tell me. I’m really demotivated


“Mr Rai Singhania! Mr Rai Singhania!”

A sweet voice broke his chain of thoughts. Looking at her in front of the class he nodded and stood up, knowing the consequences he’d have to go through for not paying attention to her teachings. Standing up, he cursed himself beneath his breathe for dreaming in the broad day light. The woman in front of the class, raised her eyebrows and folded her arms towards her chest.

“Will you please explain the concept I just taught a few minutes ago?”

Very well knowing he hadn’t paid attention, she intentionally asked him the question. He stammered while answer to her question, trying to divert the topic by any means however he remained unsuccessful. She glared at the students who tried stifling their laughter. Slamming the book on the table near her, she sighed fiercely and with anger she warned him.

“I want you in my office right after this class ends, do you get that? And if I don’t find you then be prepared to receive a suspension letter!”

“I’ll be there ma’am!”

He replied casually. It was no big deal for him, he had always been naughtier also in his school years back; probably more than this. He had hardly been serious except for some situations. Stepping in to college after years of maturity, made no difference to his acts however this professor, had all the power to keep him in control.

As the session got over, following her like a puppy he went into her cabin. Making her way to her seat, she plopped on it, tiredly and looked up at him.

“Mr Vansh, why is it so difficult for you to maintain your concentration on your studies?”

She asked him tiredly. Leaning back on to her seat with a pen in her hand, which she fidgeted with, she waited for him to answer. He had many things floating around in his mind, lots of answers to her question however he refrained himself from speaking.

“You do know, you’re here on special basis? If one more complaint against you, your admission would be suspended. You’re 35 Mr Vansh, please behave like your age. You’ve got another chance to shine and show the world that a man like you, who was forced to leave his studies at a tender age can have a comeback. Why not use it?”

Riddhima tried explaining to him however he rolled his eyes and simply sighed. She once again waited for his answer however he didn’t give again. This got on to her nerves.

“I’m talking to you Mr Vansh, I want your answer!”

“Look Ms Riddhima, I don’t know why you’re doing this but I hope you’re not bringing yesterday’s incident in between. I wouldn’t appreciate that!”

“Why would you think I’d bring personal problems into my professional life?”

“I don’t know, but I feel you would, especially because of your temper!”

Vansh pulled the chair opposite her and sat on it. Looking straight in to her eyes, he waited for her to respond. He very well knew he had hit a strong point of hers on which she would have to admit. She did have temper issues. Taking a deep breathe, she remembered what had happened.


Vansh was a special student, he was studying at the age of 35 once again. Due to his family problems he had to drop out of school which led him to miss his studies. He was a top shot, single and handsome guy who anyone would fall for. He was a serious and famous businessman after his father but now he had come to achieve his own ambitions; to be an engineer however in reality his inner personality was completely different.

Riddhima was a professor at Amber College, she was a beautiful yet short tempered. She is 32 years old and is single. She was an orphan and only had her best friends as her support and family. Both her best friends; Gayatri and Sejal were professors, teaching in the same college.

The second semester had started for everyone. Riddhima had studied Vansh well, his behaviour and his personality. Teaching him was becoming difficult day by day though she tried her best to do it. As the second semester had started, on the very second day she was called by him to the garden beside the college. She thinking it was relating to some studies issues, decided to look into it. She went there where she saw him waiting for her in a tuxedo, looking dashing.

Even though she was strict and always followed her principles, she couldn’t help but stare and drool over his hunky figure and appearance in that black tuxedo. She approached him and he surprised her with a bouquet of red roses and confessing his feelings for her. This was the first time he had fallen head over heels for someone.

Confessing that he had a crush on her from the beginning which turned into love for her, he admitted his feelings shocking her to the core. Presenting the red roses to her, he kneeled on the ground.

“I’m sorry, but this isn’t right. You’re my student, and it should be the same way Mr Vansh”

“But I love you Riddhima, in fact I had a crush on you since the beginning and it has turned into love. I’ll give you some time to accept”

“I don’t need time, I’m sorry but this will affect the both of us, professionally! I can’t take any risk I’m sorry. Let this not go anywhere from here, I’m warning you.”

In anger, she left from there with his words still affecting her deeply. Somewhere beneath her she did have something for him.

Flashback Ends

Snapping his fingers in front of her, he brought her out of her thoughts. As if reading her mind he smirked at his effect on.

“I know you don’t have anything to say, I’ll just leave Riddhima!

Vansh got up from his seat and was about to leave when he heard her voice reaching out to him.

“Okay fine, look I’m not targeting you or anything from yesterday.” Sighing she continued “See things aren’t as simple as we think. We have to keep professional and personal life away. Let me be honest with you, anyone would fall head over heels for you and why not? You have the things that anyone would want in their man, smart personality, intelligent, hot, handsome, well organized, the small bit of humour that you have, the child hidden inside you, everything and just like I said anyone including….”

She stopped when she felt his rough lips meeting her soft cheeks. Widening her eyes in shock, she turned to him who smirked. She became red, blushing at his act.

“You didn’t have to say a whole paragraph for that! You could have just said that you also have a crush on me…..simple isn’t it?”

