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Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 48 # The Meet

Hello peeepies aagyi me..

Are u guys also missing the days when i used to update regularly..

I too want to do same but time is not with me .

I am sick today and moreover i am judging for BLC community and so much work load 😩..

I am trying my with me guys i need u all

Let’s start mera to chlta hi rhega..

Scene 1

Vansh’s pov

Riddhima gave me a toothy smile and i glared at the person in front of us who was completing ignoring us as if we were invisible

“Angre” i shouted and he jerked at his place..

I don’t affect this much even to my girlfriend..the way i affect him..

“Bo..boss..aap yaha” he said stammering

“You were expecting someone else angre ” riddhima said giving an ear to ear smile..

How badly i wanted to smash her beautiful face for smiling at that moment but at the end that beautiful not so innocent face is mine..lucky riddhu..bach gyi ..

How proudly i said to her that angre can’t hide anything from me..and what we just witnessed here..

Maanyata and angre are cooking together in a kitchen laughing and playing with flour..

Angre was rubbing his cheek on her’s and she was smiling..

“Wo..i ordered some essentials for myself ” Maanyata said trying to avoid any kind of eye contact with me

“And i came to give that only” angre said without waiting for  a sec..

“I saw how u gave ” i mumbled and riddhima burst into laughter as she was standing beside me only..

My one glare was enough to make her mouth shut

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

Shit😂😂…the confidence of Mr overconfidence ki dukan raisinghania shattered in million pieces few minutes ago..

I saw angre smiling genuinely very first time..

“We came to meet u ” vansh said to Maanyata to which she came and hugged him..

Why on the earth he is hugging her back..wanna be doomed vanshu..

Me dikh nhi rhi hu ya mera khauf khtm ho gya hai..

“Thnk you bhai for coming i was missing u ” she said and i took a sigh in relief

“I saw how much u missed me ” vansh said shooting daggers at angre..

This jerk will definitely ruin my brother’s love story even before it starts..

“Won’t u introduce me to Maanyata ” i said to vansh breaking the eye lock game between my hone wala pati and his 1st love..

“Maanyata this is riddhima your bhabhi..and riddhima this is Maanyata my sister” vansh said introducing us to each other..

She looks so pretty..and genuine too..we hugged each other and settled on sofa

“So you made her your sister ” i asked looking surprisingly at vansh because he is not anyone who makes relationship this much early

“I was feeling alone between you too bro took her in my team ” vansh said pointing towards me and angre..

” Still i m alone enough to trouble u ” i said and he rolled his eyes murmuring “no doubt”

Pov ends

Maanyata’s pov

Riddhu bhabhi seems so down to the earth..

I can sense the chemistry between bhai and her..

We chit chatted more and me and angre were stealing glances of each other digesting what happened few minutes ago

I was getting bored at home and then he came..

I thought to cook something and he joined me..

We didn’t realise when we started playing with flour ..

I smeared flour on his face and pulled me from my waist from behind rubbing his cheek on mine..

I can still sense that tickling sensation in my body..

His beard was preaking me but I didn’t mind to jerk him off..

“Riddhimaaa” bhai’s voice boomed in hall as bhabhi left stomping her foot on ground in anger..

Vansh bhai ran behind her ..

Pov ends

Angre’s pov

That not so lovely love birds left and me and Maanyata weren’t that bold to break the ice after the stunt we pulled

” They are like this only..”i said chuckling fakely..

“Vansh bhai loves her alot na” Maanyata said smiling at me

“More than his life ” i replied instantly

“Every girl dreams that one day someone will love her like this” she said dreamily with a sad face may be cursing her cruel fate..

“I hate you vansh” bhabhi came whinning like a baby to hall..

“Jaan atleast try to understand” boss came following her like a lost puppy..

Love is indeed powerful..

It made a god mafai this much vulnerable in front of a girl..

“What happened bhabhi” Maanyata said in her melodious voice..

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

“I want to go out ” riddhu said being a  stubborn kid..

“We are out only” i said and she glared at me..

“Then What’s the issue bhai..take her out na” Maanyata said looking at me..

Now how will i tell her that this little girl whom i called my jaan is not less than a trouble..

“Where do u want to go bhabhi” Maanyata asked softly

Riddhu u should learn from her how to talk.. just look at her..she talks so politely..and u.. always keep shouting and yelling at me..ready to suck my blood 24*7..

She used to talk politely before u both were committed.. my sub consious mind mocked me..

Oh yeah..i was the one who invited my doomed..

“Beach..i want to go to beach” my panda said wiping her fake tears..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

“Nooooo” both angre and vansh shouted in unison and i cried more shedding some magarmachh ke aansu..

“See..see this two giant owl tortures me ..” i complained like a kid to Maanyata..

And she being completely oblivious to what is happening here.. just smiled at me..

Wait baby ..u will soon get to know how your brother’s khali mind works..

“We are going and that’s final ” i said with a determined face ..

“We aren’t ” vansh said in his deep baritone

“Did i ask u..i was saying this to Maanyata..we both are two stay here” i said dragging Maanyata with me..

“Ri.. riddhima “vansh shouted from behind but i left.

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

This will i handle her after wedding..

This much tantrums before marriage she will make me her kutta after wedding..

You are that only my inner voice said and i pouted internally..

“They left” angre said shrugging my shoulder..

“f**k” i muttured gritting my teeth

“We are also coming” angre and i shouted in unison and ran behind them..

My riddhu is gonna spoil my innocent sister..

Pov ends

Done done dana done ✅

Hope u all like it

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