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Mehrya FF Romeo and Juliet Part 8

Hey frnds I m changing my writing pattern here as its too difficult for me to continue like that…

Next day Mehak woke up and get ready in her umbrella suit. She came out and saw Shaurya sleeping like a baby on couch. She smiled seeing him and went to kitchen for making tea for herself. She made tea and enjoyed it in hall looking at Shaurya. She was not only looking at him but checking him out. As she never get time to check him out when he is awake because if she do that then he will take this in wrong way and may be she end up losing a very good friend who became angry on every small thing but cool down after some time, a friend who cares for her and never let her face anything, a friend who is rude in the eyes of world but a soft hearted person for those who are good from heart, a friend who is more than a friend to her. She was in touch with her family and they too don’t worry about her much as they knew that Karuna is with her so she is safe. She finished her tea and left for shopping as today is Sunday and she had took leave for upcoming week so that she could visit her family. He was not aware of that. He thought that it must be his maa’s work but if he know that she is gonna leave for Delhi he won’t grant her leave. She locked the door before leaving for mall. He woke up after some time. As there was no sound in house so he assumed that Mehak must have gone out or his house. He get ready as it was his guest room so there were his clothes too. He made coffee for himself and in cup stand he found a note.
‘Mr. Khanna…I am going to xyz mall…so don’t worry about me and if you want then you can join me there it would be so great of you…now have your coffee and I had made coconut shrimp too…I know its your favourite that’s why I made that…have that after some time of having coffee if you are not joining me…’
“Kuch jyada hi formal nhi ho gya ye…matlab she never talked like this…isn’t she trying to maintain distance from me once again…no no no this can’t happen…you wait Miss Sharma…SK is coming behind you…”
He smirked. He finished his coffee and open the door with extra keys. He went to the mall and called her. She smiled as the screen displays his name. She rejected the call and messaged him to come on 4th floor. He went on 4th floor and found her buying some baby products. He was confused why the hell she is buying for baby. He went to her.
“Are you pregnant??”
“Not again Shaurya…you again forgot…I am buying these for Sonal’s baby…”
“Oh…I didn’t forgot it just slipped from my mind…”
“Oh really??”
“Yeah ofcourse…now buy for her baby…”
She shaked her head in disbelief and continued her shopping. She brought many things for her family and her friend’s baby. Shaurya was holding the shopping bags. He was feeling as if he is her servant. It was becoming difficult for him to hold the shopping bags and she was not stopping. Atlast she said that its ended. He sighed and asked her whether they can go. She nodded her head and both headed to parking area. On the way one of Shaurya’s college friend bumped into him and she was about to fall but Mehak hold her hand and she was saved on time.
“Are you fine??”
“Yeah…thank you…”
“Shaurya can’t you see??”
“Shaurya…OMG I can’t believe it its you…”
“Its me only…”
Mehak was confused on their behaviour. She gave them a questionable look.
“Who is she Shaurya??”
“She is my college friend Anushka…Anushka she is my…”
“Your wife…I knew it that you will marry your mamma’s choice…”
“Yeah she is my wife Mehak…but she is not only my mamma’s choice…I love her…”
Mehak’s heart skip a beat. How long she wished him to say that in real but that is not in real. She craved for listening those words from his mouth.
“Really?? I don’t think so…”
“Why?? Can’t he love me??”
“Don’t be hyper…but he always prefer skinny girls who are modern…”
“Anushka…love is something that happens all of sudden…when I first look at her I too found her uninterested but as we started spending time we fell for each other…”
Mehak don’t want to stand there anymore so she abruptly came out of mall. Shaurya too followed her biding bye to Anushka.
“Mehak…stop yrr…see I am holding these bags and its difficult for me to run and catch you…”
“No need for that Mr. Khanna…you are interested in skinny girls na…so go to that Anushka…”
He supressed his laughter. It was difficult for him to control his laughter on her silly acts and behaviour like a real wife. He was loving her this side very much and want to tease her more but knew her anger range and also he don’t want her to be like previous Mehak that she was in her starting days in Mumbai. The Mehak who used to ignore him completely that hurt him unknowingly. He put all the stuff in his car and pulled Mehak to his chest. She was shocked with his sudden action. They were so close to each other and could feel each other’s body heat. She was taking long breathes. He palmed her cheek.
“Mehak…I am really sorry for Anushka…actually she was having a big crush on me in college days but I simply told her that I am not interested in her…after that she dropped the idea of being in relationship with me but she never stopped stalking me that I got to know in farewell party…then I cleared myself to her…she apologised me and I had forgiven her…we never met after that…today she thought you to be my wife that’s why I agreed so that she would no more follow me again…I am sorry if her words hurted you…”
Mehak was dumbstruck on his explaination. She never saw him this much worried for anyone’s anger for him. She never saw his cute puppy face that indicates how worried he is for the person. She started loving him more. Yes she was in love with him but never tried to gather the courage to tell him that she loves him. Because it may be that he don’t feel for her in that way she feels for him and the biggest hurdle was her family although her family loves her so much and also trust Shaurya and Karuna but still she can’t tell her family that she is in love. She came Mumbai to pursue her maa’s dreams that she had done but she has many more to go and if she told her family about her love then may be they took it wrong. She herself don’t know when it happened but it had happened. She don’t know when she got this much time to explore more and more about him. It became her favourite work to explore more about his likes dislikes, when will he get angry, how he will calm down, his waking time, sleeping time, almost evrything. She knew him more than him because she loves him in a way no one can love him.
