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Next day
Rag is preparing the food and she gave a coffee to servant and asked him to serve it to sanskar who is sleeping till yet. ….

After few minutes @dining area
Ram:o my daughter in law.. I never get this much aroma smell from our kitchen. .its provoking me to taste it
Rag giggles
Ram:where is sanskar? beta
Rag:he is in restroom, uncle.. He will cum within few minutes
Ram:beta..i need to tell one important thing to u.. Actually sanskar doesn’t want this marriage
Ram:not this marriage.. He actually hates marriage.. .his mother divorced me and married a another man, when he was 6 yrs old.. And she didn’t visit him till yet
Ram:thats y he starts to hate ladies and doesn’t want marriage but I have full faith on u, u want to change him.. He is longing for mother’s love since childhood.. (smiles) I know he will get it from you and u have to change his thoughts
Rag:(don’t know how to react) nods helplessly.. .
Ram:beta one more thing…do u really want to continue ur work? U r my DIL, v have a lot of money, v will use this for Arjun(rag’s bro) studies
Rag:smiles..plz uncle it’s about my self respect.just one year.. Hope you will understand
Ram:its k beta.. I can understand

After few minutes Sanskar came and joined with them for breakfast
San:wow food is very tasty.. U made it wonderfully (to his servant)
Servant:sir ..mam only prepared it..
San:looks at Ragini
Rag:nervously nods
San started eating silently…

@ragsan room
San:u don’t need to do this and all
Rag :but
San:(little bit annoyingly) don’t try to take advantage of ur daughter in law position.. I already told this relationship has no value.. Then y r u
Rag:(cuts him) exactly that’s y I’m doing this type of works.. For this 1 yr, I’m going to stay and eat here only…like a paying guest but the truth is I can’t able to give a single penny of amount to u.. Therefore I’m compensating with my works.. I’m just a unpaying SERVANT.. Don’t worry I won’t take any advantage, I promise
San:was numb by her words…

Next day @office (where Ragini is working)
As soon as she came, every one congratulated her
Lak:(smiles) r u happy?
Rag:shows thumbs down (narrates everything to him)
Lak:(angrily) how mean is he? Y r u still staying in that house?
Rag:(sarcastically) for my family and for Ram uncle ..if I say this to mom, (her eyes become moist) at least after a year v can convince them by saying something
Lak:sidehugs her.. I’m sorry
Rag:im used to it

days r moving… Sanskar started admiring her nature… Her honesty,her innocent, her will power and started developing soft corner towards her

@one fine day
Rag is madly asking her friends for money(for her brother semester exam…actually she had money but spent it for her sudden mother’s illness)
Her eyes become moist when she remembers when her brother saying only 2 days left for last date…

@ragsan room
Rag phone rings……
Rag:(excitingly) laksh did you get money?
Lak:sry Ragini.. I’m trying within 4 days I will
Rag:laksh but within two days I have to pay or else they won’t allow Arjun to write exams (in cracking voice)
Lak:hey don’t worry I will try
Rag nods and cuts it
Voice :how much u want it
Rag turns and saw sanskar standing in front of her
Rag:nods as nothing
San:its been three months, v r staying in same roof, don’t I have rights to pay for ur brother studies
Rag:not lik that sanskar, laksh is trying, v will get it
San:(cuts her) so u won’t accept it.. I thought I’m also ur friend
Rag:nods u r my friend only but
San:plzzzzz ..
Rag:i will accept it but on one condition.. U want to accept the money when I will return it
San:smiles pakka

@next day office
Lak:it means he started falling for u
Rag:hits him .its not like that.. V r just friends
Lak:havent u seen films /serials.. First it will happen like this
Rag:exactly it will happen only on serials /films

Hope you like it /hope you remember this story
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