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Muskaan 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan gets scolded by Aarti

Muskaan 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tabassum asking Aarti to do the drama and break Muskaan’s heart. Rakhi asks when did this get such a brilliant idea. Tabassum boasts of her plan. Aarti cries. Rakhi asks when did you do this. Tabassum recalls meeting Aarti in the jail and telling her that Muskaan is meant to be raised in the brothel, her future can get worse, if she rebels. She asks Aarti to accept her conditions. She says I will take care of Muskaan’s studies and upbringing if you didn’t misbehave with Muskaan. She says Muskaan still have a chance, you have to decide, you can choose Muskaan’s happy life. Aarti gets happy.

Tabassum says everything is a game, Muskaan can go to school and college. Aarti asks what do you want from me. Sir ji comes and says hatred. Aarti gets shocked. He says you have

to hate Muskaan as you hate me, as I hate you, if you didn’t do drama that time, this would have not happened. Aarti asks what will you get doing this. He says peace, you have insulted me. Tabassum says listen to me, then I promise that I won’t let Muskaan get sold to the market. Sir ji says you will be jail forever, Muskaan will tolerate the dirt. Aarti says no way, I will not let Muskaan go in that black market. FB ends. Suzaine thinks Tabassum has played a big game, she didn’t tell Aarti about Muskaan’s sale and promised of good future. She says we have to tell Aarti about Muskaan’s sake. Lumi says mum will doubt on us. Jaya tries to go to Aarti. Tabassum stops her and scolds her. Aarti gets angry on Muskaan and asks her to get water.

Aarti cries and thinks my hatred will get your bright future. Rakhi pities Muskaan. She asks her to see how Muskaan is behaving. Tabassum takes Aarti along. She says Muskaan is hurt, you are doing right thing, just keep doing this. Muskaan tells teddy that she has fought with Tabassum for her studies. She takes teddy to Aarti’s room and asks teddy to be with Aarti. She goes. Aarti comes to room and sees teddy. She hugs teddy and says I love you a lot. Ghosh says Sujoy has gone away from city, we can’t find him. Tabassum asks Rakhi not to worry, Sujoy will come home.

Muskaan asks Ghosh to serve food for Aarti. Tabassum asks her to go to Aarti. Muskaan takes food for Aarti. She says I will have food with mumma today, it will be fun. She sees Aarti and apologizes. She asks her to have food. Aarti gets angry on her. She asks Muskaan not to get after her. She thinks sad to break her heart. Muskaan asks her to feed her food, she is hungry. Aarti shouts on her. Tabassum smiles and goes to see. Aarti says I want peace for some time. Tabassum says Muskaan loves you a lot. Aarti says she is my enemy. Muskaan cries. Aarti says I can’t tolerate her now, I can’t bear this burden, tell her to live her life and let me live my life.

Aarti comes to Muskaan and takes her out. Rakhi sees Aarti and Muskaan gone. She shouts to Tabassum and asks them to see, they have run away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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