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Mariam Khan Reporting Live 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Majaaz warns Aayat

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aijaz and Nawaaz arguing. Rifat scolds Mahira. Mahira says I don’t love your son, I love just Rihaan. She cries. Rifat asks why did you marry Zain and ruin his life. Mahira says I was helpless, why did you come here with this alliance. Mariam and Jibraan see their grandfathers fighting. Mariam says I thought you are my Dada, you lied to me. Majaaz comes and sees Aijaz scolding Nawaaz. Jibraan says you called my Dada a liar. He says my Dada never lies. Aijaz says he is lying, I m Mariam’s real Dada. Jibraan says I understood, he is my Dada. Aijaz asks what do you mean. Mariam says he is Aayat’s son Jibraan, I got to know that I have a brother after coming here, don’t know why didn’t Aayat tell me before. Aayat comes.

Jibraan says see two Dada

ji. Majaaz asks what’s this Aayat, how much will you lie. Aayat takes phone. Majaaz says I trusted you, you cheated me, why did you lie and take Mariam. Aayat says I didn’t tell you truth, I wanted my daughter to be with me, did you see, they love each other so much. Aijaz says she is acting, she is cheating you. Majaaz asks why did Nawaaz act as Aijaz. Aayat says so that Mariam doesn’t feel lonely. Majaaz says you are lying so much, it was my mistake that I have sent Mariam with you, shut up, not a single word, I m coming to take Mariam, I m sure she is in some problem, if anything happens to her, I will not leave you.

Madiha looks for Mahira. Rifat says you think Zain will tolerate this, he will not leave you, I will tell him the truth. Mahira says tell him, my work will get easy. Madiha comes and shouts Mahira. She says Rifat, Mahira is foolish. Rifat claps and says such a big cheat, you cheated Wasim, we trusted you. Madiha says I beg you, forgive her. Mahira stops Madiha. Madiha scolds her. Majaaz asks what happened. Zain says its no use even if Mahira gets passport, flight is delayed, we will celebrate Aijaz’s birthday. Mariam’s friends come and gets gifts for Aijaz.

Aijaz says you surprised me. Akshay says Mariam did all the planning in advance. Zain says I will call everyone. Aijaz says thanks, but I can’t celebrate in Mariam’s absence. Rangeela plays Mariam’s video message. Mariam wishes Aijaz. She asks him to promise, he will celebrate birthday with everyone and enjoy a lot. Everyone gets emotional. Aijaz smiles. Madiha scolds Mahira. Rifat insults Madiha. She says Zain will take revenge on Mahira, I will tell him everything. Zain comes there. Madiha begs Rifat. Rihaan says listen to me once. Rifat says shut up, enemy’s son…. They see Zain at the door. Zain asks what’s happening. Rifat says I need to say something.

Zain says go downstairs, I need to talk to Mahira. They go. Jibraan says I took your phone. Aayat says its fine, go and play. She gets doctor’s call. She says Jibraan is fine, doctor said second bone marrow operation should happen, Jibraan will be fine forever, Mariam shouldn’t do anything. Mariam and Jibraan hear them. Aayat says if Majaaz comes, he won’t let us touch Mariam. Mariam thinks of Jibraan. She says I m ready to give bone marrow to Jibraan. Nawaaz smiles. Zain says you could have told me once, we had friendship. Mahira says yes, but time and situation. He says I have given you freedom. She says I didn’t believe that you can understand. He says you could have tried. She says my family didn’t support me, how could I tell you that I love Rihaan, I just had Rihaan in my love. Zain cries. She says I told everyone, nobody understood me. His hand bleeds. He thinks of Mahira. Mariam says I will do as you say, make my brother fine, I won’t trouble you this time, its my duty to protect my brother. Nawaaz thinks her heart is so pure, my bond with Aijaz was pure like this before and today….

Jibraan says we will make our Dada friends, we will write letters, we will get everything in Farhaan’s room. Mariam sees Farhaan having Majaaz’s pic.

Update Credit to: Amena

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