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#Ishqbaaaz SS Bepannah pyar hai tumse. Part:2 By #Annie

Little mature part is in there so if you’re not 18 you’re not supposed to read it. Thank you.

I walked to the balcony and sat there on the floor leaning to the railing. Looking out I closed my eyes as everything just reminds me of him. EACH AND EVERYTHING.


I opened my eyes once the effect of sedatives was gone.

“Om.” I looked beside me and he was looking at me.

“Yes? I’m here only. I just got some allergy.” He informed me.

“I was so scared you know.” I pouted and the tears rolled down the eyes.

“I told you nothing will happen then why you panicked? What if something had happened to you?” He held my hand and I smiled.

“I was preparing myself so that I could easily come behind you.” I smiled and received a glare from him.

“I won’t let this happen. You’re not going to repeat this if something really happens to me.” He said in a serious tone.

“But…” He cuts me

“I don’t want to hear any ifs or buts Gauri. You need to listen to me and that’s final. The discussion is over.” He told me and I nodded.

He’s short-tempered and while he is angry it’s just very much harmful to argue back.

“I surrender. You won.” I blinked my eyes with a smile and he blinked back.

It’s weird but it works. Whenever he is angry I blink and he blinks back and bingo! The anger is gone…

“Gauri… My mom called me.” He started.

“O what did she said?”. I asked him and he sadly looked away.
“She is asking me to get married.” He looked down

“That’s good, Isn’t it? I mean…” He stops me in middle.

“No Gauri. You don’t get it, She wants me to marry the girl she selected not you.” He told me making me freeze. I felt as someone asked me to give my life to them and still live.

“What did you say?” I asked holding back my tears.

“What do you think?” He asked me back and smiling little I looked down.

“I don’t know maybe something with which she doesn’t get hurt…” I bite my lips to hold back my sobs.

“You mean, No, you think I agreed?” He stood up and slowly walked to me and I didn’t even dare to look at him.

“Gauri look at me.” He stood beside me and I still didn’t look up.

“You think I’ll leave you and marry someone else?” He asked placing his hand on my shoulder and that’s when I lost my control over my emotions. Sobs escaped and he sat down in front of me.

“Om…” I called out his name and he smiled cupping my face.

“Even if God comes to me and asks me to leave you still I’ll refuse. You’re the one whom I love. You’re the one who will become my wife and nobody else is going to take your place. Never let that fear even cross you that one day I’ll leave you.” He comforted me and I nodded wiping off my tears.

“Thank you for assuring me.” I held his hand and he smiled.

“Thank you for being my strength always.” He told me and I looked at him confused.

“Your strength? What I did?” I asked with a smile and he nodded in NO.

“Nothing, Just like that only.” He kissed my hand and we laid back to our beds.

After 2 days we were discharged and our wounds were also fine so we both joined our respective works as money is also needed to live life with peace, LOVE we can’t eat that to survive.

“Gauri Happy birthday.” I heard his voice and opened my eyes to look behind and there he was standing at the door of the room with a cake and bouquet.

“You remembered?” I sat up on the bed and he came to me and placed the cake on the bed and handed me the bouquet.

“Happy birthday my love” He kissed my forehead and sat beside me.

“You said you won’t be able to come as there are some emergency cases. Then how?” I asked him and he smiled looking at me.

“Sweetheart I wanted to surprise you and I see you’re very much surprised. I knew If I don’t come tonight on time then your whole day will go bad and you will cry sitting in the bathtub.” He kissed my cheek and I smiled.

“You know me so well.” I shifted in his lap and he nuzzled my neck.

“We are together for long enough to know this much about each other, don’t we?” He asked me handing me the knife.

“Yes,” I replied and looked at the cake.

“Good.” He smiled and held my hand and together we cut the cake.

“Happy birthday.” He fed me a bite and I fed him back “Thank you.”

“My gift?” I asked him and he looked away.

“Sorry I was late and the shop closed.” He pouted sadly and I smiled.

“That’s fine…” kissed him and he smiled.

I started kissing him on his lips and he responded well and soon the kisses turned wild.

Putting the cake aside I pushed him on the bed and kissed him on his neck giving some love bites. In return, he flipped and kissed me on the neck making me moan his name in pleasure whenever he soothed me with his tongue.

Not knowing anything we proceeded and undressed each other. Kissing my whole body, he reached down and licked me. Making me shiver and wet, I held the sheets tight as he laid on me and kissed me hard and soon he entered into me and the pain and pleasure was something I couldn’t describe.

After some time we reached climax.

That’s when the reality hit me real bad.

“Om…” I called out his name as he laid beside me all exhausted.

“What happened Gauri?” He asked as tears formed in my eyes.

“We promised that we will not cross any limits before marriage. God forbid but…” I couldn’t complete as he placed his finger on my lips.

“No Gauri. Don’t even think something like this. You’re worrying that I won’t marry you then I promise you in a month or two we will get married in Bhopal. I’ve some friends, very close friends who will become the witness. Okay?” He caresses my face and hugged me.

“I love you,” I told him and hugged him back.

“Want to sleep?” He asked me and I nodded in NO.

“Okay let’s get fresh and have something in the balcony?” He said and soon we both took shower and taking the cake and tea we reached to the balcony and sat there on the floor as usual with our legs hanging down from the railing because of the little gap there.

I Sipped my tea and blushed to remember our make out and he caught me.

“Thinking about that?” He asked me and I looked down shying.

“No,” I replied and looked at him as he looked straight with a sad pout.

“Why you’re sad?” I asked him and he side hugged me.

“I feel sad as that was a very special gift which I couldn’t get to pick from the shop on time.” He explained and I kissed his chest.

“You know this was the most beautiful gift I ever got.” I rested my head on his shoulder and he kissed me on the hair.

“You’re happy right?” He asked me and I nodded.

“I love you Gauri.” He smiled.

“I want to hug you, Om. Not the side one sits in front of me” I asked him and he smiling sat straight in front of me and I too sat straight and hugged him…


I fell on the floor as he wasn’t there now and thinking about him I tried hugging him.

Closing my eyes, I stared the place where he used to sit and tears rolled down my eyes.

This hurts very much… I can’t handle this pain.

I miss you…

To Be Continued

Precap: I’m dead from the inside.

Thank you for the few votes.

I’m waiting for more.

Answer this…

“Have you ever been so sad that it physically hurts inside…?”

Love ~ Annie

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