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Preeran SS ; Realization Part 30

The goons take all passengers to their den near a theater company.

Goon : everybody out

Karan ; where the hell you brought us here?

Rishab ; will you be quiet? they have guns we have nothing

Elina : when will our karate chops come in use right Suraj

Suraj : please for god sake don’t use your brains if you dont’ have one

Karan : I agree with Elina lets teach them a good lesson

Preeta : hey super fast express, keep your tongue and hands safely

Raghu (leader) : hey no whispering keep moving straight

Kabir ; guys think something yaar how will be get out from here

Roo ; your mind works in such things you only give some idea

Kabir : I have not done phd in dealing with crazy people, sorry I forgot you come in that category also

Roo : speak with decency with me

Kabir ; only if you deserve that, don’t chew my brains

Roo : I have better food options, I don’t like non veg food

Kritika : shut up guys you both never see timings to fight with each other

Kabir ; tell that to your sister

Sherlyn : guys look over there (sees board of theater companion room)

Preeta ; yaar in such situation you want to see the movie

Karan : dumbo she is not like you, at least she gave an idea

Preeta : of course result of influence, I think anybody who is around you gets crazy first Shrishti, that Anu and now Sherlyn

Karan : don’t say anything to my fan and Anu if she was here she had given most brilliant idea

Preeta : why not? she is nut case like you

Karan : use some brain and remember because of her smartness we got big clue

Sherlyn : he is right Anu made me realize my mistake being so young

Elina ; guys here we are in death situation where did Anu come from, think of way

Sherlyn : I think in all this crowd of passengers they won’t realize if somebody is missing maybe few of us should go out and get help

Preeta : its such risky idea

Shrishti : but di we don’t have other choice, some of us should go inside and call cops

Rishab : why don’t you, Karan, Elina and Suraj go inside rest of us will stay here

Karan ; great idea but please be careful

Suraj : wait when we reach close to that door we will escape

Preeta : why can’t we all go together and gets costume

Karan : dumbo they will doubt if we all go together

Reaching to the door the four of them sneaks inside the costume room while rest of them keeps walking with crowd.

Karan : who has phone? I have no battery

Elina ; wait I have number of nearby police, here you go

Karan informs cop smartly and tells the location

Sherlyn : how will we go out now?

Karan ; by this (shows them costumes)

Suraj : how wil everybody else wear it ?

Karan ; for right now lets go and get ready after that we will signal them to leave secretly

Dil cheez kya hai aap meri jaan lijiye -2

Bas ek baar mera kaha

Bas ek baar mera kaha maan lijiye – 2

Dil cheez kya hai aap meri jaan lijiye

Everybody remains stunned with her attitude

“My name is jaan Umrao jaan Sherlyn says

The goon gets distracted with her. Karan and Rishab gets hold of the gun taking chance

“Hey hands up because Gabbar is here Karan starts laughing mimicking

Preeta : are you scaring them or making laugh?

Karan : hey basanti don’t dance in front of this dogs (laughs at her)

Suraj : gabbar ji that dialogue was of Veeru not yours correction

Elina : who is Veeru here?

“Veeru is here, get up changed Karan makes situation comedy

Rishab : did god made you two in one person what a creativity

“My majesty take greeting of this chief Sameer dresses up as minister

“Sambha how many mens were there Karan mimics

Kabir ; only 5 of them my majesty

“What should we do with them Karan asks

Sameer : I think we should hang them upside down what say

Rishab : I have better option, put that black color on face and make run whole city

Elina ; before doing that let me beat them with our sandals what say everybody

The crowd agree shouting loud

“Before that look over here Raghu puts knife on Kritika’s neck

Sameer and Karan are about to come at front

Raghu : don’t do this mistake or else this girl will lose her life at young age

Kabir comes from back and pushes Kritika away from goon’s clutches holding sharp side of knife.

Kritika gets scared seeing blood on his hands

“Leave him Kabir Elina and Suraj tries to stop him from beating Raghu black and blue

Kritika : you are okay? what was the need to become hero (ties her duppata piece on his hand)

Roo doubts something seeing their concern

The boys beat other goons when police comes there so save everybody. Passengers thank them

Preeta : what should I call you? Veeru or gaabar

“For you I am Veeru my basanti Karan batter her

Preeta : but Basanti is angry right now, you have hurt her a lot

Rishab : wow Sherlyn you truly proved to be actors rest were fake

Sherlyn : thank you

Karan : bhai (stares at him)

Preeta : he is right only she was real, rest of you were totally fake

Elina : Preeta if they were good, film director would have hired them

Karan : why are you girls so bitter? at least sometime praise us

Elina ; only if there was something special only Rishab and Sameer have quality

Suraj winks at Karan smirking and takes a sauce bottle out.

Rishab : we should start going out, everybody is waiting

Suraj stains his shirt with tomato ketchup bottle they purchase from nearby store as well as Karan who applies on his forehead.

“Help Elina Suraj shouts lying on floor

“Suraj what happened how did this Elina panics and gets in tears

Preeta starts crying seeing blood on Karan’s head caressing him.