She closed her eyes in embarrassment and smiled slightly.

“You’re too cute!” He added.

He left the cabin, leaving her blushing. She tried to avoid him the entire day, leaving for her home earlier than the usual. As she reached home she, she shared everything with her best friends who had an off from College. They both knew how she had a crush on him the day he joined but she being strict wither principles denied the fact till to date.

Slipping in to her room, she went on the bed and lied, feeling exhausted. Taking a nap, she drifted in to sleep till the night fell. Waking up due to a loud noise outside her window, she rubbed her eyes to find a silhouette shadow. Opening the window she found Vansh. He had a smile that went from one ear to the other making her chuckle at his antics once more.

Jumping inside her room, he stood in front of her. Scanning the room he judged how the things were kept, just the way she was back in college seemed that was the exact way she was at her home, too organized. Sitting on her bed, he looked at her who asked him.

“Why are you here now?”

“Of course to meet you. You ran away from college so I thought of running to here!” Winking he said.

“Please go”



“Because I want to stay with you!”

She was about to leave when he held her wrist and gently pulled her. She fell on his laps and they both started at each other. Riddhima unknowingly started roaming her hands around his hair, playing with his front hair. He went near her ear and huskily whispered something after which in shock she quickly stood up, composing herself. Scurrying out of the room, Vansh laughed.

A few days later

Riddhima was teaching while Vansh was once again lost in her. He admired her from the back seat. Riddhima soon came and gave out some sheets to each student. She went up the stairs and went to the last seat where Vansh was sitting. As she hand over the paper to him, he held her hand mouthing a soft and full of love “I Love you”. She smiled and ruffled his hair making him frown in anger. She signed him toward the paper and went away while he smirked.

As the lecture ended, he followed her to her cabin. He immediately pinned her to the wall and intensely stared at her eyes. Struggling, Riddhima asked.

“What is it now?”

“What, is it so hard for you to say an I love you back to me? Just admit you love me and remove the word crush!”

“Aww you felt bad?” pulling his cheeks.

“Seriously, you spoilt my hair, how will impress others?”

“Impress others…….you know what, I’ll admit when you pass this test!” She said with a glint of jealousy in her tone.

“It was a test?”

She nodded and pushed him slightly, getting off his hold. She went to take her seat and put the papers on the table, smirking at Vansh who was tensed.

“You like playing a lot Riddhima! But guess what, I’m no less”

He left the cabin saying that while Riddhima wondered what he meant.


It was the festival of colors; Holi. The students had an off due to the festival so only the professors remained back in college, completing their unfinished work. All were seated in the staff room when all of a sudden the door flew open. Vansh entered with a plate that had a heap of red color. Riddhima sighed at his act and continued her work.

Vansh seeing that, cutely pouted. Thinking for some time, he applied color on every teacher present there and went to Riddhima. Riddhima looked up at him and wished him.

“Happy Holi Sweetheart!” he said huskily.

“Happy Holi to you too!

Tracing his fingers on her cheek, he applied a patch of color. She smiled and was about to apply to him when he stopped her. He dangerously went close to her and rubbed his cheek against hers, sending chills down her spine. He pecked her on the cheek and got away. Everyone in the staffroom looked on shocked along with Riddhima. Vansh gave a slight bow and exited the room leaving everyone aghast at his audacity.


After marking the sheets, she entered the class to give them back. Quite shockingly she called Vansh in front of the class first. He descended wondering what she was up to.

“This guy” she announced. “Has never been paying attention in class, always up to some mischief despite being way elder than you all. However marking this paper, has equally shocked me the way it’ll shock you. His grades drastically changed, from a 40% to now a 99%, topping this batch!”

“What!” He exclaimed in shock.

Handing over the papers to the rest, she handed Vansh his mark sheet. Seeing everyone busy with their papers, she pulled Vansh out of the class.

“Are you shocked that you got a 99%?”

“I’m shocked at the fact that I missed one %!”

Riddhima chuckled while he smiled adoring her. She left from there when he remembered her challenge. He shouted from behind as he saw her retreating figure.

“You forgot your challenge! I passed now you’ve got to say it”

Sighing in disappointment he went to the canteen and ordered a cappuccino and a sandwich for himself. Settling down on one table he waited till his order arrived. As the waited placed it down, he saw a rose on the plate in place of the sandwich and an “I Love You” designed on the cappuccino, with two hearts. He wondered and looked up to see the waiter gone.

It was completely quiet when he heard a voice, quite familiar to him.

“I love you, Mr Vansh Rai Singhania!”


He looked down at the plate and coffee and understood it. Smiling, he looked up and moved his eyes around the canteen. The door opened and he turned towards it to see Riddhima entering. She smiled at him and they both walked to each other. She cupped his face and confessed. He smiled and kissed her forehead, joining his and her forehead together.

Picking her up, he twirled her around while she laughed.

“Let’s go to class together!”

Vansh said with twinkle in his eye and Riddhima nodded, as they walked together in the corridor of the college.

“There is nothing better than when your crush has a crush on you too”

The End

Hope you all liked it.


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