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Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi comes home and recalls what deep said. Deep is getting the whole house decorated. Tara wonders what is he upto now. Arohi recalls that Depe said he saved her life. Arohi sees bullet in the wall. She says Tara or Virat tried to shoot me?
Tara says where did Anjali go? Who is helping her? Virat or Deep? Is it deep?
Tara cuts her hand. Virat comes and says what are you doing. she says what i should. No one loved me. Dad never loved me. you and mom left me. Deep handled me. He loved me. He was there to be my friend. I love deep. He can’t belong to anyone else. I will lose my mind. Virat says control yourself.

Arohi says so deep saved my life? Why? What is his plan?
Tara says if deep leaves me who would be with me? Tara says what did you do to

stop your Anju? She would take my deep from me. Virat says our lives aren’t apart from each other. We never got anyone who would love us. Tara says I want to spend my whole life with deep.

Everyone hears band baja outside. Deep comes with an idol Everyone comes outside. Deep says its time to add the idol in this house. Tara says you didn’t tell. He says it was a surprise. Virat says Anju where were you last night? She says did you do what I asked? Then dont’ ask me any questions.
The journalist comes there as pandit. Deep says you are a journalist. He says we do this as family thing. Mausi says come with me.
Deep says to anjali you have decorated the temple really well. Tara says this pooja is happening in my house I will prepare for everything. Deep says yes you are my wife you should handle everything. Tara goes to kitchen. Deep holds Anjali’s hand. She says I dont’ need your help. He says I want everything my way. She says you dont’ get what you want. He says I saved your life last night. she says but intention matters more. Deep says humans think about circumstances. Arohi says in some games you lose when you think the other person is weaker. Deep says I don’t do that. I know how powerful the person is. But by the time that person knows the game it would be over.
Tara says to Arohi you can go now. Tara and Deep do the pooja together.

The thread breaks. Arohi goes to fix it. Deep says let me help you. Arohi says I don’t need your help.

Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Atiba


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