Preeta : I am sorry please forgive me

Karan : baby doll you hate me so much, but I love you more than anybody

Preeta : I love you too   I cannot live with you please get up now (kisses his forehead)

Karan hugs her

Elina : hey I was just joking you know I have nobody except you now

Suraj : then promise me you won’t leave me

Elina ; I won’t please get up

Karan and Suraj makes fun of both girl’s reaction who are shocked to know their joke

Preeta : thats so disgusting

Elina : I was right you both don’t care for us

Karan : baby doll listen to me

Koi haseena jab rooth jaati hai to

Aur bhi haseen ho jaati hai… (2)

Tesan se gaadi jab chhoot jaati hai to

Ek do tin ho jaati hai

Karan and Suraj tries to pacify their beloved running after them

Haathon mein chaabukh, honthon pe gaaliyaan… (2)

Badi nakhre waaliyaan hoti hai taange waaliyaan

Koi taange waali jab rooth jaati hai to, hai to, hai to

Aur namkeen ho jaati hai

Koi haseena jab rooth jaati hai to

Aur bhi haseen ho jaati hai

All of them happily leaves for Mumbai. Late at night girls rest on their partner’s shoulder. Kritika is extremely scared seeing Kabir’s anger first time behind calm personality

Kritika (ask softy) : you should have not put your life in danger

Kabir : why would I not? you are my friend, and bhai taught me to respect girls

Kritika :  if yesterday I trouble you then sorry for everything

Kabir : don’t be you are not at fault if in life I would be any useful for you then I will be grateful

Kritika dozes off while Kabir who is still awake gets up to take water from his bag. He sees Roo feeling cold near window and closes quickly. He puts his jacket on her tugging hair behind ear. Elina sees his gesture towards both girls

Later everybody gets back to their home after long tiring journey.

Karan : yaar bhai I am going to sleep good night

Rishab : good night wake up early tomorrow

” Good night bhai Sameer leaves too

Rishab recalls every incident he spent recently but again ends up thinking about Piyali


Duo sits on hill feeling fresh air at night

Rishab : you know before and after exams I always come here

Piyali : but this place is like that, so peaceful you know where I used to go

Rishab : here or Cape town

Piyali ; actually that place is on both places

Rishab : let me guess temple

“Near, Lord shiv mandir, my favorite place, he always helped me toping exams Piyali says

Rishab ; if you were so smart why didn’t you finish your college

Piyali : I wish it was true, at my last two years mom died and Anu was small I had no money so

Rishab : I am sorry

Piyali : don’t be, I have no complaint against life, till Anu is with me I got reason to live

Rishab : who knows one day your Lord Shiv will give you one more reason

Piyali : I don’t make relation easily, my heart is not that strong to get hurt

Flashback ends

Next day families asks children about wedding

Sameer : it was just fantastic right bhai

Karan ; you better not open your mouth, mom you know what he did, ended up drinking bhaang

Rakhi : oh god then?

Karan : nothing his lambu reduced his height by beating him

Sameer : Chachi (pouts)

Rakhi ; you better not trouble my Sameer just because he is naive

Mahesh ; tell them good news also

Karan : what is it dad?

Rakhi : other day Panditji came at home, he gave auspicious date for marriage after two weeks

Karan : why so long?

Mahesh : you are very eager to bring your bride let her also leave in peace

Karan : just like mom is relaxed right now

Kareena : and my dear daughter Kritika you better start shopping for your wedding

Kritika ; why?

Mahesh ; your wedding date is next week, Akshay and his parents came yesterday you are okay na

Kritika gets tensed more than happy

Rishab : what happened? are you not happy ah I see going away from us is making you sad

Kareena ; every girl has to go one day dear, we will miss you a lot (gets emotional)

Phone rings

Karan : hello

“Mr Luthra you were lazy I knew but you are forgetful I got to know today, I told you to be on field at 9 am sharp look at time Preeta erupts like volcano on phone

Karan spills juice from mouth. Everybody laughs

Rishab : thank god somebody is there to keep you on toes

Karan : this Kareli will not let me live in peace , mom I am going to field

Rishab : take your car I can’t come with you

Karan : okay bye

On practice field 

Both bumps on each other

Preeta : what is it? first you come late then bump my head crazy

Karan : calm down please take a deep breath

Preeta : okay, now go and do some warm up exercise I will be right back

Coach : attention everybody, I have something to share with you

Rohan : what happened sir? are you kicking somebody out

Coach : shut up and back to your position

Karan hides his laugh

Preeta : is everything okay coach?

Coach : so guys we are selected for international (says loudly)

The whole team cheers for their victory

Preeta : congratulations coach, and guys

Coach : you should get some credit, for keep strict eye on all players and captain you have to be careful most

Karan : sure sir this time I will work very hard and get trophy

Coach : best of luck guys, we are going to South Africa soon for match maybe in next two weeks

as physio Preeta you also have to come with us

Preeta : sure Coach

Coach : guys you can relax for a while

Karan and Preeta are alone sharing weird expression. She jumps on his arms excitedly

“I am so happy, finally yes Preeta hugs him

Karan : you are my lucky charm see I got into international again

Preeta : its your hard work , I only did my job not its your turn to do something for our country

Karan : my success is yours and bhai I owe this to you both

Preeta : I am so happy, you know I took vow if you get selected for international I will go barefoot to gurudwara

Karan : i will also go with you

Preeta : no I have to go alone you cannot come with me but you go by yourself

Karan ; I also want to take blessing of god

Precap : Roo plays big game on Akshay and Kritika’s wedding. Karan, Preeta, Sameer Shrishti and Rishab goes to South Africa for Karan’s international match

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