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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Mishra family exposes Kamla’s plan

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 10th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishra informs Shanti that Kamla is a fraud and is acting as his wife to grab 10 lakhs from him. Shanti says Kamla already informed her about his plan; she had offered haveli to Kamla, but Kamla rejected haveli, why would she demand mere 10 lakhs. Ramesh returns to Kamla and asks why did she reject haveli. Kamla says she knows haveli doesn’t belong to them, so she is not a fool to ask haveli and hence demanded 10 lakhs. Mishra says he doesn’t have 10 lakhs. She says Brij sold his village land last week and got 10 lakhs and remembers hearing his conversation on road. Mishra says he will not give her Brij’s money. She threatens to defame him more.

Next morning, Brij offers money bag to Mishra to fix deposit in bank. Mishra says he himself can deposit money in bank. Brij says he needs to visit a funeral and asks him to do it. Brij agrees and takes bag. Kamla and Golu get happy seeing that. Shanti takes bag from Mishra and says he is careless, so she will deposit money. Kamla scolds Mishra for losing the bag to Shanti easily and orders to get the money bag somehow. He says he has similar bag and will change it with fake money. They stuff paper in bag. After sometime, Brij returns and asks Shanti if Mishra deposited money. She says she called bank employee home to deposit money as per new scheme. Brij says he himself will deposit as he can’t lose more interest. Mishra classes with Shanti and exchanges bag. Brij leaves with bag. Kamla excitedly opens bag and finds paper instead and scolds Ramesh. Ramesh thinks he saved Brij’s money from Kamla, now he will kick her out of house.

Mishra gathers family and informs that he accepts that he married Kamla and wants to give her a wife’s right. Kamla thinks what is Mishra doing. Mishra says he will give equal rights to Shanti and Kamla and they both will do house hold chores. Shanti cleans utensils and asks Kamla to clean the floor. Kamla does getting tired. Brij asks if she prepared food. Kamla prepares food. Shanti asks if she ironed clothes. She does and thinks Mishra family made her a maid. Mishra thinks he wanted to become his wife, now he will make her as his wife. At night, he enters her bed. She gets afraid and asks him to get out of her bed. He gets romantic and tries to get intimate. She pushes him. He gets more romantic and walks towards her lustfully. She runs out of house shouting. Both Mishra and Mirza families gather and ask what happened. She says Mishra is trying to get intimate with her. They say he as right on her. Mishra asks her to accept truth now. She accepts that she is not Mishra’s wife and played drama to grab 10 lakhs from him. They say they knew about it and played drama to expose her. Brij asks why did she do this. She says due to poverty as she doesn’t have job, so she started looting people for money, she heard Brij talking about 10 lakhs and then planned all this. Shanti says she will give 10,000 rs to Kamla to start her business. Sakeena says even she will give 10,000 rs, Mishra says he will give 5000 rs. Children bring their pigmy and hand over to her. She emotionally hugs and thanks them.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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