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A car stopped infront of a villa . Naksh and keerti came out of it.. Keerti looks at Naksh and he signs her to come inside keerti follows Naksh.. 

Naksh : Yeh hai.. mera.. i mean humara house

Keerti :Its beautifull..

Naksh : I know.. Keerti i will get freshenuo.. today i have an important meeting..

Keerti : Ok.. then i will cook something for you..

Naksh : No.. need of that.. i will have it in my office..

Naksh goes to get ready and keerti arranges her things at his wardbrobe.. Naksh gets ready and goes.. keerti just looks at him..

Keerti also takes her towel and goes to get freshenup.. She gets ready in a light purple and white saree… She tries her mangalsutra and applies sindoor on head… She smiles a little.. Her phone beeps … it was Naira’s message.. Message ” Hi bhabhi… i hope that you two have reached safe and sound… I am sorry i was not able tos pend much time with you.. as I had exams and i had to leave two days after your marriage.. I am sure that my bhai will taken good care of you.. if not tell me.. i will look after it… Gayu di told that it will take few days to get your wedding album.. So I am sending some pics which gayu di just send me..

Keerti’s PoV : Our engagement picture.. at that time i was so stupid… i used to cry as all wanted me to get married as soon as possible… and yeah that nervousness which i felt while making Naksh wear it.. literaly i was scared and my hand were shaking..

Keertis PoV:  Mere family.. my gang.. kartik always wanted perfect things for me and when ever he sees that someone is taking his place he is too overactive.. And that is why Kartik always fights with kartik… Mansi my patner in crime.. Luvkush my darling were crying at my bidaai… and kartik my strong and possive brother was crying all alone sitting under the table..

Naira and keertis bonding …


Keerti’ s Pov : My first day at Sighania … I was feeling so protected by each and everyone.. Naksh’s sibling also used to tease me and him a lot.. and he always ignored it and gone away so that i shouldn’t get embaressed.. No one ever made me feel that i was not in my own home.. i had full freedom to Sing and dance as per my wish.. Naksh Maa.. always surprised me.. when ever she made something special for Nair and Gayu.. she always did something for me…

Keerti’s PoV :Our rituals after marriage…When this event happened … i was so tired and i almost slept for 7 am … and the muhurat was of 8am.. Being a sighanias bahu.. i had to look elegant as per tgeir status… but till last minute i thought that.. i failed them.. But Akshara maa.. Naira gayu came to my rescue.. and thankgod..  (she smiles..)

She sees a Photo of Naksh in her room..

Just then she hears the doorbell and goes to see .. She opens the door and sees a lady..

Lady :Tum Naksh ki wife hai na..??

Keerti :Ji..

She enters inside …

Lady :I’m Sandhya… Akshara’s friend.. sorry beta i couldn’t attent your wedding .. as my daughter was unwell..

Keerti smiles..

Sandhya : So how is your marriage life.. I think its just two weeks  right..

Keerti : Ji..

Sandhya :Akshara told me that you have completed your studies in  Udaipur and you haven’t gone out of there.. I can’t still believe that Akshara send you all alone even afrer that to a big town..

Keerti : Nahi.. aunty Akshara maa was so tensed that how i will manage everything but Badidadi’s health is also important .. so I told her to stay with her… here Naksh is also to help me..

Sandhya : Naksh.. Subha gaya toh Raat ko ayega.. I don’t know what he is doing in office.. My bets also goes to office but he never gets that late… its better you should checkout him..

Keerti just smiles..

Sandhya : Oh no beta i have to go… my grandson will be here by anyminute..

She goes.. Keerti looks at the clock and its 5 in the evening.. She thinks to make something for speical for him… Akshara maa told that he likes Chinese lets make it keerti..

Keerti starts preaparing food and she makes kheer as its also his favourite… Its now 7 and keerti is bored he checks all the rooms and one room was locked keerti tries to open it..

A voice : It won’t open..

She gets scared and looks at him 

Keerti : I got scared naksh…

Keerti : Why it is locked…

Naksh : Its storage room.. just old scraps that’s it… and let me remind you keerti its not Udaipur and its just two of us.. so please always close the main door..

Keerti : Sorry.. i will take care next time.. Naksh go and get changed i will serve you food

Naksh : I had mine at office … and one more thing.. i usually eats outside because sometime i gets so late.. and its better you eat when you are hungry and no need to wait..

Naksh goes in. Keerti eats her food

Naksh comes to hall and sees keerti having kheer..

Naksh : You have made kheer..

Keerti takes a bowl and serve kheer to him. He looks at her with aquestion mark..

Naksh :I am diabetic..

Keerti :I know.. its sugarfree…

Naksh takes it..

Naksh : Keerti you can sleep in my bed… i will sleep at the couch…

Keert : Ji..

She goes..

After a few hours Naksh come to his room and sees keerti sleeping in the couch… He gets angry and goes to living hall and sleeps at the couch in hall




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