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A bright and beautiful morning in Udaipur,

A mansion is shown 

A car arrives at the mansion and three people gets out of it. They walk inside the mansion..

A women in her mid 60s was there.. She goes to the trio and hugs them..

Women : Tum theeno aagaye… I was waiting for you…

One from the trio : I know bhabhimaa.. Now we are here.. we won’t leave you alone..

The women in the mid 60s was bhabhimaa (kaveri) and the trio entered the mansion was Naitik , Naksh and Akshara…

Akshara : Babhimaa.. where are the others..

Kaveri : Devyani subhase lagi hai.. kitchen mein..

Naitik : Wow.. i think we will get some delicious food .. haina Naksh..

Naksh just smiles..

Akshara : Naitik … that means i don’t make delicious food..

Naitik : Ofcourse you don’t..

A voice : Humari bahu is the best cook..

Naitik : Papa.. I was just teasing her..

Naksh takes blessings from Rajshekar.. He the goes to his room..

Rajshekar : Bahu.. is he happy with this alliance

Akshara : I don’t know Papaji.. He behaves confusing … But i am sure keerti can bring a change in his life.. He will be our old naksh..

Kaveri :I also hope that Bahu.. humari purabi Naksh .. he was so happy and always had that cute smile..


Naksh’s room

He put his luggages on the corner and he lied on to his bed.. his eyes were filled tears he turned to his rightside . And heard a voice fro. the door..

Voice : Naksh bhaiyyu..

He understood that it was noneother than Mishti.. She came running to him and sat besides him. Gayu also came there…

Mishti : When are you going to get keerti di..

Naksh remain silent

Gayu : Soon Mishti… and he will not be your di anymore… she will be called ad our bhabhi..

Mishti : Naira di kaha hai..

Naksh : Her flight is at evening..

Gayu : Thankgod … she got leave now.. At your engagement i was all bored as she was having exams those date…. Now when she comes we will have fun…

Msihti : Accha bhaiyu.. aap keerti bhabhi ko call kiya kabhi..

Naksh : Why should i call her..

Mishti : Offo bhai you are so unromantic..

Just then Naksh’s phone rings and he gets busy.. he even didn’t notice when Gayu & Mishti left..

It was evening and all were having their coffee and snacks..

Gayu :Dadi aapke kachoria.. yummy..

Devyani : Where is he for whom i made these..

Mishti : He got a call morning .. after that till now he is in his laptop…

Just then a voice..

Voice (shouting) : Mummaa.. papa.. Dadi.. Badi Dadi… kaha hai sab..

Akshara : Naira…

They all goes to Naira and hugs her.. Naira takes blessing from elders.. also . She also enjoys the evening time with her family.

Naira eyes Gayu.. Akshara sees this..

Akshara : What us hapoening between you to..

Naira :Mumma bhai ki shaddhi hai..  it should be special.. na.. after all i haven’t seen my babhi yet..

Gayu and naira goes frim their to their room.. Naksh comes near gayu’s room and sees Naira and Gayu are discussing something..


Devyani passes by their..

Naksh : Dadi.. what is happening between them

Devyani :Unki bhai ki shaddhi hai.. toh they must be having some plans..

Naksh gives a fake smile..

Nakshs PoV : From tomarrow all the functions will begin.. I am going to do all those rituals again but with someone else whom i don’t know.. I am not sure..and i will be able to love her ever in my life.. But i have to do this.. so that others especially to see my mom  dad happy…

It was about night 6pm . A beautiful mansion is shown… it looks royal with the lights on it.. And a big board is shown “GOENKA MANSION”

Inside the mansion there was a hurry-burry .. All the elders are busy in the arrangements..

Sushasini (Dadi ) in phone : Kaha ho kittu tum..

Kartik : Dadi.. i will be back in half an hour.. i just have to look the finial arrangements

Dadi : Suwarna , Surekha tum dono hai kaha

Surekha : Hum… we are arranging the fifts..

Suwarna : Maaji.. relax.. everything will ve fine.. now don’t take much stress…

Dadi : Aur keerti..

Suwarna : She in her room.. and the kids are also there…

Keerti’s room.

. Keerti was on her bed while luv and kush were on her lap. Mansi was trying some jewellery

Mansi : So… Di.. tell me something about my jiju..

Keerti : What should i say..

Mansi : Doesn’t he call you..

Keerti :No..

Mansi : Have you called him..

Keerti :No..

Mansi : You are so boring di…

Just then kartik enters…

Mansi : Did you get the earings..

Kartik : Here you go.

kartik looks at keerti..

keerti : What happened..

Kartik : After a few days.. you wil be gone for ever (he gets sad) all were saying this.. everyone is going to miss you except me.. (he laughs keerti gets angry) I will have full freedom here no one will be there to stop me..

Keerti :Kartik you…

She throws pillow on him.. he also does Mansi joins them.. Luv kush wakesup and they also starts fighting…

Suwarna and surekha stands outside the door hearing the sibling laugh and happiness




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