His husky voice made her return in her present from her train of thoughts. She smiled flashing her teeth that made Shaurya calm down a bit.
“Its okay…you were not at fault…I became hyper and felt as if I am your wife…I should be sorry…I am sorry…”
“Its okay…don’t be sorry…now lets go I am hungry…”
“Hungry?? Didn’t you ate coconut milk shrimp that I made for you??”
“Actually I made coffee so didn’t have that…”
“Okay…so now lets go for having lunch somewhere…”
“Lunch?? At this hour??”
“Mr. Khanna…its 12:50 PM now…”
“See yourself…”
He checked his watch. She was right. He was shell shocked that he get busy with her this much that he didn’t even realized the time.
‘First time in my life…I came for shopping with world’s maddest girl…she is really impossible…’
He shaked his head and smiled to himself. They both sat in the car and he drove to one of best restaurant of Mumbai as they don’t want the staff to know anything about their relationship so they used to prefer other restaurants than his. Both have their meal. Shaurya never preferred oily and heavy food but whenever Mehak cooks food he have that happily and used to join Mehak in her meal that made her smile as he too having the same meal that she is having. They talked in between. Mehak don’t want to hide the secret that she is going Delhi.
“Shaurya…I am going Delhi…”
He chocked the food he was eating. She gave him water and ask him to have the food polietly.
“But why??”
“We should have food polietly…”
“I am asking why are you going back??”
“I am not going back forever…just for 1 week…I want to meet my friend Sonal and her baby as I brought all these things for her baby…I want to give her present…”
“No you can’t go…if you want to give her gifts then you can courier them but you can’t go…what would happen to me if you…”
Mehak gave him a questionable look by narrowing her eyes. He realized what he had said.
“I mean what will happen to the business if you took leave??”
“Shaurya…from last 6 and half months I didn’t took even a single holiday and don’t worry about business I will video call Lima and tell her about new ideas…”
“Mehak no…I can’t face any hurdle in business…”
“You only care for business because you live with your family but have you ever think about me?? How difficult would it be for me to live without my family…the whole farm house is so much silent…I feel as if I came in a jail not in a house…and house is what where family lives bu…”
“Enough Miss Sharma…if you want to go then go but if anything happen to my business then I won’t think twice before giving you your suspension letter…and yes I only care for business…”
Mehak was in shock to see the devil Shaurya again. He was poliet to her in every circumstances but today he shouted on her. She felt extremely bad. He took the bill amount and left. Mehak want to cry as Shaurya hurted her so much today. She quietly joined him in car. Both avoided eye contact with each other. She kept staring out of the window. He dropped her in guest house and left without even bidding her bye and this hurted her more. She called Karuna maa and asked her to come to guest house. She was well aware to her expressions so she understood that something is bothering her so she came to guest house. As soon as she came Mehak hugged her and tears made their way from her eyes. Karuna sat on bed and took her head in her lap and start caressing her hairs. Mehak felt so much peace in her lap but tears were following from her eyes.
‘No Mehak you can’t be this much weak…tuje uss Khanna ko sabak sikhana hai…koi tameez hai ye baat karne ki…’
“Mehak beta…are you fine??”
“Yeah Maasi…I was just missing ma so much…and Shaurya asked me not to come in KM that’s why I have to call you here…”
“Its okay beta…your maasi is always present for you”
Karuna understood that Mehak is hiding something but still she kept quiet as she don’t want to throw questions on her when she is sad. She knew that she is leaving for Delhi so she helped her in packing too and left after some time. Mehak checked everything again. It was difficult for her to spend the day because on every holiday she used to go on hangouts with Shaurya and both enjoy each other’s company but today she was not able to pass the day. She cursed Shaurya by saying Akdoo, Karela, Khadoos etc. At last she managed to pass her day and slept early so that she could manage catch her early morning flight.
Karuna went home and found Shaurya near the swimming pool. She thought to ask him about Mehak. She went to him and sat in nearby chair. He was not aware that Karuna was sitting beside him. He was just looking in his mobile. Karuna looked at what her son was looking. She flashed her teeth as she saw Mehak and his pic in his mobile.
“Look like someone is in love…”
It made Shaurya come out of his train of thoughts. He quickly hide his mobile from Karuna and looked at her. There was a blush on his face that he was trying hard to hide but Karuna was his mother and he could not hide anything from his mother.
“No no maa…I am not in love…”
He said hiding his face’s expressions. Karuna smiled and pulled his cheeks.
“When I said that you are in love?? Chor ki dadhi mein tinka…”
“No maa…I just…vo aaa nothing like that maa…”
“So how is it??”
“Okay okay…fine…don’t tell me…but Mehak…”
“She was so sad…Have you both fought again??”
“No maa…we didn’t…actually I shouted on her…so she is sad as I never shouted on her…”
“But why you shouted on her??”
“She is going back Delhi for 1 week…”
“So…what would happen to me if she is not beside me…I wi…”
His eyes popped out when he realised what he had said. He gulped his saliva and started looking here and there. He knew that his maa won’t took even one hundredth part of a second to realise his feelings for her. He was not sure but his maa…she was sure that her son had fallen in love as she was noticing a change in his behaviour. She was feeling as if her son had changed and he is not THE SHAURYA KHANNA who used to shout on everyone but now he had changed himself for her. He quickly got up avoiding her upcoming questions.
“Are sun toh beta…itna toh bata de ki tu use miss toh krega na ya fir tuje farak hi nhi padega??”
She said loud enough for Shaurya to hear it. He became red like betroot and smiled. She smiled as she saw her son blushing for the fist time. She sent silent prayers to god for keeping her children happy and wished that Mehak’s past won’t affect their relationship.

(Guess why he went there)

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