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Mere Sai 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Moral Gyaaan To Potter Prakash

Mere Sai 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jhipri Lakshmi scolds arrogant potter Prakash to not be so cunning. She asks what does she sell. She says cow dung cake. He laughs and tells Sai he will go now as he his business will affect, Sai can explain his father not to be so lenient to customer and lose profits. Sai asks him to prepare something for him. Prakash says Sai must not be having money, he will not work without money. Sai says he will pay. Abdul says he will bring soil from Lendibagh route. Sai nods yes. Abdul taunts Ranoji thanking him for showing Lendi bagh route.

Kulkarni opens his cupboard and sees Chichu jumping out of it and laughing on him that she took her childhood revenge, she starts jumping and behaving weirdly. She barks like dog. Anta walks in and asks where is dog. Chichu says it is hear, takes his

stick and runs behind beating him. Govinda asks Kulkarni what happened to aayi/mother. Kulkarni stands confused.

Prakash asks Sai what he should prepare. Sai asks to prepare 2 heart shaped pieces. Prakhas says he has not seen heart at all. Sai asks him to close his eyes and prepare whatever he sees. Prakhas sees a bright light and heart in the middle, says he saw heart and will prepare it. Abdul brings soil. Prakhas says he needs kiln to burn heart artifacts. Sai says kin is need for lots of pots, 2 hearts will need only fire stove. Prakash starts preparing hearts.

Chichu continues running around house acting weird and tells Kulkarni she will do his head massage as he is always angry in tension. Kulknari thinks what must have happened to her. Rukmini thinks if Chihu tai drank Keshav’s liquor.

Prakash prepares hearts. Sai asks to put one in stove fire. Ranoji guards it. Abdul says he knows about him, Sai had treated his illness and he had promised to serve Sai being in Dwarkamayi, but he forgot and went b ack to his family, he knows a lot about him. Ranoji says heart is ready. Sai asks to bring it. He keeps it in front of Sai. Sai asks Prakash to keep unburnt one also in front of him and asks Ranoji to bring stone. Ranoji and Abdul fight for stone. Lakshmi asks Sai if she can bring it, their fight will not end. Sai says okay. She brings stone. Sai asks Prakash to break burnt heart. Prakash says he will take full money and if he wanted to break it, why did he got it prepared. Sai asks to do as he says. He breaks heart in 1 blow. Sai asks to break raw one also. Prakash tries, but soil moulds stone and does not break. Sai gives him moral gyaaan that an innocent heart is like this raw mud heart, it takes any shape it wants, but a burnt one is like the one full of greed, it breaks so easily with 1 blow, Prakash’s heart is same. Prakash says he saw customers fooling his father and paying less. Sai says greed makes heart like rigid and it breaks easily, he should not fall for worldly greed and help people and spread love if he wants to be in peace…Prakash and his family gets enlightened with Sai’s gyaan.

Precap: Inebriated Keshav falls on Sai and shouts if he is blind. Sai says Keshav he is looking beautiful.

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