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Hey guys!!!!!!!!!!! I know it’s been quite sometime but what to do I have fortnight tests and that too on Sunday… So half of the week is spent in it’s preparation itself… So forgive me to keep you all waiting… So no bakbak and the episode continues…..

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In Delhi, at night in a cafe

Dev: So next month u r going to be “Mrs. Dixit”.. So how do u feel????

Sona: Shall I tell the truth or lie??

Dev: Ummm I would actually prefer the first option…

Sona: Ok so listen… I m confused, tensed, nervous, emotional and many more simultaneous emotions r going on with which I don’t know how to deal with. I talked to Mom and she said it’s usual before marriage… But don’t u think I m freaking out excessively… But anyone would freak when she is getting married to one of the most reputed businessman in the country…. So many famous people might be coming… There is a to do list on behaving also to be made…

While Sona was relieving her emotions by speaking everything in one single breath, Dev was smiling at looking at the love of his life… Suddenly he realized Sona’s pov and immediately…

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Dev: Sona… Sona… please calm down…. (picking her coffee mug) take this

Sona: Dev!!!!!

Dev: Wait drink this and listen to me… U love me and not my reputation.. So don’t freak out on my repo and concentrate on my love for u. Secondly, if u r worried about the big names who will be coming, we can organize a private ceremony with friends and family. then I’ll organize a press conference regarding our marriage and then conduct a grand reception and that too only if u want…

Sona: Hmm I think that’s better… Thanks Dev..

Dev: So tomorrow only we’ll be sending out invitation to all the people we wanna invite. Ok??

Sona: Edgy 8 Reunion Ok??

Dev: Hmm……. R u done???

Sona: Hmm

Dev: so let’s leave then… I’ll drop u…

Back in Mumbai in café,

Gauri had just asked Om for marriage… He was prepared to face any situation in life except marriage… After seeing his Mom die and that bcuz of his own father’s deeds. he had completely lost faith in marriage.. Now, Gauri comes up with this topic…

Om: Gauri stop crying and listen to me (sitting on his knees and holding her hand) Listen… u know na I love u but this marriage topic is just completely unexpected… so I need time to think and decide. Such decision can’t be taken hastily……… (looking in her eyes as if it had answers)

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Gau: I know om at least just come over and talk to my parents at least so I don’t have to see other boys then!!!

Om: Matlab u met someone???

Gau: Some one named Daksh Khurrana… He looked weird and acted even weirder…

Om: (angrily) Y did u meet him??

Gau: that’s y I m saying just come over and talk to my parents…. About marriage u take time and think…. I will support each and every decision of yours….

Om: I need time to think (gets up and turns around) Bye!!! Good Night!!!

Gau: But Omm (but till then he had left) Take ur time… Bye!!! Good Night!!!!

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Next morning, Anika wakes up to find 2 messages… One from Om asking about how she was to which she replied fine though she knew she was lying…

And the other one from Dev… He had sent an INVITATION CARD for his marriage. She got so happy that she started jumping on bed but wait there is an EDGY 8 REUNION before that… What???

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Anika’s POV:

REUNION???? Then Neil too would be coming…. Urghhhh not him… not him… How am I gonna face him??? I really want to slap him hard right now though four years have passed… Control Anika… no one knows about that incident and no one should know especially Dev or else he would just kill him…


Second year of Anika’s college had just begun and there was a welcome party for whole college and there were some near around college students too and in that croud she had seen Neil once again after school. He was looking good… Ok Ok they followed each other on INSTA but she never expected him to be here. or may be he was here for quite some time and she didn’t noticed his profile….

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They met and exchanged pleasantries. Gradually they started meeting and soon turned to be good friends.. But Neil soon fell in love with Anika again. He decided to propose her on her b’day…

Anika’s B’day came. She and her friends were in canteen just then Neil came…

Ani: Neil!!! U here???

Neil: Yup to wish u b’day

People around started booing to which Anika replied: Shut up…

Neil: Anika.. Happy B’day!!!

Ani: Thank u Neil… My gift???

Neil (bends down on his knees) : I love u Anika crazily, madly and obsessively….

Ani: (picks him up) Neil sorry but I have no such feelings for u…

Neil holds her by her waist and brings her near to him that she stopped breathing….

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Feeling disgusted and insulting, she pushed him back and slapped him hard…

Ani: R u crazy??? How can u hold me like that?? How dare u??? (tears began rolling in her eyes)

Neil: (his eyes went red out of anger) I love u so I can hold u like that (and goes near her)

Anika pushes him back again to which Neil got angry and slapped her hard twice and pushed her to ground..

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Neil: I won’t forget this Anika not for long… u slapped me Neil Rajvanshi…

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Ani: Just go from here… (and kicks him)


From that day Anika has stopped trusting everyone except Dev and Sona… But the problem remains for her…

Meanwhile, a guy is seen sitting on a lake shore…

Guy: Anika! Anika! I told u I won’t forget my insult and look god has given me such a wonderful opportunity. just wait and watch how u’ll regret coming to this reunion.

Turning towards a guy, U ready???

Guy 2: Yup bro I m going to make her life a hell… Just wait and watch…..

Guy 1 is revealed to be Neil and Guy 2 is revealed to be ????

Precap: Anika and Neil meet, Shivaay senses Anika’s weird behavior

Author’s note: Thank u guys for reading and for ur love in previous chapters.. But please like and COMMENT… It means a lot when u express how u like it… just tell me whether it’s bad or good…. By the way who’s second guy????

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