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Papa By Chance 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Amrit misses to see kids

Papa By Chance 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Bela defending Yuvaan. He comes to have food and asks whose engagement was happening. Bela says Amrit’s, its good that it stopped. He jokes on Amrit. She gets angry and goes. Bela asks him to have food. Amrit says I m going to meet Rohan. Yuvaan says no need to come soon. He takes much food in the plate. Mohini looks on. She asks Bela did you see his plate, he isn’t fat. Bela says yes, he is eating a lot.

Yuvaan gets food for kids. They get happy and eat from same plate. He says my dieting will happen when I m with them. He goes out. Amrit meets Rohan. He says its not your fault, relax. Dhoni misses his dad. Gungun calls Yuvaan and asks him to take Dhoni out. He says I won’t go. She blackmails him. Amrit says you know I like you, this is the proof. She gets

the ring and makes him wear it. Rohan smiles and makes her wear the ring. He says I will drop you home. Yuvaan and gungun take Dhoni out on drive so that he sleeps.

Gungun asks him not to disturb. Rohan and Amrit pass by. Gungun sees them and asks him to see Amrit. Amrit sees Yuvaan and says what is he doing here. Yuvaan says if she sees me with kids…. Amrit says I will just come, stop Rohan. Yuvaan goes and takes help from someone. Yuvaan hugs the lady and says you can take money from me. Amrit goes to him. Amrit asks what are you doing. She scolds him. Gungun looks on. He signs her. Amrit asks whom are you signing. He asks what’s your problem. Rohan says let it be, its his personal life. He greets Yuvaan. Amrit takes Rohan with her. They leave.

Yuvaan pays the lady. The lady says I don’t think they are your children, be happy. Yuvaan says Amrit will make this a big mess at home. Amrit comes home. Bela shows her childhood pics of Yuvaan and her. Amrit says he has changed so much. Bela says you have changed too, what did Yuvaan do. Amrit says he was hugging someone. Bela says so what, he is young and handsome, he didn’t get any girl home, he told me everything. Amrit asks what, you are still letting him stay here. Yuvaan gets Dhoni and gungun home. They see Ullu gone. Ullu is sleepwalking. Bela says I know Yuvaan is a big different, even you are different, you are always after Rohan. Amrit says Rohan is not cheap like Yuvaan, come with me, make him out. Bela refuses. Gungun says find Ullu fast. Bela says everyone has a GF, Yuvaan told me everything. Amrit says how shall I tell you. Bela gets angry seeing engagement ring. Amrit argues. Bela asks her to remove ring. Amrit runs. Yuvaan tries to find Ullu. Ullu goes downstairs.

Yuvaan looks for Ullu. Ullu smells food. Yuvaan sees Mohini coming.

Update Credit to: Amena

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