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Hey guys, its long time I have not written anything so I thought to write a seven shot story. I was busy with exams and many more things..

Let’s start…

Riddhima Malhotra- A sweet, simple and bold girl in early twenties with a dream of fashion designing. Committed to Kabir Raichand.

Vansh Rai Singhania- A handsome breathtaking twenty five years old guy with a settled business. One of the top businessman of Mumbai. In a relationship with Aahna Rai.

Kabir Raichand- Riddhima’s love. Works at Vansh’s office. Jealous of his success.

Aahna Rai- Vansh’s girlfriend. Works at Malhotra industries as a receptionist.

Angre Malhotra- Elder Brother of Riddhima. Loves her sister to the core. CEO at Malhotra infustries.

Ishani Rai Singhania- Younger sister of Vansh. Loves her brother. Trying her luck in modelling.

Neela and Aayush Malhotra – Owners of Malhotra group of industries. Parents of Riddhima and Angre. Loves their children a lot. Wants Riddhima to get settled in her carrier and life.

Anupriya and Raj Rai Singhania- Parents of Vansh and Ishani. Loves their children. College buddies of Neela and Aayush still in touch with them.


Scene 1

Riddhima put a whole jug of water on Vansh.

Riddhima- What the hell is this Vansh!!

Vansh gets shocked.

Scene 2

Riddhima- Now only one option is left Vansh. We have to do this. They will forgive us some day.

Scene 3

Neela and Anupriya – Angre- Ishani we are requesting you please save us from this insult.

Scene 4

Person (laughing) – How fool they are!! What did they think…

Riddhima – What will we do Vansh?

Vansh- We have to teach them a lesson. They should know who is VR!

Scene 5

Angre(shouting)- You have ruined my life.

Vansh(shouting) – Just go away. You are the biggest mistake of my life.

Scene 6

Riddhima – Mughe uss galti ki daza mili jo mene kabhi ki hi nhi. Agar ishq krna gunah hai to mardo mughe! Kese ek din mein apni zindagi ke 4 saal bhula du!

Ishani- I hate you..

Scene 7

Vansh and Angre gets slapped.

Tum sab ne rishto ka mazak bana kar rakh diya hai!

So that’s it hope you all liked!
Tell your views in the comments…

Take care 💓💓

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